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The CWCki Gallery of Fan Art


Original art and photoshops created by the loyal Sonichu fan base
as an homage to the greatest geinus of our time, Christian Weston Chandler,
and his Grand Oeuvre de Fail.


1. If you upload a fanart, add categories to it, for each pictured character (e.g., "[[Category:Rosechu]]", etc).

2. If you don't feel like adding all those categories, just add "[[Category:Tagme]]".

3. If you feel like adding these categories, please add categories for all pictured characters, not missing anyone.

4. If a category for some character doesn't exist (shows up as red), create it. Otherwise, just add "[[Category:Tagme]]", and don't bother. I'll categorize them myself, later.

5. Please, don't just, e.g., add a category for one of several pictured characters, and leave it at that. It's a royal pain in the ass to find such partially categorized pics later, lost in some characters' categories, among 95% properly categorized pics.

Thanks :)


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