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⇐ {{{prevlink}}} {{{label}}} {{{nextlink}}}


These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This is a template for assisting creating succession templates.


  1. label - Category label, usually a link to main page.
  2. prevlink - Link to previous.
  3. nextlink - Link to next.
  4. bgcolor - Background color code. Default #eee.
  5. bordercolor - Border color code. Default #000.
  6. textcolor - Text color code. Default #000.

You can easily create topic-specific succession box templates by copypasting this into a new template, and tweaking as necessary:

|label = Mayors of Cwcville
|prevlink = [[BILLY MAYS]]
|nextlink = Richard Karn
|bgcolor = #ffff88
|bordercolor = #0000ff
|textcolor = #000000
BILLY MAYS Mayors of Cwcville Richard Karn

Remember to use the template {{!}} instead of | when piping links in a template!
Also remember that the link colors will remain the same no matter what the text color is set to, so keep that in mind when choosing a background color; it'll have to look good with blue text. }}