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Some thoughts

Chris has not worked nor done anything since finishing college, he's been living a non interrupted "break" from everything, he gets up late, he goes to bed late and does nothing at all, that is another reason Trolls can hate Chris for, even if he is The Stupidest manchild ever, he skipped adulthood, he doesn't has any responsibility in his mind.

            childhood-> school-> middle school-> High school-> College->Retirement 

Double blade Sure, he gets trolled in every single imaginable way, but, he has what he likes. Videogames, drawing, etc. The only reason he is trying to fight the trolls is to get what he wants, but can't get, which is China. If he weren't so stupid to gain e-fame, he would be living pretty much liek a kid in vacations until his parents die.

About Sonichu(franchise) Chris wants sonichu to be made into videogames, tv series, comics, etc. The thing is, Chris doesn't want to "work" sonichu. He wants someone else to give him what he wants, his life would be much better, if his parents told him " to get something, you have to put effort into it, and work to obtain it" or something like that, when he was a child. Crhis doesn't puts any effort into anything, because he doesn't know what is effort, or what is to "care".

About Sarcasm People often try sarcasm or try to be "subtle" with Chris, and he simply doesn't get any hint. Even the most obvious of insults and references to him, just fly over his head and he keeps quiet. Some examples are when Kacey's dad said " i bet many things are faster than your brain" and When Alec said "would you like to be called homo sapiens" seriously, stop using sarcasm and subtlety with Chris, to deal with Chris, you have to be 100% blunt and say the things right the way they are.

But even when people get blunt with chris, when he can't answer a question without making him look bad, like admitting when he is in an error or doing something bad, He'll just go into tard rage.

Chris and himself Chris's ego is no mystery, but whenever he talks to other people, Chris thinks he is always right and that the person he is talking with is dumber than he is, and when it's about his e-fame, he thinks everyone knows him, and that everyone knows what pokemon and sonic is.

Bob and Sonichu He probably knows about copyright, probably. But when Chris defends sonichu, he says his father told him " I've been in the right all this time", The most probable case is, that Bob knows nothing about sonic, nor he has seen it, and if he ever saw sonic, he would think Chris make it, that's why he told him it was ok.

Sonichu the pokemon game Notice how Pokemon lighting version chris wants, it's all about sonichu.Pokemon yellow was all about pikachu, yes, but that's because it's the game's official mascot. Chris's game would focus 100% about sonichu, with special pokeballs to catch sonichu (which makes no sense considering its a starter and simply getting a ditto would be enough to have all the evolutions. Also, sonichu is a rip off from eevee.

Mind and body Chris has the mind of a 9 year old boy, in the body of a grown man that is going trough puberty, with the libido of an 20 year old guy, that's how the things are, but Chris is a horrible person because bad parenting.

What way should the trolls take In my humble opinion, There are many kinds of trolls for chris. Those who want to piss him off for the lulz, those who want to make him realize he's wasting his life, those who are just amused, on how lower will chris's actions go. But I think, the trolls should just attack Chris when he does something stupid. That's probably the only way he can improve, IF he can improve that is.


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