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Chris's homes

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14 Branchland Court

Chris has lived all his life in the Commonwealth of Virginia, leaving only to visit other parts of the United States on a few brief occasions. However, for a number of reasons, he's lived in different homes at different times in different areas of the state.

Chris was born and currently lives in Ruckersville, a bumfuck town in the middle of nowhere on the outskirts of Charlottesville, inhabited by people similar to the late Bob Chandler. During most of his teenage years, he lived in a nearly identical suburb outside the city of Richmond, 77 miles (125 km) away, although his family later decided to return to Ruckersville after Chris finished high school.


Richmond is the capital city of Virginia, and former capital of the Confederate States of America. Chesterfield County is just southwest of Richmond. Chris and his parents lived in this area from 1992 to 2000.

Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments

The Cloverleaf Lakes Apartments are a set of apartments in Richmond where the Chandler family lived from 1992 to 1995.

Chris claims to have "often" seen whooping cranes in the duck pond behind their domicile[1]. Since Chesterfield County is somewhat far from Gray's Lake, Idaho, where the last whooping cranes exist, this is unlikely.

Surrywood Subdivision

The Surrywood Subdivision is an area of Richmond where the Chandlers lived from 1995 to 1996.

Newberry Towne Subdivision

The Newberry Towne Subdivision is an area in Chesterfield County[2] where the Chandlers lived at 6008 Partingdale Circle[3] from 1996 to 2000, Chris's high school years.

According to Chris, the neighbors spread rumors about his family.[4] Chris has never discussed these rumors in any great detail, or mentioned whether they were a factor in the family's decision to move away from the Richmond area.

The Chandler family moved back to Ruckersville at the end of Chris's senior year.


Chris spent his early years in Ruckersville, VA, where the Chandlers resided at 14 Branchland Court. He and his father moved to the Richmond area after Chris left the fourth grade due to a dispute with the local school system. According to a video address Chris released on 8 May 2010, the Chandlers tried to sell 14 Branchland Court at some point during their time living outside Richmond, but were unable to do so. As a consequence, Chris says, they were forced to move back to Ruckersville after he graduated high school.


After the January 2014 fire at 14 Branchland Court, the Chandlers moved to a temporary rental house in the nearby unincorporated community of Barboursville, VA.

Chris and other states

Chris has rarely left Virginia, save for a trip to California for his half-brother's birthday,[5], his ill-fated road trip to Ohio to visit Julie, and a 2012 journey to D.C. to see a MythBusters show.



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