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Quote of the Now

Officially from the SEGA Office; Our Boycott found results, but THEY Misinterpreted and are doing the very OPPOSITE of What we wanted! Changing the PAST stuff of Sonic to have Blue Arms! WHAT THE F***ING HELL?!!! This is NOT GOOD!


Chris falling for a troll claiming to be from Sega, and being more concerned about Sonic's arm color than the fact that he could be going to jail soon.

Article of the Now

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26 December 2014 -a date which will live in infamy- was probably the busiest day in Chris's life since he graduated, and is essentially 28 October 2011 all over again. Once again, Chris is in trouble with the law, and once again, it involves assaulting staff at a store. This time, though, it doesn't look like he'll get off the hook so easily.

After spending three days in Albemarle Regional Jail, Chris was released on bail, to await his hearing on 5 February 2015.

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This Day in Christory

i dong bring up

Today in Christory;

In 2009, Chris demands the removal of his ED article. He later reuploads the an extended version of the video.


In 2009, Chris claims to have obtained the mugshot of Clyde Cash. Holding up the picture of a Guido, Chris makes fun of the poverty and appearance of this troll.


In 2009, Chris announces he is leaving YouTube forever. Or maybe just until 9 April.


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 9 March 2015 - Chris posts a letter online, purportedly from SEGA, which promises him that his protests have been successful and that all tan-arm Sonic merchandise will be removed from sale.
  • 7 March - Chris releases a list of celebrities that he'd like to have a party with. Britney Spears, Seth McFarlane [sic], Tara Strong and Peter Cullen made the list, among others.
  • 1 March - Chris lists 23 more medals for sale on eBay, complains about getting poor feedback for his lackluster production quality on Facebook, and celebrates "Derpy Ditzy Bubbly Mare Doo Day".
  • 24 February - Chris turns 33. Happy Christian Love Day! Audio of his date with Catherine is also leaked today.

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Chris was last spotted playing LittleBigPlanet 3 for the PS3.
Chris has spent over $8581.62 of YOUR money!

Chris's PSN is Sonichu. You can see his profile here.

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