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As Chris's presence periodically rises and diminishes in the public eye, it's time for a refresher course on our NOTAFORUM policy for article talk pages.

It is highly recommended you read this before creating an account.

The NOT A FORUM policy for dummies

  • Talk pages are solely for discussing article structure, content layout, disputes in sources, quality of the content etc.
  • Talk pages should avoid discussing the subject of the article, which includes any analysis of the article's subject and information contained within it.
  • Talk pages should never be used to comment about Chris, his behaviors, predictions, theory, general sperging.
  • Talk pages should never be used as a platform for you to showcase your attempts to make contact with Chris.

Any direct violations of the above will almost always result in a ban of some sort, depending on how irrelevant your talk page contribution was, in order to get across how little your talk page anecdote was appreciated. Honestly, if it's not about article improvements, don't write about it on the talk page.

Places suitable for Chris-related forum talk

Kiwi Farms before the name change.
  • Kiwi Farms, a highly recommended place to discuss anything about Chris and other lolcows to your heart's content.
  • CWCki Club, a newer forum that is more dedicated towards Chris.
  • #sonichu, a chat space where you can meet some of the most clued-up people about Chris and put forward any questions you may have.
  • /cow/ may be a general lolcow board, but some half-decent speculation and discussion threads do appear.

Current insta-ban criteria

  • You posted about how you contacted Chris in some form and are basically using the talk page as a place to brag about it.
  • You continuously spur on a completely irrelevant line of conversation on a talk page, with complete disregard for the NOTAFORUM banner at the top of the talk page, and in turn - this policy.

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