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Sperging is a slang term which describes certain behavior online which is stereotypically associated with people who have Asperger's syndrome. The most common meaning refers to excessive discussion or analysis of what would normally be regarded as a very specific, irrelevant or pointless topic. Sperging is often used as a negative description of these discussions, as well as the actions of the users who contribute to them.

Examples of sperging

Scenario 1

  • A leaked video of and/or from Chris has surfaced and a new article for the video is created.
  • A user starts a discussion or makes a remark on the video article's talk page which is almost pure speculation.
  • e.g. "So I have a theory about why Chris made this video. It's the summer and it's too hot in Chris's house for him to play his PS3, so he decided to..."
  • e.g. "I noticed that Chris has a grease stain on his shirt. I think this is because his mother stopped washing his clothes to show her disapproval of Chris's new Tomgirl look."

Scenario 2

  • New photos of Chris are uploaded, showing him posing with someone at a restaurant or bar.
  • A user starts a discussion or makes a remark about minor, irrelevant, and possibly trivial details.
  • e.g. "So who do we think took the photos?"

Scenario 3

  • A user starts a discussion on an article talk page about new plans or ideas they have about ways to troll Chris.
  • e.g. "I was thinking that maybe someone should try to call Chris purporting to be a private investigator, and they try to get Chris to..."

Why is this a problem?

While there is really nothing wrong with wanting to discuss something online, it's important that such discussions are held in the most relevant and appropriate places. This allows regular discussion of other things to take place without large amounts of seemingly less productive or relevant messages, while also allowing like-minded people to discuss topics relevant to their interests, no matter how specific or seemingly unnecessary to others.

On the CWCki, we have witnessed countless incidents of sperging. This usually takes place in the form of lengthy and/or irrelevant talk page messages. New users are more likely to start up or contribute to discussions which are classed as sperging. Here are some of the problems this causes:

  • It makes article talk pages become cluttered with discussion that is not directly related to helping improve the article.
  • It makes words, sentences, and paragraphs difficult to read and they don't roll off like they should.
  • It makes certain users stand out as perhaps having Asperger's, autism or other disabilities.
  • It makes said users pretty much asking trolls to fuck with them.
  • It detracts away from the purpose and goal of the CWCki, to document all things about Chris.

As a result, we strongly encourage users to read our guidelines for talk page discussions - such as the Not A Forum policy, before they make additions to talk pages on the CWCki. You have been warned!

Places where sperging is less of an issue

While we have a very low tolerance for "sperging" here on the CWCki, there are other places related to Chris where such discussions are either tolerated, permitted or even encouraged. The locations listed below are for guidance only.

  • Kiwi Farms - Highly recommended place to discuss anything about Chris to your heart's content. This board was created in response to the growing demand for a place where people could discuss anything without fear of violating CWCki's strict talk page policies.
  • #sonichu - Meet some of the most clued-up people about Chris and put forward any questions you may have. As long as you don't start writing huge essays, you should receive a generally positive response here.
  • /cow/ - An image board where some Chris followers can be found. The board can be a little daunting if you are unfamiliar with image boards. Sperging is still discouraged there, but is not explicitly against the rules.

The rules regarding what can and cannot be discussed may change since this article was last updated, so we advise you check the rules for each location first before you go ahead and post whatever is on your mind.

Places where sperging is an issue

  • The CWCki - for reasons already explained above.
  • PVCC - This is a forum with restricted access. One of the main reasons for this is to help reduce "sperg" posts as much as possible.