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To do

  • Add pictures
  • Add references from comic
  • Add Chris's accounts of his exploits

Added a partial list of references from his comic --User:AwesomeTrex

Could people possibly stop the "Chris calls the mall the wrong name" edits?

Really, after about two decades living in the Charlottesville area, I've heard the mall called by it's real name few enough times to count on one hand. Many, many people call it the Fashion Square Mall (more people use this name than do the official name), so it's not something that really needs to be on the page. I edited that part out a while ago, but I noticed it was back. It's gone again, but someone else is probably going to add it back in eventually. It's quite unnecesary. Just putting this out for posterity. --User:NoVu

Tomgirl photos/visits at mall as a Tomgirl

Should Chris' Tomgirl makeup consultation at the Sephora inside this mall be mentioned on the page? Also, one of the pics of him in front of the Journeys shoe store in full Tomgirl?Sparklemilhouse 11:11, 13 December 2011 (PST)