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#MLPG5 is literally Russian Propaganda, Demons included, in disguise as a non Timeline canon series. In other words, if you do any art, acknowledge or even Love MLPG5, you are supporting not only a further dysfunction of this very timeline, but you're supporting Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin.

We Know, @Hasbro. You can end this right now by completely shelving MLPG5 and even Pony Life like Coyote Vs Acme, and Redeem Yourselves by reinstating the original cast, staff and #AdobeFlash animation art of #FriendshipIsMagic and #EquestriaGirls, along with my help, personally, as I have stated before. Divine Timing is ticking away, and you can clearly see it happening in front of you that G5 is going down with Modern Day Babylon (Russia). ⚡️💙⚡️

Chris, trying to convince his followers to stay away from G5 My Little Pony, convinced it’s Russian propaganda.


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