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Why eating apples is a taboo for me

Some of you might have found out that I think apples are for girls. This is the core of my hatred for apples. My fear is not the apple itself, but of the ugly woman inside that it would trigger. Unlike Chris's "Crystal", who he and the trolls depict as an attractive woman, my female counterpart would be Asian, and because of that repulsive to me as a romantic partner. I will not say I only prefer white women, but I prefer the features that only they naturally possess: lighter eyes and hair. If I find my female counterpart ugly, why would I want to become her?

The Chris/Crystal is incest anyway, so even if I was white (and so would my theoretical twin sister), I wouldn't be attracted to her.

Apple pie and apple flavored products are special cases, and therefore are mostly OK.

But, since my beliefs are not recognized, they are fair game. As such, I do not expect anyone to accommodate them.

Had a change of heart

Parents intercepted me. Can't join for now. I gotta move out, but that's impossible until I get my license and graduate, not for another two or three years. Won't elaborate further lest this dissolve into another emo rant.

I realize this is only hurting my reputation more and making me look like a two-faced bullshitter.

Why being insulted by you really gets to me

In short, Chris is like my favorite TV show, and you guys are the writers. So maybe I wouldn't be a good writer. Your attacks are basically like saying I'm unworthy of being a fan or even watching this show, and a life unworthy of life by extension.