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Sonichu - Issue 6, Cover.jpg

Sonichu #6 is the seventh issue of the Sonichu comic book series. By this point, Chris seems to have realized that dividing his comics into episodes is pointless if the episodes all run seamlessly together, so the storyline of CWCville's battle with PVCC is confined to a single, lengthy, Episode 14.

However, shortly before beginning work on this issue, Chris's beloved dog Patti was euthanized on 27 June 2006. Distraught by these events, Chris sought to make the lead story in this issue a tribute to Patti that would create a new life for her as a regular character in CWCville. Since Sonichu #5 ended on a cliffhanger with Episode 13, "One Lucky Dog" is set before that story, and labeled as Episode 12.5. The blend between cartoon and real-life is perhaps one of the most interesting and experimental things that Chris has done with the comic (and, in the case of the "experimental" tag, in general), and Chris would later incorporate this concept in Sonichu #10 and #11.

Chris again let this issue languish for months before finally completing it several days before his twenty-fifth birthday. He was apparently motivated to finish so that he could include the gratuitous shill for his impending DVD.