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Here's the deal - Clyde thinks the Operation Mailbag questions are shit (I argued with him over this but to no avail). Furthermore, he's starting to dislike the whole idea of the Mailbag. Clyde reasons that since people just ask questions (and that's the most popular usage of it), so why not just skip the BS and have Chris answer questions without the fluff?

So this is going to be like, a version of Questions for Chris suitable for the format of CWCipedia. Same deal with Operation Mailbag - the purpose of this is to better improve the quality of the CWCki by getting public sources for previously alleged information and to clarify current conceptions of Chris. I'll see what I can do about awards and such. --Champthom 02:42, 29 December 2009 (CET)

Hey question about getting on the mailbag page- I sent Chris' mailbag address ( an email a few weeks back but the mail never appeared (it was about why he was fired from Wendy's). There have been others like it however so I assumed it got deleted. Recently I sent him one saying how happy 'I' was that there was a movie about him and his life which had just came out- The Lovely Bones (named after his 'Lovely wife', of course... But really about a middleaged serial killer who rapes and murders young girls and looks very similar to Chris, including pedoglasses). I even sent a picture of the killer, I mentioned I was a huge Sonichu fan, signed it Jenny, etc. Am I doin' it wrong or are they getting deleted for being too shit? ---- Ronichu (who can't sign properly due to iPhone)

He's even being lazy in his answers to these questions. The problem with getting any information about Chris is: Chris is not a reliable source.--Megaman 01:31, 12 January 2010 (UTC)

Granted, but the letters are not even appearing in the mailbag at all (or the sysop is ignoring them). Is there anything I can do about that, or should I keep registering new gmail addresses and keep trying? --Ronichu