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These are livestreams filmed by Chris in December 2023, influenced by Praetor.

Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots

Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots is a two-part livestream which took place on 14 December 2023. It was apparently split due to technical difficulties near the end of the first part which resulted in muted audio; the issue was fixed for the second part.

In the videos, Chris reads "fan" mail received at his P.O. box, shows off his painted Transformers figures (twice, due to the audio issues the first time), and attempts to read a Sonichu/Transformers crossover story he wrote, while getting constantly interrupted by questions from weens and enablers making donations. His frustration is evident throughout the second part of the stream, indicating he now sees the Q&A livestreams as a chore.

Part One

Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots
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Stardate 14 December 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots Part 2
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3:49: Chris shows a Pickle Rick he received from his P.O. box.

4:11: Chris says that he will not dox anyone that sent him fan mail.

5:28: Chris says that he was watched Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and calls it a good anime.

5:54: Chris calls the number two a letter.

6:27: Chris shows the letter to the camera to show everyone his P.O. box, but his hand slips and reveals that the sender is from Los Angeles.

7:06: Chris reads a handmade Christmas card. He claims that the writer misspelled his name.

7:34: Chris says he has only played a little bit of the original Kingdom Hearts on the Playstation 2.

9:14: A fan calls out Chris for his "unique fashion sense."

11:45: Chris confirms that the merge is still in progress.

12:14: Chris says that he has heard of One Piece and that he has not watched the anime but has seen a little bit of it.

13:40: Chris mistakes "Lovecraftian" for "Minecraft" and says that Minecraft is a whole other dimension.

14:19: Chris says that he has seen the Tetris movie and calls it a fairly accurate portrayal of Russia.

15:05: Chris talks about how he may appear on the Lolcow Live podcast and considers it a possibility. He also talks about how he would make sure that they bring up the present and future and do not bring up past events.

15:48: A donator leaves a message saying "Christina for president" and Chris says that his God status supersedes president status.

16:36: Chris mentions that a website is being made that will explain the merge. Chris also rambles about the merge.

19:29: Chris shows a drawing of Carrie from The Amazing World of Gumball that a fan sent. Chris signs it with his autograph.

20:16: Chris moves on to the Autobots of Cwcville.

21:04: Chris says that Sonichu Prime is not as overpowered as Goku.

21:21: Chris blesses the town of Flat, Alaska.

21:40: Chris says that attempts were made to contact "companies/businesses" while in jail.

22:33: Chris switches to his secondary camera to show his table. When he does this, the audio cuts out and the stream is silent. Chris goes on for four more minutes before ending the stream to start another one to fix the issue.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
good evening everybody this is Christy W

CH Prime here so try spot it

up very much so all right so as the

title of the I was able to edit before

get the stream started States actually

going to be reading some fan mail

because I did receive some recently so

let's get the obvious elephant in the

room is is relevant in regards to the

tweet I posted earlier

today if it's a gift that you would give

to yourself genuinely deeply

authentically something you would really

like for yourself that's a good gift to

give to me obviously just obviously stay

away from anything that involves the uh

smoking and alcohol and stay away from

just jokeful items I mean do you would

you really want one of those for

yourself ask yourself that before you

order it anyway so yeah got this from

the PO boots he look at me have a pickle

pickle pickle yeah there you go there's

that so yeah I did I did ship my PO Boot

and we got a few kind letters at in that

one package and one another joke present

so just going to go through a few of

these and

uh I'm not going to dce anybody I'm not

going to read any names and I'm not

reading any addresses because that's not

a cool thing to do all right so anyway

with that being

said h

dear Chine Weston Chandler how are you I

hope that you are

well has been crazy since I learned of

you I'm a recent fan and so you have a

poot so I felt I had to write to you

this letter won't be long as I don't

have too much to say I already did to

introduce myself let me just have to

skip the introduction because I don't

want do this

guy he introduces himself and that let's

see what all right so El so I listened

to videos and that's how I found you how

Isabelle was a truly terrible person

aside from this yeah this okay so this

guy I'm like a lot y'all he's a gamer

and he likes reading fanfit [ __ ] so

that's a good thing all right I don't

know what else to write if you want feel

free to uh oh thank you very much zor

Day Z day it is not be

dad feel free to write back I would like

to hear from you personally have you

watched the new movies 30 TV

shows f it up of course I watched Scott

Pilgrim takes off that's a really good

anime and I've watched a few other

movies and shows I just can't name on

top of my head right now cuz I'm focus

on this but if I think anything I'll get

back to anyway what about books so re

rereading B of song birds

and what say to read snakes though that

a looks like a lyric too as I read again

I see so many of the


snow did or influence once the original

trilogy at H supposed to happen timeline

wise oh and I did like the WX seal this

came with a couple of these layers

including this one they came with the w

seal very very I like I like w seals

they're very

nice all right so that's one L Dan let's

read a few more I like that layer that's

this is lovely family so this will

confirm oh tell you what I'm going to

explain this once my hands are covering

the return address so if youall are

looking to send an fan mail to me that's


Poots it's on my Twitter posted pined

tweet there so feel free to send me and

the nice kind gifts or fan mail and like

I said

just if you if you a joke gift if it's

something you would not really want for

yourself seriously

then just not not my way okay all right

anyway we'll just go look at this one

it's a lovely little Christmas card

looks like they made themselves oh even

feels like there's like a DOT of paint

there it's a lovely little card

anyway they misspell my name so it's

like hi chistine happy holidays my

husband and I been long fans of your

content when I saw you were accepting

fan mail I was ecstatic please do not

listen to the you are amazing we are so

happy you overcame the jail

Fiasco I have I have only played a

little bit of the original Kingdom

Hearts I had that on play on the

PlayStation 2 despite me being late to

the party there anyway we knew you would

I'm happy to see you making more content

and art you are an inspiration am why

you send you a card to show support

again I hope you have a wonderful time

on Christmas and I hope you have great

Thanksgiving keep going you God

bless anyway so obviously this guy um

I'm not going to say but this her

husband or their

husband they cover songs so they just

clue me into what they're doing so let's

just let you

know your friend is

blessed all right so let's

look in another letter I'm just going to

make sure this is one because a couple

of them oh

congratulations you both are very much

blessed thank you all right let's say

just making sure I got

this all right all right let skipping

any skip any specific details so

hi I was want to give you want to be pen

pal I hope this letter finds you well I

want to take a moment to express my

admiration of your incredible

creativity your work never fails to

Captivate and inspire me and I believe

it is important to let you know just how

much it means to me your Creations are

like little bursts of magic in the

mundane World bringing joy and wonder to

those fortunate enough to experience

them better it's your beautiful work

your imaginative storytelling your

unique fashion

sense everything you create is a

testament to your talent and Imagination

your art speaks value

oh your Mark speaks volumes about your

ability to see the beauty in the

everyday and your attention to detail is

truly commendable every stroke of your

brush your pen every carefully chosen

color or composition comes together to

create a visual Feast for the eyes your

talent for bringing characters and

stories to life is

extraordinary thank

you I bring oh they seem to leap off the

pit draw the viewer in into their en

enchanting World beyond your Artistic

Endeavors your creativity expands to

your sense of style as well I am

constantly amazed by your ability to

effortlessly put together outfits that

are both bold and elegant mixing parents

and texures in the way that only you can

p off is a true Testament to your vision

and fearless approach to

self-expression thank you but what truly

sets you apart is the passion and

authenticity that shines through in

everything you do you approach each new

project with unwavering enthusiasm

pouring your heart

out well that depends is your uh is your

friend I just pausing on this I'm

hitting the pause button on this layer

so that depends on how your friend

really feels feels about the job

deeply but I'd say uh it needs to I

would say recommend weighing the options

if he uh feels like it's really not

benefiting him then

uh yeah if it's not really benefiting

him at all then I pray for that he finds

a better job other than that unless he

really needs to keep at the job really

needs some money really needs to stay on

with this job despite the thing I say

tough it out guy you tough it out and

you continue to do your best thank you

and yay thank you all right

your work never feels contrived by

whether a genuine reflection of who you

are as an artist and as a person I want

you to know that your creativity has had

a profound impact on

me we are not

stuck okay it's still in progress is


on the ultimate Miracles broadcast is is

manifesting I have not heard of that

book and I don't know if I ever would

considering that it might potentially be

meme tastic since you just cited

it I've heard of one piece I have not

watched the anime I've seen a little bit


it I'd say comparable to like having the

Guess The Guest The Crossover with Goku

I've heard about that from watch


anyway watch you know your creativity

has a profound hat on me it has inspired

me to embrace my own artistic passion

and to fly express myself without

reservation your ability to take risk

has put boundaries motivates me to do

the same to step out of my comfort zone

and explore new artistic

territories happy


you got blessing and Merry Christmas


you your abil need to take risks and

push boundaries at least within

reason motivates be do saying step out

my cfort zone explore new artistic

territories thank you for create for

sharing your incredible creativity with

the world your art has brought joy to so

many and I can I hope that you continue

to inspire others as you has inspired me

your talent and determination are

totally exception and I am grateful for

the opportunity to witness your artistic

Journey Keep creating keep J you know

what your creativity is cherished and

celeb thank

you um love crafty and beings I'm taking

it you mean to Minecraft Minecraft is a

whole different dimension period so I'm

going say initially unless I'm Lear




oh wait I just remember the series

Lovecraft there is a series called

Lovecraft um you know what I may change

my answer just let me meditate on that

as we proceed and let me just few a

couple more letters go through our

lovely little mail


bag I have seen a Tetris movie I thought

it was a pretty good thing a decent

representation on the one hand of how uh

closed off Russia is and just how uh bad

life the guy that created the guy that

actually originated the Tetris game hard

hard he had it but still yeah I thought

it was a decently good movie fairly

accurate portra

fairly all

right all right so I'm just going to

read this later so dear Christine I'm

writing to you for advice on how to see

through the Iron Curtain is coming to my

attention there is so much I don't know

about reality I think you could teach me

I watch want to know about the dimension

merge healing and psychic

abilities I make go I'm the podcast I

believe I know what you're talking about

the uh low cal that's a possibility I'm

still meditating on it still to be


anyway and oh and I am aware about their

history but I have also made set

boundaries about you know if I am to go

on at if if when I do go on that show it

will be quite where it's positive and

more focused on my present and future

tense things details so that's just let

y'all know and Merry Christmas

to that guy that guy name just left


Christmas okay thank you thank


anyway Al obviously me being got me

being pretty much on God level just it's

well supered president

yeah well I don't know who W is so I

don't know if I can necessarily say I

like him but I can reflect and

appreciate that you appreciate

re I

just K you are

blessed I blessed him I blessed you

thank you right so let's see I know you

probably get lots of mails so in the

small chance you are reading this I ask

that you please respond but anything

that may be of help all right so on the

website that we are making we're going

to be we went to specific details about

what the demension merge and the

ultimate Miracle is but yeah long story

short just the Earth was divied back in

the back in 1389 ad where the magic went

on the C1 i7 half for just everything

else because neurotypical individuals

including King Arthur himself couldn't

handle it it's just everything original

fishal cartoon characters and mythical

creatures and individuals they end up on

the SE when I and half and so on so

forth been there for the entire time and

continuing in and living and manifesting

over the over the centuries yeah

centuries that's right word because

that's hundreds not thousand anyway and

essentially the demension merges the

reunion the full reunion of the two

Earth has coming together as they were

divided from the whole universe in the

center to see when I said half has been

there since 2006 with the events of

pycho sit and our 128 half is just

breaching through the veil into the

whole on devide universe and recombining

with the C1 ISO and

half the Veo has been quite the problem

with us but we are dividing but we are

getting rid of that Veil we are

undivided the veil uh but as far as it

seems to the our current goes you can do

that by essentially meditating on it

open your mind as B said

says anyway so he got

that my brain went blank for a

moment oh that's okay

anyway now yeah open your mind and uh

meditate it's like you can open your

vision to see through the ve so

essentially that IM that imaginary

friend you had not imaginary they'd be

living on a c197 half this entire typ if

you had imaginary friend as a child hood

you can get you can type back into that

and see into the C1

i72 simple as that simple as that just

like essentially it could be simple as

yeah reconnecting with your imaginary

friend okay all right so I'm just

tucking this layer away we have one more

from the mailbag and then we'll get to

our n fed


yeah this guy he

could qu a drawing

just it's a short one so yeah dear

chistine i' like your OC's and

explaining autism on the Little Big

Plant video cuz I have autism as well

I've made OC's myself I would like be an

honor if I asked if you had signed an

autograph on my drawing I love my f in

the but you know what just going to show

off the drawing really quick but

covering up the name of it there oh yeah

that's right did you a little

carry yeah any right okay so I'm really

quick really quick I'll


oh little

girl G just gonna go enjoy her beats in

the headphones for a little while but

yeah there you go that's uh that's a lot

in the mail

bag and it was a lovely B mail so let's

expand further on the Autobots of


now youall become aware of this from the

expansion pack I made for secret ship f

folder which of course features Al but

Sonu and uh and


Fowler bumba lumba which uh we're

getting the figure shortly enough so I

can manifest them it's essentially going

to be the the Legacy anime bumblebee

total recolor and alterations and all

that may give it give him a new head

head sculp but it's all different thing

and of course armor rats rocking the uh

guitar which he

has I'd say at this point San Prime is

not as overpowered as Goku I mean shoot

not Li individuals could even match CL

Kent so

yeah flat


they are going through their tough times

as they need to be right now cuz in

Divine timing everything shall clear up


enough attempts were made but obviously

the better attempts but better chances

be done after getting

out thank you very much thank

you anyway

so I've meditated on and uh written down

further about about the all box of quick

fil so i' so written down further

backstory and

uh details

so just like I want to just essentially

initially read this to you but yeah I'm

going to just

uh all right so I got my little camera

camera secondary camera set up here so

you can look at this table I got on this

Bri right

here I'm just going to switch over to

that camera


Part Two

Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots Part 2
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Stardate 14 December 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations
Shirt The Manchild MeltdownManchildmeltdownicon.png The Manchild Meltdown
Fan Mail and Cwcville Autobots Part 1
Transformers - Past Ideas Reemerging - Part 1
CWCism-IllBreakYouDead.png  This media needs a transcript. Help CWCki by transcribing the content. If the media is too long, transcribe select portions which are funny or informative.



2:26: "Please continue with the donations and everything..."

3:30: Chris says his license plate is not for sale.

3:48: Chris learned his psychic powers better while in jail.

4:22: Chris meows.

5:50: Chris says that he did not sleep on a bunk bed while in jail and confirms he had no cell mates.

6:05: When asked what hair dye he used to make his hair blue, Chris says he used "splashed" (He is likely referring to the Splat brand) from Walmart as well as using old tubes from 14 Branchland Court.

6:27: Chris says that he might purchase a VR headset.

7:07: Chris says he has not gotten past the "school building" in Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

7:54: Chris belches.

8:07: Chris says that he would choose the top bunk. He also says that the bed would support his weight and it would not fall.

8:37: Chris learns from his past mistake and tells a donator to not make their own attraction sign.

9:51: Chris tells a donator that they are "technically" not the only person married to Seto Kaiba.

12:01: Chris says a collaboration with Daniel Larson is possible. He almost says Daniel's name but stops himself in time.

12:12: A donator tells Chris that a dimensional merge is happening in Fortnite. Chris says this doesn't surprise him.

12:50: Chris briefly brings up Emgo.

14:37: Chris says that guns do not get blessed by him personally and he refuses to bless a donator's firearms. Chris also belches again.

14:51: Chris answers a question about the portal he had drawn in Central Virginia Regional Jail (and had gotten in trouble over). He says the staff didn't appreciate drawing on the wall.

15:20: Mary Poppins is still Chris's favorite movie.

17:45: Geno Samuel is a good individual and is blessed.

18:00: More questions are asked about the portal. An annoyed Chris says he drew it with a pen, and claims manifestations occurred with the portal.

19:21: Chris knows who Sans from Undertale is.

19:36: When asked how he feels about being the "most documented person in human history," Chris says he is very humbled, "appreciated", and grateful.

21:20: Chris confirms he wipes.

22:12: Chris sings Sonichu Zip.

22:40: Another question is asked about the portal's shape. Chris explains that it was an arch shape and taller than him, and that it was big enough he would've been able to go through it physically.

23:36: Chris says that him bragging about what he did to Barb never happened.

24:55: Chris does not bless Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell because he consciously knows about Epstein.

25:40: Chris knows who Cyraxx is and says that he is not going to collaborate with him, period.

26:15: Chris says he will definitely consider doing voiceover work for Geno Samuel.

26:29: Chris confirms he does not have a TikTok account and says he is not considering making one.

27:20: Chris says that Jesus Christ is his name.

27:50: A donator asks Chris what his best memory from 2007/2008 was. Chris does not come up with an answer.

29:47: Gingers have souls.

30:50: Chris says Sonic Superstars is a good game.

31:33: A burp sneaks up on Chris and he belches.

31:05: Chris will save us from the growing possibility of a nuclear holocaust.

31:36: Chris is not a lolcow!

35:33: "Why do they call it pepper spray if there's no pepper?"

36:36: Chris's milkshake brings all the boys and girls to the yard.

37:05: Chris refuses to bless Clyde Cash.

37:36: Chris still likes Britney Spears and has a playlist of her on his phone.

38:51: Chris supports Israel over Palestine.

39:51: Chris calls the fusion of Sonichu and Goku Gokunichu.

40:50: Chris refuses to bless the memory and soul of Adolf Hitler.

42:02: Chris sings American Pie.

42:11: Chris gets upset because someone asks him about Pokémon Scarlet and Violet again.

42:42: Chris says that Jesus loves him, while also claiming to be Jesus. Chris also has a Freudian slip when talking about Barb.

43:25: Chris does not care much for wrestling and is not much of a sports fan.

48:33: Jacob Sockness is dead.

49:09: Chris leans into the camera and says "I never, ever, ever, EVER... with Barbara... Period."

50:01: "Everybody poops."

52:11: Chris has not played Alan Wake 2 but has heard good things about the original one.

52:49: Chris's favorite Christmas song is On the First Day of Christmas, My True Love Gave to Me, a Japanese Transistor Radio.

54:53: Chris gives his thoughts on the Frieza VS Megatron DEATH BATTLE episode.

55:02: Chris belches again.

56:24: Chris says he has already given Rosechu a Christmas present, but his brain fails him so he can't recall what it was. Chris also belches again and says he keeps burping because he is overwhelmed.

58:35: Chris refuses to spell "ICUP."

59:10: Chris puts his foot up to the camera after a donator says that they will pay $100 for Chris to do so.

59:56: Chris has not seen Bad Boy Bubby.

1:00:11: "Garfield wants his lasagna."

1:03:50: Chris likes furries and says he would attend a furry convention.

1:09:50: Skibidi Toilet is not canon.

1:12:20: Chris gets asked his thoughts on the upcoming U.S. presidential election. Chris replies "No comment."

1:12:38: GiBi is not closeted.

1:20:20: The toxic, evil, darkest, sinning minority will be segregated and will not be joining Chris and others when the dimensional merge happens. A second holocaust will also happen for the toxic, evil, darkest, sinning ones.

1:21:26: Chris burps once again.

1:21:34: Chris gives his thoughts on Five Nights at Freddy's and says it has been "done to death." He also does not care for the movie.

1:24:52: A donator asks Chris if it's their fault that they got kicked out of 109 bars. Chris says it depends if they were the one that started any fights.

1:27:05: Chris gives a quick sample of random-access humor upon a donator's request.

1:30:08: Chris tries to do a British accent.

1:31:33: Chris is up to part 69 of Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History.

1:33:14: While giving another sample of random-access humor, Chris re-enacts Chris Chan Aeon Flux 100408 with some rewording.

1:44:41: Incest is not legal in Cwcville.

1:46:35: Chris says he went to jail so he could segregate himself and stay off of technology for a while.

1:52:46: Chris's favorite Sailor Moon characters are Ami Mizuno and Michiru Kaiou.

1:55:55: Chris acknowledges that being in jail put "quite the emotional pain" on Barb.

1:57:54: Chris says he has met Beavis and Butt-head.

1:58:32: Chris has played Fortnite on the Nintendo Switch and a little on the PC.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions
hey everybody sorry about that just

technical difficulties I was made aware

that I was made aware that the audio was

not coming into to the other

camera um but okay all right so may a



bit okay well let's just try this again

all right so I'm just going to read

through it so obviously so y'all were

able to see the previous camera so yeah

we got rung and I about Christian they

both they both work together long time

ago all right so that was why I had the

table because it's just okay so you know

what table's in view I

just all right tables in there that

makes it a little bit easier that does

make it a lot easier all right all right

so I'll just uh start I'll just start

again my my bad my mistake technical

difficulties please continue with the

donations and everything H anyway uh so

initially as early as 1980 magic Chan

Soni Prime personally trained and

evolved a lot of alaz Sams and other

psychics and VAR other psychic and

various Pokemon for the initial defenses

and evolved enforcements he had also

selected a trained a number of psychic

and fairy type of special and regular

sanis and Rose chews with increasing

numbers of the species after the chaos

rainbow of February February 1st 2003

these overleveled hypert trained and

mega vable Pokemon were the earliest

defense groups Robert Franco Chandler Jr

of the same i7 half he also contacted

Optimus Prime of the aots personally not

the figure just the actual Optimus Prime

anyway and he acquired of any able

Autobots to help defend the city

fortunately a team of five cybertronian

Autobots been personally designed

manifested and train to Voyage your

ranks even though they're Delux siiz

robots I'm just going put I'm put on you

right here don't

size sorry that's not for

sale I'm sorry that's not for sale and

my apologies for anybody that

uh didn't any pay comments that didn't


it I've learned the further I've learned

my my psychic powers a lot better for

one thing I meditated a lot so

I've really F opened my mind let's just

leave it that I'm focus on I'm focusing

on to talk about the autobot a quickfill

here anyway

I even though they theux size robots and

manifested in train to V and son and

and the cat is blessed thank you


boy yes thank

you well there's a that was a

blooper all right f i off


again everybody okay just make sure I

can see all right H all right


Sonu as their

Leader by Ala chrisan

herself and rung her or as I wrot it her

rung friend and links with the ancient

histories and wisdoms on of Cybertron

Earth and and everything else throughout

the Multiverse literally local universe

and all that


but that's more on their story later the

alliance with the aots was made also a


project you are blessed on your path to

that high level in the fortnite video

game single layer single

bed I was isolated so I was not in any

bunk beds period And I had no and I had

no salm

mates oh so to get my hair back to back

to being blue I use we use Splash from

Walmart complete with the bleach and

then after that after I was able to get

skip my tubes from home and restocking

that restocking that went back to over I

went back to overturn the further firm

the blue and we're considering that we

might give our headset but that's to be

confirmed later on we're still figuring

we're still doing all this

anyway have a

little I

Dr wait you gave to much

sance as I mentioned earlier I don't

know about that book so rather I read it

or not that's a whole different Kett of

fish and I I don't know let me actually

find it for myself and think about

it yeah I haven't even gone

beyond I have not honestly on Scarlet

Viet I have not gone beyond making it to

the school building at best just making

it to the building the entrance had not

even g into the school building


it's a whole pause on all that until

Pokemon Light Diva and Barry charge Bo

versions are personally manifested by me

and Nintendo and Sega and everybody else

and all

that I don't know who that was and I

feel sorry for them all

right oh fortnite is a different is a

different dimension outside of C1 I 7

half the

Earths oh pardon

me now may I continue



okay and I know I'm light up from the

top I would not crash through it as com

as comedically portrayed

in I like a lot of those

figures I I'm h of course I'm I Weare

has SL

Unicron but

anyway all right firstly um I'm going to

say don't do the sign that's considered

solicitation and set your priorities

make it firm and know what you want in


partner you both are blessed thank

you make sure what you want know what

you know when your partner and know

about know yourself set your priorities


boundaries and make sure Aura is


to all that to all that and then you'll

be a attract the right individual

because if you don't you're just likely

to attract a bunch of randos and toxic

individuals that you would not want on a

typical day thank you and the previous

individual that paid you are blessed as

well all


I was close to the end of this starting

paragraph all right so I was okay ah all

right so I did finish the first

paragraph all right so we have our

various teams to defend defend defend

depending on the severity of the

offenses and


size essentially setto Kaiba is your Wu

so technically

you're not the only one that's married

that's married to settle

Kaiba so yeah don't expect in the actual

engagement rings on S kaiba's ring on

this hand don't spent any such many

rings on his hand that were honored in

your to you in that yeah anyway sorry

that's the truth

anyway Megatron or Galvatron had

attempted to harness energy from Quick

Fields resources as well as the Sanu and

Roose chees a few times but he was thed

and repelled by Sanu and his team with

backup you know I'm just going to put

the rest of his team and show them on as

well so here's at

Selena very much update from that movie

figure the rest of the team there so


some she's essentially short and of

course here's Prowler complete with the

armor that becomes a side car

that's to be confirmed I answered that

question earlier I'm meditating on

that and of course let see in sanu's

hand is his shield and wolf and wolf

partner since you know he lost his roof

Shield after becoming going from Fort

the uh Ford

Escort car to

for to the

Ford Ford Ford Focus

Fusion to the Ford Focus yeah I get up

with a partner his partner that

transforms into a wolf his name is

silver but we'll be getting on that

later in the later part of this thing

that previously

written and of course

finally armor ATS and it it completes

with speakers and he actually has has

his roof for a shield

that's possible I don't know stop asking

about the collab

with the those

guys that doesn't surprise me that

doesn't surprise me but anyway

yeah nope no he did not he's still alive

I don't you dare say that to me say that

again he's alive he's still alive and so

is the Earth the AL team and also he has

risen like Optimus Prime did he did once

though the prman said your friend is

blessed maybe I just start doing these

like chill streams like MGO


that's not true it's still incompletion

nobody is stuck nobody is left behind

right now

okay all right

anyway uh oh uh no I haven't watched

that copper cab sorry about that I've

been busy with all the other things that

are more important anyway so we got the

rest of Sonu team minus of course

Bumble lumba but this which is at this

point represent with the card since we

don't have a figure for Bumble lumba


yet oh no h he was he was destroyed but

the soul is obviously in between

Dimensions literally just as

chronicled strap between

Dimensions it's a knowledge I've seen

it as I mentioned before I'm not doing

any sh shout outs okay I'm not doing any

shout outs anyway

now I don't know how to respond to that

leave at that

anyway all right now


now his team but back


the I don't know about your individual I

feel like you're making a meme out of

that says you're making a meme out of

that yeah guns don't necessarily get

blessed they get they don't get blessed

by me


taxi bless me excuse me



H I drew it out I drew it out on the

wall they did appreciate they don't like

writing on the wall


period I don't know I don't know how to

answer that

question chill live stream okay even a

number of

attacks Mary Poppins even a number of

attacks by the piled V cards of merily

Wal gradu and robot mechanical oversized

menes could not stand easily against

quick bill Autobots Power Rangers thank

you very much and the SES and Roose

shoes of the psy Squadron and the

specials of the SES and Roes of the

state of quickfi

now but now

let's now let's talk about this

acknowledge I mean go mod it into the

game or something I don't know I don't

know how did program it consciously and

I got a lot of things going on but now

let's talk about our cybertronian te and


story your friend is

blessed cybertronian team which starts

with Alla Chris Chan my my Cybertron is

so now on Cybertron in our universe 1


987 the wars between the Autobots and

Decepticons with the Ali Guardians and

renegades of the of gobl Tron on

Cybertron as well they did rage on they

did wage on FR on from time to time and

there war have reached Earth time and

again as chronicled of generation one

and upgrade over the years on Cybertron

there are the creators and scientists

who help make heal and restore their

fellow Bots be they in the same Alliance

or different of course we have the 13

prime incling soless

prime one a that was manifested from SE

Vector Sigma with it Cybertron Primus

that also had direct link with the

universe's core and Matrix was a bright

blue and pink female Autobot that

started out with an all form of a

microscope if you want to say it to my

Poots I would be good that's all

different cish

anyway it started out with the all form

of microsof who had a welcome with the



what maybe place with the Avatar

insights and for knowledge and from that

dumbed herself the Avatar of Cybertron

as opposed to Avatar of all existence

right here Gino

Samuel is blessed he's a good individual

and you know kind of a Gest but still

just like I feel like play certificate

authenticity that's a whole ner thing I

know it's being funny and all but I

don't know now I'm

confronted a pen a

pen it it manifest it and T they come

out of that portal and into the portal

and so on and so


nope it gets the lotion on his skin and



no she love

your nope just no to all on the rest of


now she dubbed herself the one Avatar of

Cybertron with her name of Chris Chan

being linked to me okay Chris Chan All

About Chris

had developed and learned from her

studies and meditations of

Cybertron I

get yeah nope I can hear myself I can

see on the thing in the bar below that

y'all are not able to see that the audio

input capture device is capturing the

sound I don't know who opian probe is I

know who sons of undertale is that's a

death B you can ask on the death bell

Channel formerly known as screw attack

maybe wizard Boomstick will actually


that very humbled and appreciated and

grateful thank

you that was a weird way of saying that

Christian she is

blessed Christian developed and learned

from her studies and meditations of

Cybertron her race and the entire

universe in her own spirituality with

her spark she had observed all mechanics

of the other bots of various sizes

Origins combination abilities Headmaster

weaponmaster minons micromaster

transitors and typ Bots primas Ukon so

on that was a dumb thing to say that was

a dumb thing to say

Christian developed her own be

to yeah that's this is start new

paragraphs chisan had developed her own

unique Technologies of her spiritual and

multiversal Explorations there was a

time when she had fly Fallen then was

resurrected by the universe

core will you hold

that your wife is


CH all about Christian developed her own

unique Technologies from her spiritual

and multiversal Explorations there was a

time when she had faintly fallen de was

resurrected by the universe core and

matri I wipe to answer that question

wipe and wash with soap and

water okay

I will not take personal detailed

questions like

that the Space Needle is indeed a lovely

Monument within Seattle Washington no


please your friend is


resurrected with by the universe core

and Primus but with a great Immortal

benefit during her downtime her spark

how she know what that's

actually s o n IU s o n IU go go go born

from energies of extreme power runs wild

free fast the speed of

sound oh okay I that's my first time

consciously hearing about that but I'd

say that's a good deal I'd say that is a


deal it's essentially an arch a big arch

it was taller than me I was I would I've

been able to go through it physically

it's big enough


me I'm doing a thing here I'm doing a

thing I'm trying to do a

thing let do it thing


okay just

that he needs more than pizza but he is

blessed okay

now where was I there was a time

falling it never happened so there The

Immortal benefit during her downtime her

spark had tra traveled to an alternate

universe where her self counterpart

there was indeed a prime

hello hello to you and I see the joke

you're doing there that's a meme yeah

that's that's going beyond that I'm not

saying it oh wait you know what I'm

going to make the

reference please read from sheet I am I

am selfa King sua King we Todd Ed no P

very fast please I am we

tired you said funny thing there now if

I'm may move


her to her where her her spark had

traveled to an all Universe where her

self counterart there was indeed a

prime parts of it have already been

written within my gu lot of pages and

more it will be writing along along the

way and there's still a lot boor to go a

manifestation other people have to

witness I appreciate and feel the

spiritual energy and all

that I conscious know who that who that

is and I'm very I feel like that was his


so well they are blessed in their own


already or indeed a prime she Dawn and

possessed the Matrix of a leadership on

behalf of Rodimus Prime after he had

inherited from Optimus Prime that Chris

Chan Prime


I sense the name is a meme but your wife

is blessed

anyway she don't Chris champ that Chris

champ Prim was in an alter

Universe I know that is I'm not going to

collaborate with that guy

period that Chris CH Prim was in an

alternate universe that was slated to be

lost to become a void by Will of a

certain dark evil sorcerer


who had slain the one Avatar there when

that Universe was lost so was that so

was that Chris CH Prime so was that

Chris Chan prime or was she back of

Cybertron in our universe 1 c21

197 I'll definitely consider that I'll

definitely consider

that back on cyberon universe2 197 about

3 days after her father

no I do not have a Tik Tok and I'm not

considering Tik Tok at all it's just too

too much right now I'm focusing on

YouTube I have to do videos every day so

I don't take I feel like it wouldn't

constitute Tik Tok so

there your

friend is blessed and shall heal quickly

enough and move forward

no Chris ala Christian was alive and

fully restored as she was without any

loss of memory or

data Melissa there's a call coming from

inside the

apartment when that you where was I on



thing I'm not I'm not

necessarily I'm not necessarily going to

answer the question of anyone who uses

my name in


yeah yeah thank you fair just leave at

that fair I'm not I know the joke 200

2000 2007


I didn't even answer the question was it

to say


best I can't stand off the top of my

head maybe I'll get back to that

question about 200 2008 memory can we

please move forward uh should I read a

story all right anyway

so all she has quite all right so Chris

CH PR so she had quite the

souvenir in her core The Matrix of

leadership from the Lost universe so now

she literally became a prime while the

Matrix remained well the Matrix of our

universe remain in Optimus Prime The

Matrix was now imported from that


it's just

dark perceptor anyway she had the Matrix

and her face got updated from past


to present version simple as that all

right that so that's the simple that's

the thing about that

now and from her

leader from and from her later creation

she created her life-giving partner

rungap with a bit energy from her Matrix

which rungap would

be the little pink guy rung it's

obviously just yeah it's another It's

Kind it's an alter very a wrong base in

a way just leave it at

that people with red hair and freckles

they do have souls just like other


so don't diss them like that they're

good individual just as you or me or

anybody else and they relatively bless


way and individual is an individual as

long as they follow the light power and

are good and rightous okay now moving

forward was this

thing I will also let you all know that

all that transpire


why I'll also let you all know all that

had transpired within the past over

1,000 Earth years

and I'm taking you mean Sonic Superstars

is a good game Sonic Superstars is a

good game

and at this point now it had become

within the Earth's 1739 ad

year nope not that just say nope to that

period period continuing in her Pursuits

she had manifested and gave life to a

number of other Autobots while also

upgrading you all are blessed you all



other allots will also upgrading her

fellow bots on Cybertron as well she


made she made it gave life to a yellow

blue aot and upon completion she had

vision of sonicu Prime from Earth's

future so she dubbed this allot Sonu

with glory and and pride Chris champ

Prime had appreciated her me her

microscope and tank form and original

body yes I will save you with all the

other godges I will save you it is good

it is good



no more crazier than I was back in

Jerusalem C centuries


millennio please I'm no bigger

than no I'm not the biggest I'm not low

cal and I do not fight fight I do not

appreciate being called low cal all

right yeah you bring got yeah

essentially that's one detail you you

make yourself aware that there is the

Matrix that there is an outsides The

Matrix I don't know it personally I have

not watched his content but I know he's

too much very bad near toxic level

individual chrisan Prime had appreciated

her micros scope in tank form and

original body but as a PR she felt it

was time for an upgrade of her

own if I would say not that great 3D

printed as opposed to handcrafted it's

better handcrafted there's more Sol

vibrant energy in there it's more

authentic that way now let me

think she had she tried an upgrade of

her own so if rops helped she create a

trans centor that took the form of a

lovely stylish car and she created the

body to migrate her head onto and Chris

CH Prim became a

Headmaster but she didn't stop there so

she also gave her new body

combin that's where the alternate figure

coming in so you got Chris champ r on

this figure and then we have this

alternate figure of her that has the


capability in which obviously she can

become a leg or an arm but more often

she becomes right arm so she could be

like right handed God level and wield

The Sword and combine

boat hello

hello there they got their

hello I'm going to put

the out of



and I'm putting that back

into or put back back into her longer

lasting body and when she upgraded she

was able to take her microscope Canon

with her cuz she

would no

not speak for


why the pepper spray T the pepper

H there that that would made me laugh

it's enough

say all right

she oh and she created the body to M

head onto and Chris CH Prim became

became a head M Headmaster but she

didn't comat


Soundwave Soundwave Superior starcream

inferior there I

said nope not this

one you can have one of the replicas you

can buy one of the replicas that's easy

enough the ones that personally

handcrafted and made that

side it's very good available on Etsy

Shop well my milkshake brings on the

boys and girls that yarn they're like

it's better than

yours like in so she can better and


I'm not even going to comment on that


anyway n sorry nope that guy did too


wrong and he's not open to me anyway so

there she still has

her because it never happened that's why

now she still has her original body

reformed into a trans setor but her

weapon Choice remains her scope

Cannon yes I like Britney Spears very

cool I still have the playlist in my

phone the guy's all right he has

redeemed himself for his sins and move

forward let's leave it at that

anyway parisel is not perfect um I'd say

she's somewhere in the neutral neutral

bad at least she's not totally toxic as


isager stively portrayal s

far no respond to


Chris CH Al about Chris Chan Prime had

best has bested the Decepticons

including Shockwave megatronic Galvatron

time and

again no I have not seen that I have not

seen that movie alone and alongside her

team as well as Optimus Prime and

rabus themselves now I can find [ __ ]


down Israel Palestine there have too

many demons and Devils over there

so he cleanse them by cleansing Israel

asra with

that simple and done that helps end the

war there's nothing to admit because it

never happened in this time it never

happened in this timeline or in any

local timeline


now if I every time I say now

something your friend




I you specifically you don't have one

you just have your senior one7

counterpart who's just a typical

background human individual

period yeah that's never happened it's

not likely to happen but but just

to gunu there you go Goku nitu we'll

just leave it at

that I don't do shout outs but happy

birthday fix G

anels now Autobot Sonu since his

creation and spark giving activation by

Chris CH Pim and rung


did y'all never watch DEATH BATTLE

between Goku and Superman if you watch

either if you watch any of those three

G5 is just not supposed to exist in this

timeline it's not a matter of me hating

it it just is a matter of not existing

in this timeline it's premature it

doesn't even know what it needs to be

which that definitely further and

affirms itself especially

considering no not that one Noe which

further affirms and confirms the detail

and fact of that especially considering

Hasbro is doing the layoff and closing

their one office that would never happen

if they they continue G4 but they still

have time to save themselves by resuming

G4 and canceling and Shelby G5


now sanio sanio how about



you are


now Sonu learned of the history and the

future of his creator and fellow iot and

Sonu listed

for thank you and suu enlisted for

combat train with this with All About

Chris Chan taking part as well they met

and became friends with Autobots ET

Selena Bumble lumba Prowler and armat

among other Bots they all trained fought

hard and tough and survived for many of


Years byebye miss American by drove my

Chevy through the

ly the ly was

dry I have no thoughts about it because

I have not I have not even made it

beyond the first initial point of

scarlet and bolet I've imagine that

question earlier I've answered that



Al Crossing New Horizon is a good


um I'd say more or less a secret what it

is available presently and contined

improvements as what will it's all

good he does love me I am not a horrible

monster what I did well what you saying

I did never happened in this

timeline it never happened I never

happened I'm not going to respond to any

more messages like that

now you know I'm just not going to say

the word now

anymore he's blessed his own way

already I'll put an additional blessing

in the air just to be

safe there

I don't care much for

wrestling I'm not I'm not much of a

sports fan I'm it's been exposed to

sports I've seen Sports on television

and all that I appreciate to an extent

but I'm not a sports fan of course iuds

personally so

there all

right been holding this thing

long minute all


the guy's blessed is on way he shall

recover shortly


anyway s how about

Christian among other Bots they all

train for hard and St and survived for

many Earth's years

bu now come 1993 after Optimus Prime

talked with mayor Robert Franklin chanon

Jr of the city quickfield

Optimus I've already responded to a

similar comment before Optimus Conta to

the autobot Brigade and a lead for a

team of Autobots to come to


I'm at least acknowledging by giving

giving them the look okay so

chill I'm answering the questions when

they are

good the email is is pinned on my

Twitter account that would be quickvu

Guardian Robert Chandler quick Ville B

Robert Chandler

nope Robert Chandler May Robert Chandler

quickfield conted Optimus

Prime Optimus contacted Optimus

contacted the aade an elite for team of

a to come to Virginia for defense

Services alakai responded and elected

Sonu and his


Common Sense things are good things are

light powered good


okay thank you yes thank you

anyway chis champ responded elected Sonu

and his team she showed Optimus their

earned ranks and marks and he agreed so

Sanu exela Bumble lumba Prower and

armest took a space bridge and arrived

in quickfield Virginia on Earth greeted

and welcome by Robert and

magican not in this one

and a distant alternate universe it's

not in this

one Goku and San they do not cross pass

at off because Goku is in Japan San

Prime is in

America I don't know what that

is my sense I don't want to

know qu on Earth great welcome by Robert

Robert and Magic

chant and the hots a quick fail Heen and

continue to rescue and earner keep and

arn Dy events with idea in 2017 and 2018

Sonu had lost his body but Chris champ

Prime had foreseen this and built a new

transor and CED it to Earth and upgrade

sanu's head to be a Headmaster for

it there was also a time where Chris

Chan's Matrix needed to be safeguarded


transferred I don't know who that

is not don't consciously know who that

guy is by since MIT bag about

him there's

also there was also a time where Chris

Chan Matrix needed to be safeguarded and

transferred and Sonu was entrusted with

the task and

succeeded the central base of the

Quick's alots is just outside the city

of quickill to the Northwest and not far

from the ger electric pant Optimus Prime

ratchet field Jack with a construction

box imported restored parts from a

destroyed space shuttle to make what

they needed and where to store energ

on nope he's dead he's dead this guy

that guy he's dead period he's not

alive I saw that

personally I witnessed it and every last

trace of his


I don't need to elaborate

further because I've already explained

it further in the previous video where I

was actually up after midnight I was

very directed Sy about

that I never ever ever ever with Barbara

period And dagnab

it and we leave at that no more

questions about that I'm not responding

to any more comments or questions about



now ah

J store air John maybe I'll consider it

but that's to be conf confirmed later on

I don't have your friend

code primed help to provide at times as

well as where I person

personally I don't know that

song but


boops really por

jumper where to store a and as well I

instantly manifest up to a year Supply

at time with my godly power

in addition here we go in addition to

the five aut boss four others later came

into to work at the Bas as help


I everybody gets equally blessed it just

depends on them rather they follow the

path of right they follow the path of

Life power good and righteousness or not

okay they could be open to it they had

the outd right to not be open for

it and I I'm taking any you meain

jail the had the time it took me to

meditate and progress further with

myself my soul

searching finally no comment thank you

all right a medic who transforms into a

helicopter by the name of


a Voyer size Warrior gal who transforms

into a fighter jet called

wave a rescue

bot I am reading about the Autobots of

quickfill and their back stories and

expanding further on those that were

originally previously established and

talked about

beforehand I have not played that game

I've heard good things about the

original game

now a rescue bot who transforms into an

artillery vehicle with a Canon that not

only can

blast that not only can blast debris and

Decepticons but also can shoot out water

and Flame diffusing liquid they call him


shot on the first day of Christmas but

you look to me I jump put these

transistor G

B you are

blessed thank

you fire

shot thank


and and ATT teack an intelligent Savvy

Jeep bot who maintains the

equipment with ararat's help and he

keeps track of all incoming and in city

in City threats good

old roll out he's green there's a lot of

green he's green I can't help the green

screen but yeah there's about roll out I

to put a PCT put a photograph of him on



now and then as I just I wrote in the

back of that I WR I will write more

about them tomorrow which I

unfortunately do so now we can continue


story what's there let's play If you

ever watched if you never watched any of

the death Batts between Superman and

Goku there's a third

one I

might I

might just Superman's too powerful even

against Sonic the Hedgehog himself

period they both actually went to the

Multiverse ah now that's a question I

can answer well I felt like it was very

well balanced and whatnot um I don't

care much about frieza's details and

such but yeah it's just I felt like

Megatron was a bit overwhelmed I felt

like it was fair

though excuse

me your friend is

blessed now I need

water I don't know

what back in the early days the four

Cent garbage building and the really bad

toxic evil trolls in

there they wouldn't be opened at the

alternative and deposit they wouldn't

change their way so yeah of course boom

goost dynamite and reive

on yeah

now and of course I'll write more about

the allots defense team


I've already given her a Christmas


brain why you



anyway Rosie set it's a good

personing this is what happened this is

one thing that happens when I feel

overwhelmed I tend to get to belches it

can't be helped I'm certain of y'all all

of y'all burp or belch when you're

feeling overwhelmed or you just feel


gassy excuse me I'd like to

resume now I wrote more about the aot

defense team of quickfi for starters the

team named Samurai Pizza

Bots there were only two bots in the

team who actually knew the and Samurai

ARS defenses which that would be at

Selena and Prowler right over here over

here back up right

there the team name had been thought up

by punchi son also known as Punchy

Sonu later on after his arrival at the

quickfield meeting

Prowler but I like the reference so I

chronicled it as such in Sonu book

number nine which I shall update and

clear that in the HD version of that

book later

on one de there you are blessed all

right than that what would you do for




I responded to that

question anyway also s you at

Selena I know that joke I'm not even

going to acknowledge it Sonu and Selena

Bumble buba and armat each had a human


F human have Sonu with Christian for son

so yeah Sonu have my c17 self

counterpart all right the and the three

human Partners have worked at the pizza

places around the city I know I roll my

eyes as well as

that your stupid

fetishes one


it's all you get one foot I'm not

putting up the other

foot I know this bite rather not be a

genuine or not but anyway that's

possible I don't know I think about that

question who would good fit for against

son you and death batt because there's a

lot more details into it and all that

and I didn't get that question I'm sorry

if you want to donate a dollar dollar to

repeat that question that'd be all right

now no I have not seen that

movie now the team also had outsourced

and made trips to other parts of

Virginia quick go their wheels to other

parts of the Earth with an alasam for

each venturing bought thank you thank

you very

much Garfield what's his lasagna there

that was I went for to talk of each

Autobot a better introduction of


your friend is blessed thank you now

son thank

you now Sonu takes its samples of

leadership from Optimus

Prime All About Chris Chan Prime uh see

when I S Chris Chan

Sonu R chance Soni Prime and even Soni

Prime and

bumbleby in later years as he developed

and progressed he places Safety and

Security over everyone else as well as

himself in a good velour and mindset he

had taken the form of the vehicle I was

driving the Ford Escort before that

vehicle came in around 2000 Sonu had

taken the form of a Chevrolet imp in

blue and after becoming a Headmaster in

2018 Sanu took the form of a 2017 Ford

Fusion in blue and in losing his shield

from his previous body and

form Chris chire had given Sanu a


partner that transforms into a shield

his name is silver now I'm going to just

take this out of his hand because

there's more further details into that

your friend is blessed thank

you anyway I'm just going to I'm going

to put silver here into his my mode to

emphasize the commit Point that's but I

because I'll be talking about silver and

the N little get on all for us here



we don't do shout outs but thank you

very much for your kindness and support


you so we're right over here for the

moment's right

there I don't say names out loud but

your friend is

blessed okay silver just Lion now Sai

would keep Christian Safeguard on his

stps to charfield and back or on other

road trips from time to time Sanu also

would meditate and connect with the

Sparks of the Cyber chians before

him you know what no you got one foot

that's all you're getting I'm not going

beyond that I set the

boundary was this

you will meditate and connect with the

Sparks of cyber tonians before him and

in appreciation of his own spirituality

and the universe he even connected with

the Sparks of fector Sigma Alpha

Trion Christian Prime Primus the and

others and get around and get sound

advice wisdoms and

insights furries are good they are

really good individuals I love like the

fures I appreciate the furry

community I would very much attend a


Convention Sparks vetor Sigma Alpha Tron

Christian Prim private and others to get



that's to be confirmed I cannot say

specifically right

now your friend is

blessed okay thank you thank you now

uh and others to get and get sound

advice wisdoms and insights that will

keep him better motivated

Focus during the breaks and down times I

saw that okay during the breaks and down

times he keeps his mind sharpened and

focused with routine physical combat and

tactic practices as well as the mentally

stimulating simulations from Cybertron

as well as the Earth games like Tetris

trivia and word number games and other

puzzles he also appreciates the natural

amenities of Earth Sanu remains open

sharp focused and mindful to anything

that could be a



silver silver is a loyal lot lionbot

with excellent animal bot instincts and

intelligence that can be easily rival


silver silver can also eject


it pain in the you got

plugs your

friend is blessed just leave

it everybody is blessed when they are

open for it otherwise if they are not

open for it and they go or they just

revert to their back their past

ways like a certain paner Griffin

did does and excuse

me then that makes it tougher that makes

it tougher to buch them and then I just

feel sorry for them as well as

disappointed all right now silver can

also eject himself as a

Headmaster and man a fe man a free

transceptor as needed while his body

remains well at least is this body

anyway I'm going to put this back in

here in the

meantime yeah yeah great flation there I

don't even know

you anyway just putting that back in the

shield form to emphasize as like before

this upgrade he continued to have that

Shield form but he has been upgraded

since and

this is silver

nowadays I more comparison your he is

with well Silver

Shield you both are blessed thank

you go silver


Lon okay Guardians the barrier they Val


band just leave it at

that whether they're good or bad or

indifferent I just say it once might be

done the merge is still in progress

nobody has been

failed so there we're just transforming

this spot the robot transforming this

the robot

mode because silver now has a robot

platform despite this

being the trans a mo despite this

transor being a mate of wolfwire and


Wolf come

on and these things like the pop off but

Le this step back

place these things are really tight my



cool and

there silver and Sanu side by side and

yet just for thing to put the to store

the store the old body and Shi form

there and it's not ironic he could hold

his his like the figure could hold his

own former his own former body as well

but it's like a size conversion and

changing in that part when you think

about it



that was easy enough now page all

right P

up front here F happy birthday G thank

you for letting me know good guy good

decent man is yes all right ET

Selena she may look like an RC clone and

while they have may have shared a body

mode for a

time and ET Elena is anything but a

low-level fbot during her combat

training with Sonu and the others ET

Selena exhibited board Grace tenacity

and quick

instincts similar to wind blade if you

want to compare Her fting Style with

anyone though it would have to be

another chle of Street fir flame I his

vehicle form his a stylish motorcycle

and went on a move she projects a

hologram of a driver in his seat what

also she's able to actually convert

herself a little bit so she can also

become a combiner limb as well so here's


ultimate figure

fora to emphasize that combiner

ability and she's also shared a a a

fascination of science with her oh I

skipped a

part you both are very blessed thank you

all right now meet at Selina's human

partner saketh born on quickfi on

Saturday April 25th

1975 she has had the fascination with

the midst martial arts math and sciences

she took a job at a Pizza Hut in the

Southeast segment of the city of

quickvid for further college tuitions

she loved her Suzuki motorik Flor bike

for five years but it was Finding

challenges of its own in 1993 then pared

not far from the college dorm a certain

dark pink motorcycle was chilling and on

patrol socket marveled at the mot cycle

until when she spoke

back yes I do not like P Griffin that

much he disappoints me I would

appreciate it bear if he

actually maintained what he actually

knew instead just rting back every

time no comment

a present no


Comet okay I know who you're talking

about and

I that defends of better

he I know yeah I dare say he's not

closeted or anything like that he's out

open as he is he's a generally decent

he's a general decent individual

despite his criticisms and all that

now there's your response to that

satisfied until Sak marveled at the

motorcycle until when the motorcycle

spill back one thing to to know

and the spine Decepticon nearby got

suspicious so edelina told Sak to hako n

Jo off edelina also shared a fasc

fascination of science with

saketh I paid those personally I painted

them down to the detail I

did armor is tough and durable no I

going move him to the front now that

we're talking about him right now

now all right armorettes

armat is tough and durable bit hard head

yet lovable bot who loves to jam with

the beats and tunes with his custom

Cybertron guitar also can also transform

into a bird bird partner I haven't

gotten the name


jet the guitar bot's name is jet just

leave it that I'm going to write that

down me write that down let me write

that down it's



named jet

okay with this custom cyberonic guitar

that doubles and also instead addition

transform do it bird it also it doubles

as an air joh charge blade ATS and a

machine shot rifle for gunning down

Decepticons you think about that for a

moment anyway his personality is a

combination of good old Jazz as well as

bulkhead his vehicle form is a soup up

cube truck with 11 dbel cranking

speakers and sub whoopers he'll Jam in

the off time but he can he can and likes

to lift steel GS like dumbbell whites

with concrete slabs on either end ah his

human partner Jeremiah but you can call

him jth is a bulky black man for the

streets who carried a big old beatbot

stereo on his shoulder cring up the

beats and jams a duonic [ __ ]



thank you you all are


yeah I in this paragraph you think I

don't know what I'm talking about well

he didn't either with the BBS of the

north segment of quickfi rocking 23 and

93 he met Ararat the at a rage of a

party outside the building Jal was

jamming on his own beats and armor could

not help but join in and invite him to

cruise the streets with speak pots

hooked up to his wolfers that was a wild


night3 all right and guys I don't have a

fig I don't have a figure of him yet I'm

just going to hold up the card for a

moment close to the camera let you see

picture up the picture up Bumble Lumber

it's the best we got for Bumble Lumber

right now until I get that Legacy

animated bumblebee figure I pre-ordered

anyway okay now Bumble lumba may be M

mates with Bumblebee and cliff jumper as

well as wasp but considering


Animated he's actually more like gears

without his circuit card but not his

Dosa the Scout will zap it up almost

like a Sonu with Rain Dance turned on

his sporty Coupe video vehicle mode and

short stature allows him to be Hot

Wheels fast and stealthy when it comes

to oh thank you happy birthday

H there you

go how feels fast and stealthy when it

comes to in person or form

a that's a nice

name it is a very good name milet is a

very good


uh stealthy to be Hot Wheels fast and

stealthy when it comes to inperson or

from a distance spy on an enemy with

their hard drives he spies well on

missions upon Decepticons Team Rocket

robotnick and so on his 10K volt

stingers and Blaster will disable a

heavy enough mechanical

foe his partner Raven L is a major spy

lover and active be knowledge type with

Punk style and the car and loving heart

and soul she haralds within the suburbs

of quickfi she found Bumble lumo's lime

green Sheen listening on the on break at

a quickfi shopping at the quickfi

shopping mall he was spying on the spies

spying on mayor Robert Chandler Raven

helped bumba confirm and bust the spies

that day Raven was

19 in




Prowler hit silver there for a moment

Prowler was a soloette with high spark

spirituality and a Mastery of the

Samurai martial arts but he still worked

well with his teammate

I'm not saying he's a copy paste of

Transformers Animated

proud Mo made aside his personality is

more like drift like from his Spotlight

comic book with the dash of G1 proud he

prefers his motorcycle with S car op

mode is disguise Blen really had to

contend with prow at times yet blon

always lost prow found a common interest

magic chance Sonu and Punchy Sonu and

The Humbling meditations and finding the

Aon on various in the various te's he

found Anon in

te's happy birthday happy birthday guy


you when things started to heat up in

1995 with crash dumy on the prow against

the Power Rangers of quickfield a few

more aots had to be sent to Earth in the

rescues that's


it would if the Holocaust the second

Holocaust would not happen for

those now here's it will not happen for

those that get to continue on in other

words just only those that are in the

minority are toxic evil darkest sending

they're the ones that get

segregated they essentially get instant

teleported from this

timeline in a timeline split where they

are divided away from us the majority of

us as we complete in dimension M so only

those the toxic G darkest s

ones uh fair but unfortunately I'm not

seeing money from that that's the respon

to that question anyway so they get they

get that while we continue on with no

Holocaust or


you are


yeah oh I felt good pardon

me I have heard of that game done to

death the movie's out now big



now the medic bot chapper always sought

the aid and rescues of the civilians and

his fellow Bots he could be compared to

first aid and personality but with the

expertise and knowledge like ratchet on

the move he swoops in as a


the modly hotheaded yet levelheaded

Warrior the lovely wave will fly in and

take down all the deceptic Clones cons

and large foes in her wake with as much

caution as possible she is always on

Target and with Precision a few times as

a 70 a few times as a 70 plus story was

falling down like a tree wave swooped in

transformed into her jet mode

and no transer into a bot B mode from a

jet mode and held the F structure in

place until the civilians were cleared

away her MOX speed jet form cannot out

paste most son shoes or Rose shoes but

you can always count on her to save

today and hit the

mark next next


fire shot takes a pagean personality

from Inferno of generation one but on

the battlefield he's more like hot shot

from Armada the extending Cannon of his

the extending Cannon of it the extending

Cannon of

his this

cannon the Cannabis can almost rival

Megatron but is used to help civilians

trapped in

fire your friend is blessed thank

you is used to help civilian distracted

fire with the powered flow of water or

[ __ ] foam and his Cannon can extend

to very high stories like a ladder to

climb down and up on despite

the get your brain out of the G if

you're thinking

that his armored vehicle mode may seem

spacey but it is tough like iron

hide on

steroids and please I know he's

green please pardon the green screen

detail but the technician and

intelligence data bot roll


that depends did you start the

fight or did you stumble in everything

was it your conscious choice to get

drunk or were you forced into

it youth meditate on

that anyway the technician and

intelligence databot roll out maintains

the equipment at the base but with

chapper also creates a number of

technological Marvels that even

Wheeljack would applaud he can also

holograms for camouflage and

spy and and for camouflage on spy and

Battlefield work his ATV Jeep form suits


well now I just read this next part but

then thinkig fun I'm slide

this this

way okay now before leaving Cybertron

all by Chris Chan Prime upgrade armat

and etena so they can be combined limbs

limb or Limbs and wave chaper fire sh

and Roa are four fifths of a full

combiner team when Chris champ Prime is

with them her ability to become God

level right hand with a

sword I'll reveal the name in just a

moment but

no do it that's right I got to get

the combiner

pieces uh fun time I'm going to read out

questions definitely during this


moment ones that are generally good and

safe for work so

there see I'm going do this on screen on

camera 3D printed


your friend is blessed I appreciate that

I'm afraid I'm already

taken one two three


4 random


oops s b

there was that random enough for


go wa so but chaper and arm put for one


no I'm to do armor

next time is good F guitar


out thank you ciner Wars and power to

primes I feel like despite the feet

conne despite the feet connections I

feel like they has but really hit the

mark with the

combiners with how combiner pots work

and form in that the hands from power to


perfect the feet from power to primes an

improve a fast improvement over that

from comir Wars anyway

so leave Jet over here on the table for

a little while

anyway there's a there's another hand

that's going to reflect that like a meme

that repeating my head for a little

while but then will be replaced by


else thank you thank you coming on

anyway I'm just doing a little

transformation so we can make this


one de combiner bot a quick

feel oh yeah I like I like if you want

to send me snacks from CRE from from

over there that's okay if you can do

that that'd be appreciated thank

you as long as they're like you know

just good snacks you know

I got my I got I got other things going

up but they are but they are blessed

anyway and

they're right they are

blessed and there's a little cocky

accent for you for you are


there's one

foot and I caught that at the right

time I got to put this


I no it's green so don't cheapen


um I'm not exactly a random hats this

humor permit cheap uh trick

individual that the randomness typically

happens when I'm feeling really

tired it sensibly fatigued or even

potentially just overwhelmed and I feel

less overwhelmed right now I feel more


so boy I'm certainly glad I paint some

silver that roll out has

silver I still need to watch episode 70

to present the last episode I saw of

this series Still

Remains the joke aside get your minds

out of the

gutter episode


well that's on your part you just pretty

much did that for yourself by saying all

that any there you



a Japanese transister radio it's a

akuba it's a mar model that's one been

discontinued it comes in a letter case

that with the one end it comes in a l

case with holes in it you can hear

through it and it comes with a wire with

one end you stick in your ear but you

can't the other end you can't stick

anywhere because guess what it's

p I can't open it I can't I can't


but I'm giving you random just whatever

comes to mind I'm just essentially

relatively calm and energized right now

so it's not like I can actually call


oh I don't know but we'll consider that

later I can't make any promises right

now but perhaps we could have a talk

later through email but that's a whole

different Cowfish right there but anyway

I am so busy I mean a lot of individuals


everybody there's a little bit of

Randomness right there are you happy are

you satisfied now with that oh wait a

minute here you go my name is Jus Christ

CH you prime I'm here bless the world

and and pretty much help in clearing

away every single toxic evil darkest

sting individual is everybody listening

do you believe

me but seriously I am doing that along

with the other gods and goddesses I am


that and I'm not going to end that

because everybody should have faith and

be satisfied it is good all right I just

got to put the finishing


I cannot totally clear him of autism but

he is

blessed I bless him anyway and actually

autism is not so much of a curse in fact

it's a blessing you can actually you

could typically stereo typically

stereotype someone with

autism at least

uh mild or high functioning autism

varying levels on that but everybody

individual but everyone has them

nonetheless but autistic individuals

essentially have a greater sense of

autistic powers and

abilities they just don't really see

that appreciate consciously not all the


anyway meditate on that that's enough

said all


right huh I don't think it

is I don't think it is it is not muted I

can hear myself I can see the way I can

see the thing I am not

muted and also just I can't the

blessings are happening right now that

we haven't had too many interruptions

aside from the

one yeah that is a thing maybe they

could improve on just the connections of

the port on the




back a little

bit hold that please thank you all right


um put that down



right Oh's

face H goodine robot

big and I'm just going to just put that

behind right there for right now but she

can't build that the goodine robot can't

feel that anyway I present to

you the combine for the combined robot

Metatron m e d a t r o

n and of course about Chris CH Prim

being uh acting as right hand on the

combined bot there this God level right

hand and with the sword gives betatron a

real Edge against the kiju size

foes although that's not necessarily an

option because she got they got she got


overused yes overshoot over got the big

cannons right there they got those two

cannons right there and then they can

wield armor ats's

ATS and of course

yeah and

when and Christian Nat's right hand on

there they can wield the sword they can

wield the sword oh it's a just a bigger

version of that half but just works not


uh that was just a previous request from

somebody the app on a

paid comment simple as that no big

deal what time is it


um all


um I give you something

better believe it or not Joe isn't at

home please leave a message at the beat

I must be up or to pick up the phone

where could I be believe or not I'm not


home yes thank you very much

it's the

one I tell well now we got the expanded

Back stories and introductions of our

aots a quick fill out of the way I shall

bless you all let me see if I can do

this in the right am of time yeah yeah

two and a half pages is good all right

so I will give you all the benefits of


all they need do is just open their

minds outside of the common religions

and everything because the truth

is all the good religions the ones that

are absolutely non demonic absolutely

nons satanic absolutely light powerered

and good and of course that incl of


uh they just all the good religions of

course Christianity even Muslim

Judaism and all sorts along with all

that good along with the good things and

all that and also even the Chinese

zodiac that's a good that is a good

thing and the and

the astrological an animals you know

here the rabbit here the dragon all that

that's that's good as well because

essentially all the good religions and

all the various scriptures all around

the world and everything past present

future manifesting in present as is in

process in

progress individual pieces of the


complet puzzle and

fats all right

now give you all the back story and I'll

tell yall read yall the first time that

Megatron actually invaded the C of

quickfill and the sign to ro two species

and then at this point I let you have

your fan fictions though they may or may

not necessarily be

cannon with the in general present

timeline that Hasbro had originally

stepped upon and chronicled well with

generation one the hasb and

Takara anyway it's Canon this is Canon

and all

that and yeah you know I guess I can't

say but still it's an alterate Dimension

but this is in

the general neutral

Dimension figure it out as you will all

right anyway I am going to read this to

you so got so this is a story

of when Megatron and Decepticons first

invaded the city of quickfield as well

as the state of Virginia the main attack

of the city happened on Sunday June 1st

June 12th 2005 but months ahead despies

incl laser beat and ratbat were on scalp

for data of energy sources and found the

entire state of Virginia have very

healthy population of the SAU and Ru

species and the very high electrical

power energy and MOX beat in high levels

come mid May Megatron star plans on

capturing a number of these Pokemon in

traps while taking their speed and

reaction times under consideration he

sent to construct the con to Eastern

Virginia to build a central speed trap

building with the conductor and the

stunticon sped around the state to

locate High population areas of the

species Megatron's plan was to caral as

many s and Ro into the Trap and drain

their power and energy with the

conductor mag Chan had taken observation

and consideration of prep works at the

right times for If he sent himself

Christian his train psychic Pokemon or

even the Autobots of quickfi or any of

the SAU or rues there to prevent the ACT

of construction at the least that would

be also running right into their midst

regardless of speed and Megatron had

equipped the cons he sent with psychic

Inhibitors so to be in close range and

teleport away was also

hindered you are blessed everybody

viewing this is blessed and everybody

has fast as viewed this and left they

all are blessed as as

well um I'm not presently reading

manga I am reading my little Point

Generations where they actually cross

over between G4 and G1 myguardian that's on my Twitter pinned on

the top

tweet thank

you but he for new sabotage and car

measures needed to happen the Trap was

on the

out thank you very much the Trap was on

the outskirts of the Met of the

Metropolis of Richmond and had been

designed to look like a typical

skyscraper building on the

outside uh


anyway the clearing and opening would be

around completion of the construction

where Megatron Soundwave and The Seekers

would be present in the out in the

outskirts of quickfield magic Chan Chris

and Sanu were in talks with Optimus

Prime include them in on the details the

alots made their drive and Rendevous

trip on June 10th the conductor had a

limited range of up to 50 mil in

diameter Autobot teams were set and made

their waiting game on the outskirts of

quickfi shville DC the highways closest

to S and Road stre Village that's

actually there if I remember correctly

oh yeah just um it's sou it's about

Southwest of quickfill number of

miles very quick to get to and quite the

short distance if you're a mock speed

Runner obviously but

anyway ston Fredericksburg and the

colony Northwest of Harrisonburg to

intercept the incoming


been a long time but i' I've played it a

little bit I've been Morey busy with a

lot of the other more important details

and things

anyway and when the constructed conduit

was least occupied and guarded by shock

wave and the constructive cons the

structure would be attached from the

skies by aerial Bots and On The Ground

by Prime Wheeljack and Chris champ Prime

with a few

Warriors the quickfi aots AR High BR

Bumblebee jumper and a few others along

with Christian magic chance Soni Rosie

RI Prime and the other local special

sanis rosi were poised to defend

quickfi it was meant to be so I need to

be segregated away from everything and

everyone all the just and I just need to

be imp pluged from technology for a

while I need to really connect with

everything and plus manifestations

needed to happen confirmation of details

along the way which I read about in the

newspaper and heard on the

radio incl World War

I anyway H where was

I uh the civilians had been evacuated

and secure just to the southwest of the

city Megatron starcream and The Seekers

and of the

stunticons we going in from the

Northwest and were a seted and

outnumbered the psychic Pokemon set

massive barriers and light screens were

set to redirect and counter incoming

fire and missiles away from the

buildings wave chapper and power glide

with mag Chan and jel and Christian flew

and outmaneuvered starcream and his crew

Chris in the s for even got the literal

drop of starcream by landing on his

right shoulder in Disguise ran from

shoulder to shoulder and taunted

starcream before hitting in death on

with a thunder from

above and a homing attack between the

eyes you know star scream I get you feel

under appreciate at times yet you are

among the top favorite Decepticons in

popularity thank

you but even I know the arrogance need

to be stowed and your deceptive tongue

humbled down and

disabled Sonu and some the Land

crew I a respond to that one that just

came by I saw it I read I leave at that

anyway Sonu and some of the Line crew

took on Megatron and the stuned conso

actually you know what I got something

for this I have anage for this this just

it's more than appropriate for

this here we

go that little later the point

comes I son some of his land took a

Megatron stunticons the stunticons

combined to form menur as starcream fell

and the Seekers were outmatch wave and

her team combined to form

Metatron and took on minaur with her

guns and sword Sanu stood Toe to Toe of

with Megatron see Ram old

Buckhead with his shield I put some

damage on Megatron's left arm in this

Fusion can with his unsh lightning

blade I felt that was a good time to

pull out this lovely secret ship F go

card so

good and yeah Megatron look like Beck

his head so he just like go do with and


yeah tell you a bucket head yeah you did

many times

even you WR oh yeah I did I go all

right know what

enough [ __ ] you think about

that put the helmet back on what no put

the helmet back on now you're going to

stop making fun of me no but see like

this is going to give me

nightmares and know was Rie from that

was a you have one of the uh third party

Megatron Masterpiece figures I forget

the name of that one but it's was really

that was a really good


anyway after mesur fail Megatron shouted

Retreat meanwhile the conductor the cons

were taken by mild surprise the sight of

the incoming Autobots Shockwave thought

to activate the conductor but by the

time he was about to activate from the

from the control room after programming

the restrictions of Decepticon energy

Mirage and Chris Chan Prim mared

themselves visible and shot at shock W's

one hand oh my one hand I got go bu with

the with the G my with you know how

Shockwave look I know how

Shockwave not physically is got the one

thing that's guns he got one

hand anyway Ultimus Prime his team and

the Oro box

combined Optimus Prime his team and the

aerial Bots combined took on Devastator

and Blasting the base of the conductor

before it could have been activated

marage and Christian work together to

out batch Shockwave and disable the

controls of the conductor as the

conductor started to shake Shockwave

made a strategical RTI with a blast

through the wall of the structure Mirage

and Chris Chan flew out after he


oh it's no different than my no

different than my I see no more

different than uh a voice The

Voice what's Rose bunny name for what's

the name for Rose bun name of voice

would be sound still just as sweet

what's the

voice what's in the past tense voice so

what's in the voice the present tense



keep Faith because it was meant to be as

divinely planned and


now Chris CH prim's new Superior would

need an edge against Devastator so she

swaps with the aerobot that made his

right armed and formed her famous

combiner form sword in the comb in her

combiner form's hand I like Amy S

Mercury I also like meiru s

Neptune I like intelligence and ins and

those are insightful and

genuine oh so she swwa with the ariot oh

yeah that made his right arm and she

formed her famous her famous confin form

sword in the

hand the combiner form

hand it's a

distraction and SL and uh and Chris

chant on on Superion slash Bone Crusher

off Devastator and forc the

Constructicons to to disassemble and

Retreat the other Decepticon teams were

intercepted and outmatched by the other

remain by teams and the conss retreated

abs absolutely no saes or roast shoes or

any animals outside the outskirts of

quickfi had to flee fight or get harmed

during the events of this attack on June


2005 and all the special s shes and most

shoes in quickfill were more than able

to disable Decepticons with their

respective attacks and defenses as well

SII Ros he were able to put a massive

dents in Megatron shins and with heling

attacks from them the pair even gave a

good look at the old Ron's eyes before

smacking him in the face hard with

electrical Thunder punches anyway

everyone was healed and restored by

Magic chance Angelica Chris's Powers

everyone on the good side the S and Roes

and the alots so on good stuff the

conductor fell for rubble and Scrat and

unusable remains were salvaged by the

Autobots by Sunset everyone returned

home to quickfield and it was quick to

recover and resume everything oh and

starscreen complained of him of being

smashed by a erodent and slammed by

overcharged lightning as he flew shakely

back to base with the others Megatron

fumed with how much he underestimate the

wheel defenses of one city and a bunch

of yellow and pink

overcharged overcharged

foes and that was the first time

Megatron to made to see a quick

though I hope you all enjoyed that it

was actually good to meditate and

actually a able to write that out

there's a lot more details that happen

from time to time that of course the a

Bo the quick F outsourced and went out

to other places worked with timus Prime

and neers and so on and so forth and it

was very good you know it's

going me the bit VI


yeah I do admit my time the time in jail

put quite the emotional paint on Barber

but she need to further develop as an

individual outside that it it's divinely

meant to be and she actually has

improved for herself on

that she may be mentally in quite

mentally unstable considering the age

but she's actually a lot stronger will

than that and she's actually done very

well I'm very pleased to say that she

has passed the test and so if everybody

among the good neutral good light power

and righteous and even neutrals that

been promoted to neutral good at the

least that pass the test throughout the

test of time but

between Late July

2021 to

present and then so on with all the

other tests from the Divine energies and

the gods and


that's a question that would not be

needed to be decided

so for to ask me that question is to ask

yourself would uh my past self hes

Christ or more commonly more pronounced

as Jesus

Christ Jesus Christ j you

pray the question

is for that Jesus have won the

battle a against Goku if Goku was in the

past or other

way oh yeah they're on to see when i7

have but they're just like I like yeah

they're essentially just background

individuals really like uh check

out lock

open there happy there there good

everybody happy now all right anyway um

unfortunately I don't have access to

that web page

where it lets me

know the history of any remaining paid

commentaries so I'm just going to go

ahead okay I can catch this

one I had played fortnite for a while

and it was actually good I played on

Nintendo switch and a little bit on the

PC anyway so I need so there will be no

refunds given and that's not challenge

orange so please don't even ask all

right leave it at that I appreciate

everybody's kindness and support thank

you all very much that's end of the

stream for now I hope you all have a

safe loveely and blessed

day and Merry Christmas all of you are


Over the shoulder colouring stream


Medallion Moulding Q&A
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Stardate 22 December 2023
Saga RevelationsRevelations Revelations, PraetorPraetor Praetor
Transformers - Past Ideas Reemerging - Part 1
Transformers - Past Ideas Reemerging‎‎ - Part 2


Support the stream: [links to Streamlabs]



00:00: The stream starts and the microphone audio is available despite being on the intro page. We can only assume this was not intentional.

00:01: Ambient Chris mumbling and breathing

00:28: Chris mumbles "that's ok".

02:33: The stream switches from intro to Chris on cam

06:38: A pathetic ween threatens Chris via donation saying "We know what you have done. We know where you live. We are coming For.You. Watch your back." Chris is nonplussed.

07:14: Chris blesses "Patrick Batman" believing it to be a friend of the donator who put in the request.

15:07 Chris takes out his phone and some of his photos are in view, but they are hard to make out.

28:09: A donator asks: "So then are you the god of the universe and timeline where you did that to her?" Eluding to the allegdged rape of his mother.

29:40: Chris explains that his counterpart in the Shattered Glass Universe was the one who committed incest with Barb.

29:56: When the same donator asked: "But you're the god of that timeline. Why did you let it happen? Why did you do that to her in that universe and timeline?", Chris changed the view to herself front and centre and says:

"Not me, my self counterpart in that alternate timeline... did that. A different individual... its like - [Switches to self on camera] let's think about this for a moment... you have the shattered glass universe where every single individual- our self counterparts... in that universe... regardless of timelines, including this one... opposite morals and everything so... what we did, those of us that did good here and did bad there... it's opposite."

Once again proving that the most effective way to manipulate Chris into speaking on certain topics is to approach him through the context of roleplaying and reinforcing/enabling his belief of multiple universes and timelines.

31:18: Whilst Chris continued to rant about the shattered glass universe being a morally opposite dimension to ours, the same donator asks: "Are your self counterparts truly independant or are you really the true player one who controls and knows all?" Chris does not reply to this, and instead switches back to footage over his shoulder.

33:15: Chris, when asked to by a donator, prays for "Lucy Letby", unaware she is a child murderer from the UK.

44:59: When asked if Chris would go on Fish Tank Season 2, Chris reveals he in unaware of what that is.

46:46: When pressed again about his statements on the incest, Chris doubles down and points to Isabella's editing of the video/audio to be why it cannot be trusted. Potentially revealing his defense during legal procedings. Chris said: "If you will recall, Isabella had faked that video, she made editing... and all of that within the voice clips she got from that one video call. And thus... decieved all of you.. she even admitted to that personally... I need not saying anything else".

54:11: When discussing coloring, Chris says, "Once you go black, you can never go back".

1:21:30 Chris claims to not a lolcow because he tends to be quite serious. The real lolcows are people who call other people lolcows.

01:24:42: Chris switches to himself on camera preparing to end his stream.

01:27:38: The stream ends with no outro or outro animation.

Raw captions

Text from YouTube's captions

that that's

okay clean up did you think I did that



about this my



m p put over there



five hey everyone Jesus Chris Prime here

once again

C out of you anyway tonight's going to

be a simple uh drawing stream I I have

my art right here set in front of me

this time

so of course with that and I'll respond

to only the uh good things that pop up

in the corner just obviously keep it

good I'm not reading anything that's sfw

or questionable remember that rule

anyway anyway um one detail aside I'm

just going to go ahead and put this on

the drawing


okay my first time doing this stream

this way where where you all can

literally see practically as if you were

standing right next to


glasses how did I

not I go

t where is

that oh that give what was that doing

there okay give chat I I just noticed


anyway all right so your tree it's like

you get get to see it as if you're

standing right next to me all right so

obviously we're going to be coloring uh

uh one or two a few pages in book Zer HD

I've been really really busy lately with

the making and other details and Fs of

life and so on so we're just going to

get right down to it and it's like

obviously I just need like a couple of

reference I need a couple of references

cuz I don't exactly totally remember

what Jam C scheme is and of course uh we

definitely have a good have a good

reference for raw l b and Roose sh story

or I draw I col him on another page in

here oh okay yeah I did C on the

previous page right so that's good in

that case I'll just uh get their book

get one of my books and the lby stack

here that has

jamster zoomed



yeah I think so PR

parade look 12 PR

parade all right so everybody how's how

y'all feeling on the holiday stream

y'all doing good the holiday habits uh

we got a Christmas tree put up yall know

if yall saw that on Twitter

earlier just that was really good

very well decorated and all that oh

Wonder F oh yeah

um oh yeah that's right the book where

they were singing that song Jam Anda

were singing that song together

or this SW I drew that in here or is

that book 12 or is that book 1299 stes

book everything everywhere all at once I

mean well I'm not covering it shoes I

just Ming it yeah it's

okay okay this is good so I got a full

good enough picture of jamster cuz on

this uh reference and on the next page

I'm checking my details we don't need

the color of his shoes yeah we just need

mainly his body color his tail colors

which that's right here on this



oh yeah watch your back the call is

coming in from inside your


anyway yeah well you know what the only

one who knows who knows you is you aside

from that yeah all right so let's get

down to coloring as I have my favorite

bunch of super tip markers and I doing

on my markers is I have these color

swatches on here and my markers are


so that helps me out all right let's

start with Jam's

fur I Christmas to you and many

blessings for your F

Patrick except for that that one

exception don't do make do too many

shout outs so

yeah you see look that shade I believe

it's with in the purple



family oh right there 76s that's what

I'm looking

for 70s it's all right good that's a

popular color around here of course at

this point it's just obviously that

young jamsa before he evolved at

the during the gym battle between uh the

first gym battle that Rosie Ros she

proba ever was part

of which she was which she was that b


indha awesome overpowered hypert train

level 100

Blazin over 35


anyway I wish I could actually do like

license be music in the

background if YouTuber only YouTube I

allow that but


anyway all the stuff

anyway make sure I get you all little Z

you have easier time seen the

page z

z z me give us a the bang for a buck

right that's a little


any this here jells jingling Ringling



oh there's nowh ride together with you

KY up KY up KY up let's go


hey YouTube you cannot call license or

anything like that when the part with

the individual is singing the one on the

camera singing


off the red reindeer out of every shiny

nose and if you ever saw it you even say

it close it


close joining

games then that foggy Christmas can

Santa came to say rol with your so

bright W you got by

today click the chimy good s

Nick jingle jingle B jingle

all is to ride open hey

super we'll get some pay get few when

the building when that P comes on we get

the single way


hey so that's an outline so yeah Jam is

still the evolving process he had come

out of the uh Evolution transformation

or field

there so we don't need any more so we're

done with that color

ah you get a blessing and a prayer of

which I do appreciate their support and

kindness thank

you please try moving this to refresh I

can see that little


better cuz SW if you why doesn't the

bigger one


oh yeah we just did that let me oh

oh okay all right so that I'm just I'm

also learning about the streamlabs feed

as well so I'm noticing like you know

obviously I'm not too close to Mars so

hard for me to read that part up here

but it's coming up down oh okay that did

that kind of did thing just update that

to a minute all right so that's going

all right moving forward time to get



and that's right uh son's before they

evolve they don't have gloves


so let just get this sh



oh you know what let's do a fun thing on

the first day of Christmas what you luck

to me a jaanese sister radio it's a

akuba it's a markv b that's what that's

been discontinued it comes case Hol it

so you can hear my through it and it

comes to the wire that you can stick one

end in your ear and the other end you

can't stick in anywhere because it's

bent and that


lady and on the second pain of Christmas


these around El the blinking like maybe

there why they all blinking they all

down they're all they fine you think

you're so smart you do the

lights oh fun lot of fun see couple

previous cut right you got

be my focus is on jamer when it comes to

coloring I always save black for last

with the winter two ex exceptions which

that does not nullify the the earlier

statement let's just put a little red

down there to make the offline more

obvious cuz I mean you're

seeing you see R from the side view here

and he's like he's like

well yeah right there it yeah there we

go all right hereo let see Jam's shoes

uh they're like tricolored

but but when he was a son his uh shoes

were mono colored okay yes I definitely

a reference in regards to his

shoes stack you you know what you know

what you know what I'm going to check on


phone donations donations feel the

Christmas cheer feel the Christmas

holiday everything's good all good to


anyway oh right so I can check my phone

I have my album

I my

albums and my secret ship F folder cards

are on here

organized say jam want the Sonu

OC's if it's not in here then I could

just try the

deck not checking just

checking I think it was deck backing up

backing up back it up back it up y hey

rules ship start

Pony organized

alphabetically Lisa Jer

cops oh okay find the forart I believe

that was a ship card that one oh wait

this the promo cards oh here you go

decks the deck ship cards oh okay



I will consider that the thief and the

cobbler we might do that possibly in the

one stream but that's to be confirmed

one way or another I can't make any

promises on it the thief and the

cobbler where is that lovely

F ship card or F card

see that's not it that's not the card I

was looking for ah here it is all right

so the majority of jams's shoes are

red okay so right issues are red that'll


cool as a Sonny jamster shoes were just


red and then

that's uh you got him changed for a new

pair to have those lovely little colors

going down going down

from side to side we not see any the

gray for the

souls got have

soul these


see I need jamster so I can put this

back in

here oh let's


um do I look like an

impost don't do this mem uh oh wait let

me see if I remember correctly oh hang

on a

second and that's all the response you

get to me for me in regards that but


oh you watch your back

now and great great beep I lost my TR

thought thanks a


anyway just leave it that

anyway put this

back the


one you like to know

anyway all right let's see follow I I

was like if you paint up right


or yeah just good

jacket it's just like mainly I just did

one refence there

is put that over here just in case get

that that way it don't fall all right

let see that [ __ ] up around [ __ ] up

around down

down one two three 4 Charlie Brown he's




looking for this


color okay that's number

90 number

90 number


everybody sing everybody dance and by

the way if y'all actually open your

minds and

meditated then you would fully realize


understand that what I speak is

truth and that I


all things good and light powered are

open are for those that are opening able

to open themselves for and with

that and well if you're not well there's

still bit time for you to change redeem

yourselves outside


oh I don't think

uh I got to think this eye color for a

moment let me just take look in


here yeah that was a stupid thing from

idea guy and johnon W and all

that so that's just simply soice say

yada yada yada don't worry about that

that's not a thing we regular do around

here so forget about that Meme was

called was wanted back when 2017

called stupid

mem the bad stupid bad

memes the bad memes are

stupid stupid like Dam rocket damn

rocket stupid you stupid you stupid you

stupid all right what we got

here oh

well if you'd like to send me a copy

that game I I would appreciate that as

give it give it at least a quick play

see how I feel about



see if you send me a copy see if you can

send me one for the switch please thank

you that's put pressure on you but I

mean obviously I do have the PS4 and the

Xbox one as well but just the switch is

just easy easier access at this point in

time the others are okay and good I do

have access to both of those quicker but

just you know handheld


option was I thinking what was I

doing this one

hi we're apples forever apples together

we're family but so much

more matter what we will face the

weather for to the

core yep yep yep yep all right now the

focus is next focus is his jacket that's

two shades now lavender I do see that

that's just clear and obvious oh on this

blue hair just get that as well goodbye

see I

shade okay that's what these

sits and get here and then let's

see all right that's somewhere around I

believe it's this one I'm going those

swatches yeah that's one

51 apparently his eye

color okay I'm confirming this so

R LZ this guy he has brown eyes his eyes

are just

Brown under his blue Shades his eyes are

brown and that's nothing do brown

although I do see a

spot where I could use little red goes

like the color the inside of the

mouth I think it happened


read certain

book The it's the existence of that is

within the awareness chart but I don't

have to read about it's already there

and all

that oh yes thank you very much yall

have a happy holiday too thank you very

much for your ConEd support thank you


all right right right

there all right let's focus on his



oh and he was wearing his

shirt that's a light it's really light

brown double check that really quick oh

yeah number 80

h I'll say

this oh okay that was already there


oh yeah e marker be not that one this

one this one

oh I def see a



nope I missed the part could get to the

part that said happy birthday but I

appreciate F compy on to you or your

friend I'm sorry I didn't catch that uh

no Team Rockets Epic dumb and stupid

there's no smart within

them get the boss and I'm sick away get

your crap together and stop wasting your

time got you g Pokemon from


oh all universes and timelines well you

can say that I am the central deity and

entity of all timelines and universes as

I am the one for the one prime time

timeline and the one prime Universe

within that timeline that's this the

prime universe and when the one prime

timeline in direct connection with one

alpha Mega point of vol without us none

of the other timelines or universes or

Dimensions outside of us or even the

alternate universes with interventions

within this timeline they our self car

cards but not exactly

exist now I can remember what number was

oh yeah that was 90 90

90 all right I

got I didn't draw a neck did draw a neck

line there there's his

neck not within this timeline at

all but an epic distant alternate

timeline only one what you're thinking

about in regards to that content and I

need not say more about that because I

never did that that never happened in

this timeline I have already established



anyway all right jacket jacket

jacket ah thank you very much yes thank


anyway yeah but anyway we're Contin to

improve things more stuff will be

available on the Etsy store including

copies of my old

books and it will be funny more from

that in the future

collabs and workings but that's to be

organized and confirmed down the

road every the other beaching can other

connections and all that that'll be

established over the





this not me myself counterart did in

that alternate timeline did

that a different individual it's

like you know what I'm going to put it

on here for a moment so alate timeles in

the universe is so let's think about

this for a moment you got the shattered

glass Universe where every single

individual our silc aparts in that

Universe regardless of timeline

including this one opposite morals and

everything so what we did that was so

those of us that did good here and those

of us that did bad there it's

opposite all right so there's


ah well your individual is the best of

what they do let's just leave at that

but anyway so my self counterart my

direct self counterart in the sh GL

Universe really evil as opposed to me

being really good

here and just you know just think about

that Mone if you if you have done good

then yourself cart that's sh Universe

Bad Evil and those that did bad in this

universe you uh the minority did good

over there it's like alots were bad over

there Decepticons are good over there

supposed to alot being good here and

Decepticons being bad here so you think

about that and that is a separate

individual I mean you here would not do

anything bad that your s counterart in

the Sher Universe

did they are IND respectively individual

with their respective timelines and

universes and dimensions

period mine yours

everyone's be they presently living

presently not living so on so forth just

leave it that simple and now switch you

back to the drawing

cam all

right so we so we got that established

and wrong wrong

color oops that's

okay all right fortunately

as that is a light shade of blue

lavender being composed of red and blue

is also considered a shade of

blue okay maybe that's a darker shade

lavender but that's

okay well

look what we got here


where you consider me doing bad that's


misconceptions yeah 26 called they want

that song back tell me why I'm stuck a

tell me why so C girl my age tell me why

I never want to hear you say I have a

boyfriend there there I said it and I

will not sing it again at all I'm not

going further than that because that's

past tense and we're done with

that you are welcome for the

Medallion your wife is blessed and shall

recover financially quickly enough

anyway anyway coloring coling got do

lots of

coling oh I put this back

68 yep that goes right

there the marker



oh blue jeans yeah

there I got which one

denim your partner and

yourself are blessed I have just said

the nice I just manifested the kind

prayer for you and your

partner keep faith and follow all that

is good light powerered and righteous in

that thank

you come back to here I

about 59 Mar 59

599 gter his pants I'm gling his

pants all right then let's see we have

oh I might consider visiting London I've

always wanted to visit London but that's

to be confirmed upon the details and

possibility and

likelihood in other words at present I

can't make any promises it's a

possibility oh like gray for the wait no

like gray silver which one was silver

silver marker oh that be number 98 each

one wait I was


than7 the marker fell the number fell

off this one oh well have a day Rachel

yeah everything I'm going to

be oh thank you very much

yes I do not have any hate or disdain


anyone the only negative feelings I have

for anybody that are toxic evil with

dark is saying is simply complete

disappointment I do not hate

anyone true that was P that was past me

where I had quite the disdain but I was

still learning in the development in

this lifetime after my second


ever oh well um oh marker and and just

color the shades on that one let me get

the right shade for at least I can make

up for this one right that's number 63

63 this one this

one now keep it you obviously need the

energy for that Medallion just be

careful and aware on how well it affects

you and let and just accept it let flow

into you and all that is good and is

with that energy where you need that

that energy will connect you directly

with the AIC records the cosmos and all

that Divine guidance from within this

universe check the time okay we're

good oh oh

I am omnipotent but I am also reserved

upon the Reigns of being on being on the

earth at this

point just

because I may I may stutter or I may

have a Porky Pig moment that does not

make me any less an individual or God in


rate it's just that

y'all need to redefine yourselves to get

a better understanding because not all

gods and goddesses are your definition

of perfect nobody and nothing is perfect

not even gods or

godes you are quite welcome thank you

it's been a long misconception but even

among us even among the gods and

goddesses within the other dimensional

realm that we visit to visit from time



time within the alpha within between the

alpha Mega point of all existence a few

of us or the core iMatrix of this

universe and this

timeline and so forth within that's

within local around Earth and all that

let me see this good

I don't do shout outs but I can see by

that name that I is not a name I should

typically be saying out loud anyway oh


me all right let's see um office all

right let's move forward F chair going

have a sitp real



by your definition and

conception infallible but then there are

fallibilities and faults within gods and

godis is by your

definition that our faults are that

which is

infallible as compared to yours that are

your definition of infallible but then

again what is fallible what is perfect

what is

infallible by your definition by the

ultimate definition by that within the

Divine and godly

Realms in other

words it don't me a Thing If It Ain't

Got That Swing D D D D D D

D all right let me get to this chair

that is obviously like a greenish

Brown find that

shade yeah I think it's that one number


n because it never ever ever ever


period I never did it never happened to

me it never happened this

timeline and there should be no more

repeats of made that that sort of the

question on that topic I've already

answered it address that

personally your friend is blessed I sent

a prayer for further BL things for him


you number

89 wait is that

right is that right is that

right oh

88 I spread the number on my swatches

okay yep that's right she's right

it is what we do during those times of

which we are conscious and in mind and

active Focus

minded we

gods do much better and are more sound

in all judgment and details but outside

that we have our break times and free

moments so

yeah think about that meditate on that

uh next question

oh he shall State as he will by

his perception his

mindset and what he think or may

think as he will

the fof I

provide is shown through the Divinity

and what y'all will see in good light

power and

righteousness there yeah J Samuel will

say as he will as I mentioned just a


ago uh no okay good

like lose for

you you're

not because you're only talking and I


faith my car is

safe plus I can just replace the license

plate anyway so

me all

right let's see working on the oh I got

double check the details of the scenery


stadium uh the upper

T let's see yeah see yeah all right

background details and gives me a chance

to color in the exclamation

points all right red is the top of the

stadium leave all that because that's

the audience that's part of the Windows

window so for that of course you got the

glass in


between all right color in the

sky behind the


uh I don't really understand that I

don't consciously know what that is

so I can't really answer that question


sorry I do not deceive

anybody if you cannot see that I speak

only truth from high like power and

righteousness then you are deceived by

those demons and Devils that are within

you adventures in upcoming months I am

not Li Liberty to speak of those

Adventures that may or may not come



wait oh my bad get that back in Center

the camera slipped out

few but then again as Mary poppin also

said um okay well anything that has been

more recently said uh outside the time

when I mentioned it in that last video

or live


the blessings you need are from within

you and you are blessed I send the

prayer anyway Freedom motivation you

need do clean your room for your

partner you are speaking of that what

you are doing from misinterpretation

because you

recall Isabella had faked that video she

made editing and all that with the voice

clip she got from that one video

call and th deceived all VI she even

admits that

personally I did not say anything



a whole

lot said just

uh Mr Banks I expl everything I expain I

will I do speak my


anyway stay on there St St


i g you are really misinterpreting you

are speaking a lie that the demon and

devil is influencing you to

speak I encourage you not to speak that

which is obviously of darkest


anyway I CH from this I think

yeah actually that work very

actually use silver


conso not do anything with




everybody the pilot was acting on

neutrality without any consent or giving

of that which is light power and which



moment involve from

to the events of Ros R Prim gy battle


IND simple

enough after her injuries that's what

really res with him and and shot to

evolve which comes up he his tail

Bluetooth goes to the speakers and plays

the rap song

with David and obviously put

moreos at that time back in

2003 all

right next up for background details


here the

walls touch the black and move on to



page I am not stealing from anybody the

money that is donate to

me doing it voluntarily you are doing it

by your choice ofation of which I

grateful and your and your words

supposedly discouraged shall

Bei because their choices are their own

and they are not going to be influenced

so easily by the demon within you that

influen you say that comment to Super




is my


one I shall come on to television when

it's time and moment is

right and everything is manifested so as

it shall be and



timing shows what you

know you actually any of your wings

actually pay attention to the background

that know where I was I was right to a

to facility


into personally donated the toys that

were in those bags to toys for to and

they shall be donated over the weekend

if not soon been done so

already all right anyway

oh black because


in Coloring terms you defin want use

black as the last color because you

can't really put another color over

black CU it just won't appear so easily

so that rule does apply in the artistic

means once you go black you can't go

back said

it said



Peach def to get my phone back cuz now I

need that colors for that

Tail easy

ni oh did you not see made that tweet

that I had actually share the picture

I from voice critical the Divine Peach

actually that's a really good one it has

dragon fruit in

it and that's a 140 m one the lower G Fu

as opposed to a bunch that's like 300

mg in the in

the and also just if I'm not or if I'm

Tak a little bit easy on caffeine that

day I will have a cup of and I'm saying

this online I'm going to switch this one

time one time while I was in jail

because we able to get bags of

coffee that's to be confirmed and I'm

not making any announcements if you see

me you see you see me there you see me

there just obviously no no

pictures bring no pictures without

asking me or without my conent okay

anyway my


great oh back me a little bit

then back on

this I do the

green this



first and


to be

positive the

number and the waves are like speaker

bluetooth upgoing

audio all

right oh is ha color

so all

right shade




five yeah what he

had that Lov

coloriz purple



bra that's annoying that's just


oh eyes are

yellow are



yellow um I have not seen that movie I

heard lot of good things about I have

seen CS


other but I'm going to go with the

popular and assm that from the alterate

timeline there actually watched that

movie it wasting it it was




okay well here's little something random

INSP you can't win skit from all


that oh I like both actually and I like

all other Fant flavors but I like

blueberry Fanta or great they're both

good orange is okay but I really I like



oh yeah um I have seen Christmas really

good special I have not seen any crazy

nights and

oh I've seen uh Express one time I don't

wor I remember that I've seen in the

Santa Claus once I Haven seen that again

I see it only once

but yes but just obviously first time


that practice

and be able to


bre progressions and all that

anyway me love me love me love me love

me love


I do not do shout outs and I'm aware of

the artist Nam having left us like a

year or two ago and my is to his family

and there's no disrespect to that

because that has to do him that one bit

from all

that and


love you

dummy right so that's notely this is

just simple good reference CU it just

Falls along right

um least favorite

the more difficult question would be do

I have a favorite among those things oh

I have actually seen my friends the

first season it's actually pretty

good okay for season two don't

forget I oh did you do it I could


I do not like the term you use at the

end of that sentence there but everyone

in this chat is blessed so are

you thank you all


I don't want


doie uh I can't help it if there's an

echo four walls in this room there's a

microphone right at my mouth you see

this it's right

there that's thing so pretty much enjoy

it there is an echo in this room is four

walls echo echo

echo but we'll check with the attack

later and remedy that it is duly



thing an open sesame a sesame seed just

appeared in my

mouth open it says me I said

Sesame now that would be a good password

for that

okay so we are at the one we hit we went

beyond the 1 hour mark there just make

an observation know

that pink pink

wait um yeah that's Dusky

pink all yeah that's the at

pink the pink I ate or did you did I

nope I got

color sister three Mark sister

three maybe we have time for one more

page guess now the options there one two

hours and we have reached the 1 hour

mark which I'm am

grateful Simpson hmer Simpson he's the

greatest guy of History

from the down the Springfield he's about

to hit a chestnut

tree Simpson H Simpson he's the greatest


history from the down the Springfield

he's about to hit a chestnut

tree Simpson he's the greatest guy

hisory from the down the Springfield

he's about to hit a chest the tree

Simpson home Simpson he's the greatest


hisory from the town to Springfield for

it he's about to hit a chestnut

Simpson Simpson he's the greatest guy in

history from the down the Springfield

he's about to hit a Simpson Homer

Simpson he's the greatest guy his

story from the down Springfield he's

about to hit sub home Simpson he's a

greatest guy oops his story from the

down the Springfield he's about to

Simpson Simpson he's the greatest guy

history found the this Springfield he's

about Simpson Simpson he's the greatest


hisory found down the Springfield he's

Simpson Homer Simpson he gu his

story from the down Springfield Simpson

Homer Simpson he's the greatest guy in

history from the town of Simpson Homer

Simpson he's the greatest guy in history

from the town Simpson Homer Simpson he's

the greatest guy his story from the

Simpson hom Simpson he's the greatest


history did you know

oh thank you very much thank


from oh we keep we're working up with

the stock we're refreshing that as best


possible and every one of them is bless

oh earlier question so I do receive

money the profits from that I do get a

lot of and the

fact they're set they're set aside

they're safe so I do receive the money a

lot of M thank you

anyway all

right check the SES check the switches

is okie dokie okie dokie


oh from the Simpson Homer Simpson he's

the greatest guy in his story from

Simpson hom Simpson he's the great

history Simpson Homer Simpson he's the

greatest guy in Simpson Homer Simpson

he's the greatest

guys now

now I never listened to

that I never listened to poop a

butterfly that sounds silly though

definitely sounds random I'll give you


anyway he's the greatest guy Simpson

Homer Simpson he's the greatest Simpson

Homer Simpson he's a Simpson Homer

Simpson he's Simpson Homer Simpson

Simpson Homer





we find this that is not black I do

believe that is not black I'm checking

the swatches anyway just to make s

sweetening ah yes this

one m

oh I cannot test that cuz I don't know

what that is

so I have never seen chainsaw man I've

never read chainsaw man I heard of it I

don't care about just yada yada


least now I don't have to answer that

when it comes up on

theing just going to do this for

background and we call this bit of

background down

seeing myself sing do



day a walnut will run around and find

himself a


thing I did not like the word that came

up next following that that thought that

random thought

string was certainly it was not as bad

as good as undable reaches the bug hole

the moon so show overflow with

topoca you know watch Weir that made me

sense to me

what's that supposed to be did somebody

need to find door

open Jimmy come back have you


yep okay speaker one of the many many

speakers I mean shoot it's a stadium

there's speakers all around so how could


not it's just


many interesting

um I will consider this show of which

you have just

mentioned I believe I mentioned I seen

everything everywhere all at once just

one line that still is quite by choice

and selective tically remembered Joy why

you look so

stupid and then the rock segment that

was just really cool just they were

rocks they're talking with each other


L the only one broken here is

you the one that just made that comment

that bling just



all right let's see various skin colorss

for all the various individuals in the a

a a

a I don't know


okay anyway I let's see get this very




my excuse me seeing what time it is the

yawn wasn't was


potential son Prime is safe alive and

well is continuing onward with all

everyone else along with Superman along

with Iron

Man and he is not

dead along with the Incredible Hulk

along with Bruce

Wayne along with Bugs

Bunny Kim Possible Mickey

Mouse gumba warison cuso psyche everyone

everything and if you don't like


well you will need to be opening your

mind and be more open to that which is

light power good and righteousness and

if you are not then I'm sorry we offered

it to you you Clos yourself out from it

and therefore that is why those of you

within that Minority that are totally

closed off and refuse to really accept

and be in good Lance and good good life

power and and guidance of that as

opposed to the majority of us including

the neutrals and the neutral beds are

actually opening themselves up for that

then I'm

sorry just I'm sorry that's it anyway

skin color let's just do there he


faces yes they they're not all bald it's

just this is just in general cuz we're

talking about people in the

audience and yall see that little bit

focus camera focus focus

right yeah multiple colored individuals

in the a

a assume down so I mean would you really

be able to see those shirts from

Spice misplaced in



just sit right back and hear a t t fiful

trip I started from that Tropic part

that tiny

ship happy happy birthday happy birthday

happy birthday happy happy birthday



birthday uh


yep my brain went over


I wish you luck in regaining your

sense you have the ability to regain


sense medita on


the got it P three

yellow oh okay well right right


oh your the previous comment has been

read yeah

L and oh great I missed that last one

let me see if I can get that one on a


here miss it I'm sorry I missed that one

if I can find it again R it

oh oh okay that was that


oh oh okay so here's a good question I

am not a low cow

because I tend to be super serious I

tend to be quite truthful and honest I

try to do my best in reflecting that and

if y'all misinterpret that as being

quote comedic and meanful and low cish

then that's your

problem if there's anybody or anything

that is the local it is you all among

which but not the majority of that puts

that label upon anybody else thinking of

them including myself as quote a old

cow and the real old cow is you that

puts that label upon us and everybody

else it's actually quite ironic and

comic when you think about it all great

here we go there we

go oh now I

remember started from that that tiny

ship was man the skiper play aure my

passengers the day a 3our tour a 3our

tour hang on my brain s of fation that I

recall the mighty storm came

long took that tore the ship


and never anyway the Min would be lost

the would be lost the ship was ground

shore of that Uncharted desert look it

again the skipper to the millionaire and

his wife the movie star the professor

and Mar they on Gill

a and on the Warner Trail

the doctor scratches div ra the guard

and H on

nurse and all kinds of staff and

whatever else but without the professor


maryan oh

I hour and a half that's good all right

I just finish cing this little bit this

little bit this little bit that little

bit this little bit video put that in

bit up for now I'll get another question

or two in make sure I didn't miss

any all right all right I'm going to say

that's pretty much it for now in the uh

coloring stream but I'm gonna make sure

I did not miss any comments or questions

are okay so I'm GNA just check the

recent long recent comments really quick

for the stream for super chart

super my St working no Super


Chat no I never read that and my I just

my intuition tells me that that would

not be

cool anyway let's see what else we got


oh okay and then oh heard you like UK



me well it depends on who has it right

now if it's out of your reach then I'm

sorry but anyway so yes I like British

comedy I have not seen young ones or

bottom I might consider that's a

possibility but my favorite British

comedies have to be between uh are you


served Keeping Up

Appearances last the Su

wine and also like Doctor

Who anyway let me see if I can get this

going oh okay we got another one ready

the oh I have not read The Dark Tower

series that that was


oh well that

depends for the most part no because

they didn't fall light power and

guidance and obviously just murderer is

one of the sins so take I want you want

meditate on it all right anyway I going

say that's it for now I don't I do

believe we are caught up I do thank

youall for your continued support and

patronage we see you next live stream

and happy holidays Merry

Christmas make blessings for all you oh

we got a fresh one we not going to let

this one sit by

oh thank you very

much thank you me thank you very much

I'm going to give this one a shout out

just because I want make sure to me

anyway all yall take care and have a

good safe blessed night and H day and


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