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To do

  • Point out how if CWCville is in Virginia, it could not have a call sign that starts with K (that is reserved for stations west of the Mississippi)
  • get references to it in the comic
  • photo of the station sign from that one comic

Real life KCWC

I removed it because really, we need to start from scratch. The entire section was far too personal in tone, not very encyclopedic. It was all like "KCWC would like a word with Chris, otherwise they might hunt him down since people in Wyoming own a lot of guns." Given the fact that people had a fuss over "Ride the racist rollercoaster" remark in the Charlottesville, VA article, is it really good style to assume that people in Wyoming are all gun toting? Fuck, they're not really hicks, Wyoming is one of those states that people are like "Oh yeah, that's a state."

Really, there's nothing about copyrights with KCWC. IRL, there'd be a complaint from the FCC about this and whatnot, not like a copyright dispute. Yes, I'm being a buzzkill here but seriously, CWCki is not ED. Some humor is perfectly fine but it sounds like this section was written just to be funny instead of being informative and connecting Chris's fantasy world with reality. --Champthom 20:24, 10 February 2010 (UTC)