Breast Cancer Awareness

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Breast Cancer Awareness is a video Chris uploaded on 18 October 2010. Chris has stuffed his muscle bra, likely with the plush breasts as seen in his previous video, and speaks for a few moments about the dangers of breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Awareness
Stardate 18 October 2010
Subject Matter OtherUnknownIcon.png Breast cancer
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga JackieJackie Jackie
Location La Cocina en La Casa de Casanova
Pregnant Act
Gilligan Be or Not

Seriously though folks
Chris, while wearing fake breasts, immediately before making three innapropriate jokes about breast cancer.


Hey. Hey hey. Hey!
Eyes up here, budde-

[Chris is sitting in his kitchen with his shirt obviously padded to make it appear like he has very large breasts. The radio or television is playing loudly in the background.]

Seriously, though, folks, there is something else that you should be aware of [He scratches his nose and glances off-screen.] you know, breast cancer. You know what that's both us both males and females, regardless of size. [He adjusts his fake breasts, pauses, then chuckles briefly.]

Anyway, make yourselves aware of this. You should feel your tatas. [Cups his own fake breasts, then delivers a creepy stare at the camera.] Feel your breasts. Check to see if you have any lumps, they could be breast cancer. You never know. If you suspect breast cancer, go get yourself checked out with a doctor. Breast cancer awareness. [Draws a ribbon in the air with his fingertip.] Pink ribbon.

[Cuts to a closeup on his chest, fake breasts still intact. Radio/TV is no longer in the background.]

Hey. Hey hey. Hey! [He grabs the camera, pointing it towards his face.] Eyes up here, buddy-[Feed cuts before he finishes speaking.]

Items in Chris's kitchen

The following items are present in this video:

  • Chris.
  • Various pots and pans.
  • Disposable fast food drink containers piled up on top of plates.
  • A mountain of presumably unwashed dishes and cookware covering almost half the window. The giant mound spills out past the window and well around the corner of the bench. No cutting space or space to prepare food is visible.
  • One perfectly cylindrical object emblazoned with a Mountain Dew label.
  • Plastic bags, some apparently still containing matter.
  • Two chairs or movable set of draws, both covered in junk.
  • A potted plant sits atop the cupboard. Due to its healthy, uniform bright green color despite living in a trash heap on a high shelf with no access to sunlight or water, top men are certain it is fake.
  • Paper plates still smeared with some kind of off-yellow food are clearly visible sitting near the two fast-food drink containers atop a mountain of rubbish. Could be an overflowing bin.
  • A purple box of tissues right beside/behind the microwave in the far left corner.
  • Various knick-knacks on a small shelf obscure another part of the window; coupled with Mount Trashheap, this almost completely obscures the window.
  • ...
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