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This is the #sonichu IRC chat that took place on May 11, 2009 when every changed their nicks to become some kinda pokemon.

The chat
	<TerryOsaka>	yeah I'm so funny people lol when I join
	<Stiny>	I think someone should send Chrissy the "Natural Harvest" cooking book.
	<Stiny>	He will love it.
	<TerryOsaka>	TorD, long time no see
	<PodMonkey>	Yeah, Terry. And we "woot" when you leave. ^.^
	<TorD>	Hi TerryOsaka
	<Polly-tan>	I spy a TerryOsaka.
	<PodMonkey>	"HeartGold" and "SoulSilver"?
	<TerryOsaka>	:D
	<TorD>	I've been beyond the wall for a while
	<TerryOsaka>	yes, Pod
	<TerryOsaka>	Polly ♥
	<TerryOsaka>	so
	<Polly-tan>	Hi Terry. :D
	<TerryOsaka>	how's it going, TorD, Polly?
	<Polly-tan>	Just showered and shaved.
	<PodMonkey>	shaved what?
	<Polly-tan>	Bored, now.
	<Polly-tan>	My goatee.
	<Polly-tan>	It's now a trim mustache now.
	<PodMonkey>	"My goatse" fix't
	<TerryOsaka>	double now
	<Polly-tan>	Yea.
	<Polly-tan>	I fucked up.
	<Polly-tan>	:P
	<Polly-tan>	And you, Terry?
	<TerryOsaka>	I'm pretty good
	<TerryOsaka>	I fail at call of duty
	<PodMonkey>	Terry, I found that playing while drunk is infinitely better.
	<TerryOsaka>	well
	<TerryOsaka>	that's because being drunk is fun
	<TerryOsaka>	and gaming is fun
	<TerryOsaka>	and gaming x being drunk =fun²
	<Polly-tan>	haha
	<DeBauchery>	Swimming is fun, and playing games is fun.
	<PodMonkey>	I was at a friend's house, and we were playing CoD4 and Forza on-line, and 

we were trading off. One would have the mic, the other would have the controller.
	<TerryOsaka>	DeBauchery don't fuck up my theories
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	-->|	Rebdoomer ( has joined #sonichu
	<Rebdoomer>	Hey guys what's da update?
	<DeBauchery>	The update on what?
	<TorD>	Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver confirmed!
	-->|	ComraCrab ( has joined 

	<Polly-tan>	I want SoulSilver
	<DeBauchery>	Apple/Pear confirmed for fifth gen.
	<Polly-tan>	wut
	<Polly-tan>	Apple and Pear?
	<Polly-tan>	Why not Orange?
	<Polly-tan>	And why revert to fruit?
	<Polly-tan>	Best be trollin.
	<Rebdoomer>	Mmm fruit.
	<Stiny>	Because Orange Box is already in use. tee hee
	<DeBauchery>	You want to group a citrus fruit with apples or pears?
	<Rebdoomer>	I'm holding out for the Pokemon first person shooter.
	<Polly-tan>	Pokemon Hunter
	<Polly-tan>	:P
	<Stiny>	There is a pokemon fps you silly person.
	<Polly-tan>	If they did do one, you can;'t use guns in teh Safari Zone; you use Rocks 

and Bait.
	<Stiny>	Pokemon Snap.
	<Polly-tan>	And Pokemon Snap don't count
	<Rebdoomer>	No, I mean one with guns and rocket launchers and shit
	<Polly-tan>	You shoot photos, not Pokemon.
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	<DeBauchery>	It will fuck you up.
	<Stiny>	I know when i played UT2004 we played an invasion mod with every monster replaced 

as pokemon.
	<Stiny>	That was fun.
	<PodMonkey>	lol, nice
	<Polly-tan>	haha Poliwrath
	<Polly-tan>	hmm...
	=-=	Polly-tan is now known as Pollywrath
	<PodMonkey>	I'd settle for a Pokemon RPG, like Final Fantasy or Legend of Zelda
	<TerryOsaka>	hehh
	<Pollywrath>	:P
	<TerryOsaka>	HEHH
	<PodMonkey>	Or even an MMO would be kinda hot
	<Pollywrath>	I want an MMO since I was 12.
	<Stiny>	I think there is an MMO or something like that.
	<Pollywrath>	There is.
	<Pollywrath>	But I want an OFFICIAL one.
	<PodMonkey>	I'd totally rock a Pokemon MMO
	<Pollywrath>	In 3D.
	<Stiny>	Oh.
	<DeBauchery>	Chris would never sign out.
	<Stiny>	Good luck. Try convincing Nintendo to release something for PC.
	<DeBauchery>	DS MMO.
	<cogsdev>	well that phantasy star online game is coming out on ds
	<capnFugie>	guh.... too many beers before bed...
	<cogsdev>	pokemon MMO on DS would probably work quite well
	<Pollywrath>	I'd buy that.
	<Stiny>	Well I don't know how complex can games be on the DS.
	<capnFugie>	me too
	<DeBauchery>	I'd "buy" it.
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	<capnFugie>	oh, what DeBauchery said
	<DeBauchery>	How complicated does a pokemon game need to be?
	<capnFugie>	not any more than it is now
	<capnFugie>	I know what my trainer is going to look like too
	<Pollywrath>	Some faggot in a cap, like always?
	<capnFugie>	they had better have striped shirts and pika-medals
	<Pollywrath>	hahahha
	<PodMonkey>	Well, most of the complication would be in the graphics, animations, team

-building and balancing.
	<Pollywrath>	We can battle CWC all the time.
	<PodMonkey>	Fuck that, I wanna make my own Pokemon!!! Sonichu FTW
	<Pollywrath>	Just Action Replay our Pokeomon to level 100.
	<Pollywrath>	Have a team of 6 Arceuses.
	<capnFugie>	I'd make a rule where you couldn't have more than one of the same type... 

or more than one awesome pokemon
	<capnFugie>	cause... theres ones that suck, and ones that are awesome
	<PodMonkey>	"Unique" pokemon
	<PodMonkey>	Only one Articuno, Mewtwo, Dialga, shit like that
	<TerryOsaka>	I can make a pokemon name too
	=-=	User mode for TerryOsaka is now -r
	=-=	YOU are now known as Torterry
	<Pollywrath>	hahah
	=-=	PodMonkey is now known as PodMankey
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	<Torterry>	heh
	<PodMankey>	I win
	<Torterry>	fuck
	<Torterry>	CRASS
	<DeBauchery>	I don't think there's anything matching my name ;(
	<Pollywrath>	Hahah
	<Torterry>	DeBurmy?
	<DeBauchery>	Hmm, possibly.
	<Torterry>	DeSkunky?
	<Torterry>	DeBonsly?
	<DeBauchery>	Hey, now.
	<PodMankey>	DrifBauchery
	<DeBauchery>	Canine can be Jewgong.
	<PodMankey>	LOL
	<Pollywrath>	hahahaha
	<Torterry>	Indeed
	<PodMankey>	Yeah, MUCH better than Arcanine
	<Torterry>	DeFlaaffy
	<Torterry>	DeSkarmory
	<Torterry>	DeChansey
	<Pollywrath>	DeOxys
	<Torterry>	heh
	<DeBauchery>	You're all such pokedorks.
	<ComraCrab>	Polly is a dirty mexican nigger
	<Stiny>	I just want to know why is Pokemon so great.
	<ComraCrab>	That means not only does he have to sit at the back of the bus, he also 

has to push it.
	<ComraCrab>	lololol
	<Torterry>	at the same time?
	<ComraCrab>	Yes.
	<Torterry>	oh
	<ComraCrab>	Shut up
	<Stiny>	That's an achievment.
	<Stiny>	5 kids for 20$? Deal of the century.
	-->|	Rebdoomer|AFK ( has joined #sonichu
	<Pollywrath>	4 dollars a child, yes, but think of the upkeep.
	<Pollywrath>	Feeding, clothing, schooling, etc.
	<Stiny>	Oh come on.
	<Stiny>	Think ""
	<DeBauchery>	For 4 dollars, you can afford to buy new ones as they break.
	<Torterry>	break
	<Stiny>	If you don't like it, just put it in the plastic bag provided and throw it in the 

closest river.
	<Stiny>	And if you need a new one, just order online.
	<Pollywrath>	Hmm. I could use cheap child labor.
	<Stiny> Small bundles of joy, in a box.
	<Pollywrath>	I don't have to do yardwork anymore.
	<DeBauchery>	Must... resist... pedo... joke.
	<Stiny>	Just do it man.
	<DeBauchery>	No, the moment is gone.
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	<Stiny>	Give me a reason to assemble my xbox 360 and use it. I put it away yesterday for 

	<Pollywrath>	Do you have a standard DVD palyer out at the moment?
	<Stiny>	Nope.
	<Stiny>	I don't watch movies.
	<Stiny>	It's a shame really.
	-->|	lolerskater745 ( has joined #sonichu
	<Pollywrath>	Well, you can use the 360 for that.
	<Pollywrath>	Rent a few flicks and enjoy an afternoon.
	<Pollywrath>	It'd be even sweeter if you had a girl over to watch tem with you.
	-->|	MrGrumpyPants ( has joined #sonichu
	-->|	Herr_Perfekt ( has joined #sonichu
	<Stiny>	It would be if I had any.
	<PodMankey>	I could use cheap child labor, I wouldn't have to jerk myself off anymore, 

	=-=	DeBauchery is now known as DeBuneary
	<PodMankey>	lol, buy child labor and then order a russian bride to take care of them.
	<PodMankey>	Money can't buy love, but it CAN buy a close likeness
	<Stiny>	Or build a basement.
	<PodMankey>	russian brides are cheaper than building a basement... unless the kids 

build it.
	<Stiny>	Oshi- I just found my only movie...
	<Stiny>	Renart the Fox...ugh...
	<PodMankey>	sounds like a porn about a french burglar
	-->|	EternityofNothing ( has joined #sonichu
	<Stiny>	PodMankey, yeah build it with kids and live like Joseph Fritzl.
	<Stiny>	And no, it's worse.
	<EternityofNothing>	Herro
	<Stiny>	I'm ashamed to have it.
	-->|	Megaman ( has joined #sonichu
	<PodMankey>	Dude, I had Tromeo and Juliette, can't be worse than that.
	<Stiny>	Hmm, I don't know.
	<Stiny>	It's only bad if you think about it bad.
	<Stiny>	I mean the movie I have.
	<Stiny>	I don't know Tromeo and Juliette.
	<Stiny>	Shit, I just have the urge to watch Hard Day's Night.
	<PodMankey>	Imagine Romeo and Juliette from the makers of "The Toxic Avenger"
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	<Stiny>	Hmm...can't be too good.
	<PodMankey>	actually, it's not that horrid, you just have to be able to handle an 

Aliens cock that snarls
	<Pollywrath>	hahahaha
	<Stiny>	Gaylien?
	<Stiny>	Yay! Kis Vuk is STILL in the top 50 WORST movies ever.
	<PodMankey>	Oh, and Tromeo eats popcorn out of juliette's preggo belly, and then rats 

crawl out of it.
	<Stiny>	Just like everyday life, no?
	<Stiny>	That can happen.
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	-->|	Puck ( has joined #sonichu
	<Puck>	hello
	<Krapple_Guy>	hey Puck
	<Puck>	what up?
	<Krapple_Guy>	nothin much. at school :P
	<Krapple_Guy>	you?
	<Stiny>	Hello Puck.
	<Torterry>	ohio puck
	<Puck>	dr appointment from hell, fight with parents, general restlessness
	<Pollywrath>	Hello Puck.
	<PodMankey>	hey, Puck
	<PodMankey>	We're all Pokemon. You can be Psypuck
	<Pollywrath>	YES
	<Torterry>	heh
	<Puck>	friends were over and one of them got uspet at me because I wouldnt let her have a 

milkshakes that has almonds in it that she's allergic to
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	<Puck>	ok
	<Torterry>	or Puckle
	=-=	Puck is now known as Psypuck
	<Pollywrath>	Yay!
	<Psypuck>	I have a migraine now
	<PodMankey>	Now remember, if our balls touch, we're gay.
	<Krapple_Guy>	hmm which pokaymans should I be...
	-->|	EternityofNothing ( has joined #sonichu
	<Stiny>	Everyone can be pokemon but me. ;_;
	<EternityofNothing>	I´m not a Pokemon
	<Torterry>	just you wait
	<Torterry>	I'll find you a pokemon name stiny
	<Krapple_Guy>	me to? lol
	<Pollywrath> Anyone else but 

me ever play this game???
	<EternityofNothing>	also, Clyde would not be a Pokemon, he would be Clyde Ash
	<Krapple_Guy>	heh
	<EternityofNothing>	Clyde Ash would improve the Pokemon anime
	<Stiny>	It's so easy to find a name on a mogulus stream when the guy streams Space Channel 

5. Just add "Space" in front of name and you're done.
	<Stiny>	Becasue if Space Michael.
	<Torterry>	canine = jewgong is still the best
	<PodMankey>	lol, this is true
	<EternityofNothing>	lol, Jewgong
	<Krapple_Guy>	haha
	=-=	Krapple_Guy is now known as Krapplup
	<Pollywrath>	Nice
	-->|	Megaman_ ( has joined #sonichu
	<Krapplup>	thanks.
	<Krapplup>	lol
	<PodMankey>	Stiny, you can be "Stinlix"
	<DeBuneary>	Meganiuman?
	<PodMankey>	Megamew
	<Stiny>	Not bad PodMankey.
	<EternityofNothing>	Krabby Guy is also a good match for your name, Krapple
	<Krapplup>	Thanks Eternity
	<Krapplup>	lol
	=-=	Stiny is now known as Stinlix
	<Pollywrath>	yay
	<PodMankey>	EternityofNothing can evolve into ExeggutorofNothing
	<Torterry>	haha
	=-=	Krapplup is now known as Krabby_Guy
	<EternityofNothing>	haha
	<Pollywrath>	ExeggutorofNothing
	<DeBuneary>	Chris would have a pokégasm if he came in now.
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	=-=	EternityofNothing is now known as ExeggutorofNothing
	<Pollywrath>	yay
	<Psypuck>	indeed
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	and would call himself, originally, CWCkachu
	<Stinlix>	I also have the idea of Stiryu, Stintler, Stiravia, etc...
	<Torterry>	Sentinial could be Shayminial
	<PodMankey>	Gotta have PicabluSpike
	<DeBuneary>	I like that.
	<Krabby_Guy>	ComraKrabby?
	<Stinlix>	But your idea is unique PodMankey. :3
	<Pollywrath> Anyone other than me play this 

odd game??
	<ComraCrab>	No, polly
	<PodMankey>	Nope, never heard of it.
	<ComraCrab>	Because we're not faggots
	<PodMankey>	...
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	crass, you´re the biggest faggot
	<ComraCrab>	No u
	<PodMankey>	No, but we ARE changing our names those of Pokemon. What does THAT say?
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	That we like Pokemon?
	<Pollywrath>	KomraKrabby. Do it faggot.
	<PodMankey>	Ok, maybe that.
	<PodMankey>	can you imagine Canine's reaction if he woke up and saw this shit? He'd 

probably kick-ban us all.
	<Krabby_Guy>	I got one for Gecko
	<Krabby_Guy>	TreeckoMantis
	<Torterry>	indeed
	<Psypuck>	my paaaalms hurt, I have stigmatis, poor me boo boo ;__;
	<Torterry>	Herr_Porygon
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Let me guess, psypuck, also a headache
	<Psypuck>	yup
	<Psypuck>	:('
	<Psypuck>	:'(
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Poor thing
	<Krabby_Guy>	sum full restore might help
	<Psypuck>	sniff sniff, my life is terrible and I have stress and might crash into 

slumber anytime
	<PodMankey>	Ivy could become Ivysaur... notmuch work there, actually.
	<Torterry>	yeah
	<Krabby_Guy>	LYLT = LoveMewLongTime
	<Pollywrath>	hahaha
	<Pollywrath>	nice
	<Krabby_Guy>	thx
	<Krabby_Guy>	lol
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	You are putting a lot of thought into this
	<Psypuck>	yes
	<PodMankey>	lol, was just thinking of her
	<PodMankey>	ILoveLittleGyarados
	<Torterry>	this is fun
	<PodMankey>	Machampthom
	<Krabby_Guy>	MrGrumpigPants
	<Pollywrath>	NICE
	<Torterry>	OnIXKeine
	<Pollywrath>	Tentacogs.
	<Torterry>	heh
	<Psypuck>	:D
	<PodMankey>	LOL
	<Krabby_Guy>	haha
	<Torterry>	yokoffing?
	<PodMankey>	YES
	<Pollywrath>	hahaha
	<Krabby_Guy>	Sonikips doesnt require much thought, just remove the "s"
	<Pollywrath>	Sonikips is left alone. He's already a Pokemon.
	<Pollywrath>	yea
	<Torterry>	Taubgepi?
	<Pollywrath>	haha
	<Stinlix>	SnubbUlala
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Taubgepi is always sitting in Misty´s lap
	<Krabby_Guy>	lol
	<Torterry>	SwabluSpike
	<PodMankey>	we could so make another pokemon game, where you're Clyde Ash, and you've 

gotta catch all the Poketrolz in order to rise to the top of the EDimon league and beat your rival 

Chris-Chan, and his barely trained Sonichu.
	<Pollywrath>	Dunsparceticnerfbag
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	PodMankey, that idea rocks
	<Stinlix>	PodMankey wins. Fatality.
	<DeBuneary>	spasticseaking
	<DeBuneary>	Hm, nah.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	haha
	<Torterry>	spasticninjask?
	<Torterry>	spasticnuzleaf?
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Crass doesn´t have to be a Pokemon. He´s just a member of Team 

	<Torterry>	yeah
	<Torterry>	Crass and Champ = Jessie and James
	<Psypuck>	:D
	<Stinlix>	"Leo Burnett and 4Kids are the devil, Leo Burnett..."
	<Krabby_Guy>	lololol
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	"Looks likeTeam Faggot´s blasting off again"
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Chronox is Meowth then
	<PodMankey>	Now, we just need Ivy to do up the drawings, and someone who can do flash 

to put it together.
	<ComraCrab>	Pod
	<Torterry>	spasticninetales
	<Pollywrath>	YES
	<PodMankey>	jah?
	<Pollywrath>	Spasticninetales
	<ComraCrab>	I sent you a PM
	<Torterry>	I'm so good
	<ComraCrab>	link
	<DeBuneary>	I'm off to trollbed. Goodnight, pokétrolls.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Night.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	See ya
	<DeBuneary>	Oh, someone needs to write this down.
	<Torterry>	check your xbl DeSleepery
	<DeBuneary>	Tomorrow.
	<Torterry>	I already copypasta'd it
	<DeBuneary>	OK, bai bai.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Oh, what is your Xbox live Debuneary?
	|<--	DeBuneary has left (Quit: ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 

	<Krabby_Guy>	later DeBuneary
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	eh, I just check Terry´s account for it
	<Torterry>	oooh
	<Pollywrath>	Night
	<Stinlix>	To protect the world from devestation, to unite all people within our 

PlayStation, do denounce the trolls of truth and love...
	<Torterry>	heh
	<Stinlix>	To extend our reach to the cosmos above...
	<Psypuck>	now I wanna watch pokemans, thanks a lot
	<Psypuck>	in German
	<Stinlix>	Someone might help me with this, I don't remember the whole thing.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	I used to watch it in German
	<Psypuck>	me too
	<Psypuck>	when hospitalized
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	good times
	<PodMankey>	"To protect the world from retardation, to unite all people with 

PlayStation, to support the trolls of Win and Lulz"
	<PodMankey>	*within
	<Stinlix>	I only used to watch it in hungarian, but I remember almost anything.
	<Krabby_Guy>	yeah
	<Psypuck>	nope sorry, but they should be more faggoty than that
	<Krabby_Guy>	to extend are reach to the cosmos above
	<Krabby_Guy>	*our
	<Stinlix>	Crass
	<Stinlix>	Champ
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	I always pictured Crass as james
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	but he acts more like Jessie actually
	<Torterry>	team faggot jerk off at the speed of light?
	<Pollywrath>	Surrender now, or prepare to suck cocks
	<PodMankey>	Lemme guess, Team Faggot are trying to steal the legendary pokemon, 

Fapcup, right?
	<Torterry>	ugh
	<Torterry>	yes
	<Pollywrath>	"Chronox! Thath Right!"
	<Torterry>	heh
	<PodMankey>	lol
	<Stinlix>	Chronox, that rocks!
	<Stinlix>	For the rhyme.
	<Torterry>	ChrONIX
	<Pollywrath>	lol
	<Torterry>	bahaha
	<Pollywrath>	LOL
	<Torterry>	me so awesome
	<Krabby_Guy>	heh
	<Pollywrath>	Indeed you is.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Chronox is so Meowth
	<Torterry>	indeed
	<Krabby_Guy>	this ought to be saved n archived on the cwcki
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	"Looks like Team Faggot is sucking cocks agaaaaaaaaaain"
	<Stinlix>	*twinkle
	<Pollywrath>	LOL
	<Psypuck>	each time they see a duck, they suck
	<Krabby_Guy>	they just look...
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Who´s the leader of Team Faggot? Chrissovanni?
	<Stinlix>	Nah.
	<Stinlix>	Or...
	<Psypuck>	hummmmm
	<Torterry>	this is insane
	<PodMankey>	Nah, Chris is the "Gary" of the comic
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	No.
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	This. Is. KANTO
	<Psypuck>	don't you mean... madness?
	<Torterry>	nobody do a this is sparta joke now
	<PodMankey>	Jullllaayybanni?
	<Torterry>	oh god
	<Stinlix>	But Gary is cooler than Ash, so no.
	<PodMankey>	*vanni
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	That´d be the joke
	<Psypuck>	too late Torterry
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Since Ash would be Clyde
	<PodMankey>	Gary's cooler than ash, but always loses
	|<--	Cap`nRoy has left (Ping timeout: 315 seconds)
	<Torterry>	that's how awesome he is
	<Stinlix>	"Chris was here, Ash is a loser?"
	<Torterry>	he's still awesome
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	and this time Clyde Ash will win for a reason
	<Torterry>	he fails but he's still awesome
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	the only worthy rival in all the games
	<PodMankey>	In Chris' eyes, he's way cooler than Clyde, but still lets 3 punches get 

in when fighting imaginary clyde
	<Psypuck>	poor clown :(
	<Krabby_Guy>	da theme song:
	<MrGrumpyPants>	PodMankey: I fucking love Mankey!!!
	<PodMankey>	lol
	<PodMankey>	You gotta be MrGrumpigPants
	<Torterry>	more liek "Crhsi wsa hree, Ahs si a loesr"
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	I had a Primeape in my FireRed team
	<PodMankey>	"Chris was here, Clyde Ash is da homo"
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	"Chris buh bye noe, Clyde is a TWOLL"
	<Stinlix>	Looks like the CWC pokemon game already has more ideas than Chris' Sonichu 

	<Torterry>	GARY
	<PodMankey>	or "Chris was here, BACK THE FUCK OFF!!!"
	<Torterry>	haha
	<Torterry>	yeah
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	haha
	<Krabby_Guy>	lol
	<Torterry>	fuck you Pod
	<Torterry>	you're awesome
	<PodMankey>	lol
	<Torterry>	:'(
	<Stinlix>	Pod is an a spree.
	<PodMankey>	someone save this, I'll start writing up storyboards
	<PodMankey>	If we can get someone to illustrate them, we're golden for a webcomic or 

either a flash game or animated series
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	PokeTrolls BriefsBrown and DildoPink Editions
	<Pollywrath>	LOL
	<PodMankey>	lol
	<Krabby_Guy>	nice
	<Stinlix>	lolol
	<Krabby_Guy>	lololol
	<ExeggutorofNothing>	Is someone saving this stuff for later?
	<Pollywrath>	I wonder how Clyde will like the idea as trainer?
	<PodMankey>	Dibs on being BriefsBrown exclusive
	<Stinlix>	We should be.
	<Krabby_Guy>	I think Torterry is
	<Pollywrath>	Someone archive this.
	<Krabby_Guy>	it should go on CWCki
	<Torterry>	I will
	<Krabby_Guy>	this is epic
	<PodMankey>	Maybe Ivy should be Ivysore rather than Ivysaur
	<Pollywrath>	I guess I'll be a DildoPink exclusive.
	-->|	Cap`nRoy ( has joined #sonichu

<Krabby_Guy>: Shouldnt it be DildiWhite since Chrissy's dildo was white?
<PodMankey>: Yeah, it was.
<Psypuck>: eww
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Oh, good point
<Pollywrath>: K. DildoWhite it is.
<PodMankey>: Instead of "Officer Jenny" it's "Officer McNasty"?
<Psypuck>: brb, strawberry sorbet
<Pollywrath>: hahahaha
<Pollywrath>: Nurse Kimmie.
<Krabby_Guy>: hahaha
<ExeggutorofNothing>: so true
<PodMankey>: Josh could be "Professor Joke"
<Rebdoomer|AFK>: Nurse Kimmie 
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Some of us should also make appearances as Gym leaders, and aslo as Pokemans
<Pollywrath>: Nice job, Terry.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: BILLY MAYS has to be champ of the Pokemon League
<Pollywrath>: BILLY_MAYS = One of the ELite Four. 
<Rebdoomer|AFK>: Trolls as gym leaders 
<Pollywrath>: YES
<Torterry>: indeed
*** Rebdoomer|AFK is now known as Rebdoomer
<Krabby_Guy>: BILLY MAY's main pokemon would be Exploud
<Stinlix>: Mary Lee should be another one.
<Pollywrath>: Reb, be a Pokeomn
<Rebdoomer>: Kay
<ExeggutorofNothing>: I WILL WASH YOU AWAY
<Pollywrath>: Bob Chandler should be another one.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: I CHOOSE YOU, OXICLEAN
<Psypuck>: whose the fourth one and oh eg, Im laughing 
<Pollywrath>: Barbara is the Snorlax on the road.
<Pollywrath>: Hmmm
<Pollywrath>: Robert Simmons the 5th?
<Stinlix>: lawl
<Krabby_Guy>: hehe
<PodMankey>: Yeah, I was thinking of Bob as one of the trainers, in a Tree gym
<Krabby_Guy>: Thats in Hoen though
<PodMankey>: Snorlax is the first thing you meet, you gotta get past her to even get out of your 

<Stinlix>: Which is cluttered.
<Pollywrath>: Are you continuing updating this archive, Terry?
<PodMankey>: Shesn ot a pokemon, but a boulder that you need the HM Strength to move

<ExeggutorofNothing>: every time you beat your rival Clyde Ash will say "Goddammit Chris"
<PodMankey>: lol, the whole house would be a stage from Chip's Challenge
<Krabby_Guy>: Dig around your cespool of a house with your itemfinder to get the pokeflute
<Torterry>: I should
<Krabby_Guy>: indeed :3
<PodMankey>: Wes Iseli would be a Trainer, too.
<LoveYouLongTime>: PodMonkey!
<ExeggutorofNothing>: "Chirs is kewl, Clyde Ash is da hommo" and Clyde: "HONOR ROLL MY ASS"
<PodMankey>: LYLT, change your name to "LoveMewLongTime" we're making a Poketrollz game
<capnFugie>: Taco Bell sounds really good right about now...
*** Rebdoomer is now known as Doomerdactyl
<Psypuck>: NO! when chris looses he crashes into slumber
<PodMankey>: lol
<Krabby_Guy>: Chris has an item called the Feraligaydar
<PodMankey>: "I'm gonna go home and crash into a slumber, smell me later."
<Psypuck>: höhö
<MrGrumpyPants>: Someone needs to find a publisher for the Sonichu© comic books.
<Doomerdactyl>: Snorlax uses Crash into Slumber! It's super effective!
<Psypuck>: I was thinking abou that
<PodMankey>: LOL
<Psypuck>: there's a newspaper where I ight be able to send off chris's comics and theyll get 

published for free
<Krabby_Guy>: nice
<ExeggutorofNothing>: BILLY MAYS should also be the narrator in the Poketrolls anime
<Psypuck>: cur copyright is a problem
<Psypuck>: oh wow
<Pollywrath>: Exeg, YES
<PodMankey>: "You use knockdown on Snorlax. She's already on her fat ass."
*** LoveYouLongTime is now known as LoveMewLongTime
<Krabby_Guy>: Also, the Chandler house has a skitty, a glameow, a persian, etc
<Goronian>: Hello, you.
*** Doomerdactyl is now known as Hypnodoomer
<Hypnodoomer>: lol
<Goronian>: What heroes?
<Krabby_Guy>: haha
<ExeggutorofNothing>: That was supposed to be BILLY MAYS as the narrator of the Pokemon anime
<Stinlix>: Goronian, you missed out a lot.
<Psypuck>: yes you hav goro
<Goronian>: Aw.
<Stinlix>: Review it:
<Stinlix>: but TL;DR, we made Poketrollz with Chris, Clyde Ash and a lot more.
<Goronian>: I've overtrained on MKvsDC, and now i loathe that game. But damnit, I want those 300+ 

<PodMankey>: Nah, there is no TL;DR version, you HAVE to read it all.
<Goronian>: I'm reading.
<Krabby_Guy>: Get a pokemon name. How about Rhyhornian?

<Stinlix>: The first part is a bit boring, but when pokenames starts it's better.
<Goronian>: Hm...
<Stinlix>: ViGoronian.
<Growonion>: It is done.
<Psypuck>: grow onions!
<Growonion>: Well, it's in Game Freaks style.

<Growonion>: Allright, reading.
<Stinlix>: These times I wish I could draw.
<Hypnodoomer>: You don't need to know how to draw to make a comic.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: me too
<Hypnodoomer>: i.e. sonichu
<Stinlix>: Maybe Spazkid might help.
<Stinlix>: His style is perfect for this.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: but we have to do our own voices
<PodMankey>: MUMBLE!!!
<ExeggutorofNothing>: When Clyde is Ash, Spas could be Misty
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Spasty
<PodMankey>: YES
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Spasty and her Psypuck
<PodMankey>: lol
<Stinlix>: Who's Brock?
<PodMankey>: I'm thinking about that one.
<PodMankey>: might have to be Bob
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Who´s the most like Brocj around here?
<ExeggutorofNothing>: the name is too short to parodize
<Pollywrath>: I am, but I'm a Pollywrath already.
<Psypuck>: hih Exgg
<PodMankey>: Nah, just be "Bob"
<Pollywrath>: haha
<Pollywrath>: Bob
<Pollywrath>: With his axe.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Polly, you think you´re like Brock?
<PodMankey>: You think you can challenge me!? I'm cutting you down!
<PodMankey>: have a bunch of computers cut in half
<Pollywrath>: Brock was awesome. He was always after some girl.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: heh
<Pollywrath>: Better than that faggot, Tracy.
ExeggutorofNothing>: Pikanine. "Pika Indeed"
<Krabby_Guy>: haha
<Stinlix>: And what about random adventures? They always get into those between getting to point A 

to B.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Polly, I want you as Brock. I want to see Spas grabbing your ear and pulling 

you away
<Pollywrath>: hahaha
<Pollywrath>: But I'm happy as a Pollywrath. D:
<MrGrumpyPants>: All Sonichu characters are ®(TM) of Christian Weston Chandler Ruckersville, 

Virginia March 17, 2000.
<Stinlix>: And in season 215728 we need a Croagunk.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Polly, it´s you in a double role

<ExeggutorofNothing>: Pollywrath and Brock
<Pollywrath>: hahaha
<Psypuck>: sometime sin both
<Psypuck>: Polock
<PodMankey>: Need to be Pollywath, since Pollywrath is copyrighted
<Pollywrath>: No.
<MrGrumpyPants>: Just make sure there are no niggos. ☻
<ExeggutorofNothing>: I´m also EternityofNorman in Hoenn
<Pollywrath>: The copyrighted one is spelled "Poliwrath"
<PodMankey>: Niggoking and NiggoQueen
<Pollywrath>: So I'm safe.
<Pollywrath>: LOL
<PodMankey>: Ah, gotcha
<Pollywrath>: "Clyde Ash"
<Stinlix>: Forgot HAT!
<Stinlix>: WHY FORGOT HAT!
<Stinlix>: JEEZUS!
<Pollywrath>: I'm lazy.
<Stinlix>: Other than that it's pretty good.
<Pollywrath>: Nuff said.
<PodMankey>: not seeing it.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: "Faggot Grunt CrassCrab wants to battle"
<Pollywrath>: haha

*** Kiev|zZz is now known as Kiev
<ExeggutorofNothing>: or "wants to be penetrated" It´s your choice
<PodMankey>: Kievler!!!
<Psypuck>: Kiev, guess who made perfect macarons HAHA
<Kiev>: argh
<Kiev>: I still ahve to go to antwerp if I want some proper ones
<Kiev>: how much stuff do oyu use?
<Kiev>: eggs / powdered sugar / almonds / sugar in grams
<Pollywrath>: Kiev, be a Pokemon
<Kiev>: ow, that's a long tiem ago.. I used to know them all 151
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Terry, how many are there now?
<Pollywrath>: 493
<Torterry>: many
<Torterry>: yeah

*** Kiev is now known as Nidokiev
<Stinlix>: Oh shit! That much?
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Are you still annoyed there aren´t 500?
<Psypuck>: Kiev, which kind of macaroons o you want?
<Pollywrath>: Kievgaskhan
<Growonion>: Okay, that's awesome.
<Psypuck>: I have an idiot proof coconut / chocolate reciepe
*** Nidokiev is now known as NidoKiev
<Pollywrath>: do it
<Pollywrath>: oh ok
<Growonion>: I'm in.
<NidoKiev>: ones that work
<NidoKiev>: yes, that one!
*** canine is now known as Arcanine
<Arcanine>: wassup
<Pollywrath>: Yo.
<Arcanine>: heh
<Growonion>: Hey.
<Arcanine>: any update?
<Krabby_Guy>: hey Arcanine
<Arcanine>: hey
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Arcanine, I love you man

<Stinlix>: Yo man.
<Arcanine>: haha
<Growonion>: I can write a little, we can beat into a submission someone, who can draw and Chris 

could do the vocals and guitar!
<Stinlix>: And laugh.
<PodMankey>: Nah, Canine, you gotta be Jewgong
<MrGrumpyPants>: NO NIGGO'S IN CWCVILLE. ☻
<Arcanine>: heh
<Arcanine>: MrGrumpyPants: why aren't you MrMimePants?
<Stinlix>: Niggorita.
<PodMankey>: Growonion, for Chris, vocals and guitar are the same thing.
<Krabby_Guy>: or MrGrumpigPants
<Growonion>: PodMankey, exactly! He's like some God Of Metal!
<NidoKiev>: I wanna beee the biggest pest, nooone ever waaassss
<Stinlix>: With his plastic guiar he will be the new god of rock.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: It´s a real geetah
<ExeggutorofNothing>: yeah, it´s real. He played on it
<Growonion>: Yeah! And 80's synth pop came out! He's that good!
<MrGrumpyPants>: There will be no one to run the CWCville KFC.
<NidoKiev>: With no KFC, how am I gonna feed mah chirren?
<Krabby_Guy>: lol
<Psypuck>: with no chickin you ain't
<Growonion>: Wait...
<ExeggutorofNothing>: KFC..Kanto Fried Chansey
<Arcanine>: cogsdev: why aren't you a pokymans?
<Stinlix>: WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!? is down. ;__;
<Arcanine>: ExeggutorofNothing: haha
<Growonion>: The Trollemon Lightning Version could teach you about sexism and racial intolerancy!
<ExeggutorofNothing>: cogsdev already is a Pokemon
<MrGrumpyPants>: Stinlix: Just to let you know, Chris thinks Guitar Hero is exercise.
<Arcanine>: oh?
<ExeggutorofNothing>: She´s number 517 or something
<Growonion>: MrGrumpyPants it must be! He's so slim!
<Stinlix>: Guitar Hero....exercise...
<Hypnodoomer>: lol
<Stinlix>: Sure looks like he's doing the best he can.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: it even is the buh buh bye best
<Pollywrath>: She can be Tentacogs.
<MrGrumpyPants>: Chris should probably be playing DDR.
<MrGrumpyPants>: or Wii Fit
<Growonion>: Wiifit.
<Growonion>: Or not.
<Stinlix>: And let the ceiling collapse?
<Stinlix>: No way.
<Growonion>: He's too dumb to use styrofoam.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: He´s too fat for the Wii Fat board
<Stinlix>: Besides, there is NO ROOM for a WiiFit, let alone a DDR mat
<Stinlix>: Just barely a one person walking space.
<Growonion>: This room needs a woman's touch!
<ExeggutorofNothing>: One manchild manchild stays.....for days
<Growonion>: Drinking nothing, but fanta with Navy!
<Hypnodoomer>: I can't drink fanta now after watching that
<MrGrumpyPants>: Growonion: LOL!!! Chris would probably eat it.
ExeggutorofNothing sings "I killed Chris-Chan and I liked it"
<Stinlix>: I can imagine a new Fanta with Navy camo design with real NAVY!
<Stinlix>: New Fanta Navy!
<Torterry>: meh
<Torterry>: I gotta leave
<Stinlix>: Navy camo bottle or can.
<Torterry>: farewell
<Growonion>: And I've just drank Fant Asia with apple flavouring today...
<NidoKiev>: New fanta navy increases your sperm count
<Growonion>: Bleugh... Just the memory.
<Stinlix>: Bye Torterry.
<Stinlix>: Wait, you had apple?
<Stinlix>: We had watermellon for Japanese limited edition.
<Torterry>: I love you, #sonichu
*** Torterry is now known as TerryOsaka
<Stinlix>: Or aisan, whatever.
<Growonion>: We have apple here.
<Stinlix>: We love you too Torterry.
<MrGrumpyPants>: Growonion: Don't drink the Nazi soda.
<Growonion>: Ow! My axels!
<Growonion>: MrGrumpyPants, should I drink Sprite instead?
*** cogsdev is now known as cogsdevoir
<Stinlix>: Yes, that's what the WiiFit in the video says.
<Arcanine>: heh, cogsdevoir
<Growonion>: I'll be right back.
<Psypuck>: heh, cogs duty
<Stinlix>: Cogs of Duty 6, Modern Trollfare 3
<Arcanine>: PodMankey: you here?
<PodMankey>: Yeah, but I'm about to head out.
<Arcanine>: ah

<PodMankey>: Yeah, i can't see my tabs AND text bar at the same time.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Cogsout 3: this game sucks
<Krabby_Guy>: saved the rest of the pokaymans chat
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Awesome
<Growonion>: Cogsdev - /dev/null - Cogsnull - Nullcogs!
<Krabby_Guy>: yes indeed
<PodMankey>: I'm TOTALLY gonna write some ideas down for it when I get home.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: PokeTrolls-they got to troll them all
<Pollywrath>: I'm also backing up this chat, too.
<Stinlix>: I'm gonna write down the Team Faggot intro. We still need the PokeTrolls intro.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: that german girl on youtube kind of made it
<Growonion>: We should think about evolutions.
<NidoKiev>: which german url?
<Stinlix>: Especially Eevee evos. So many...

<Growonion>: Goronion - Goreonion. Nidokiev - Nidokino, and so on..
<Growonion>: Growonion.
<Growonion>: Can't spell my own name...
<Stinlix>: tee hee
<Megaman_>: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaar
<Megaman_>: I feel drugged
<Pollywrath>: Megaman, be a Pokemon.
<Stinlix>: I need a better pokename, 'casue Stinix and Stinlix aren't that good. Or it's just my 

<Pollywrath>: You're okay, Stinlix.
<Growonion>: Megaman should be Megankip.
<Stinlix>: Megan...kip.
<Megaman_>: wrong
*** Megaman_ is now known as MegaMeowth
<PodMankey>: Megamite, evolves to Megaton
<Growonion>: Aw... That's uninventive.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: or Meganiumman
<Growonion>: And Megaton goes BOOM.
<PodMankey>: ok, I'm outta here.
<Krabby_Guy>: Megazone
<Krabby_Guy>: later Pod
<Stinlix>: Meganium?
<Stinlix>: Too easy...
<Growonion>: Later!
<Growonion>: Megan should be an important NPC... Like a first Gym Leader, or something.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Bye Pod
<Pollywrath>: Bye Pod
<Megaman>: Oui
<Megaman>: anyone hear me?
<Arcanine>: hey
<Pollywrath>: ya
<Growonion>: Hullo.
<Megaman>: Someone on PVCC is claiming that Chris knows Ivy is a troll
<Krabby_Guy>: who
<Pollywrath>: MeganiumMan
<Megaman>: the only proof they offer is a secondhand chatlog
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Chris doesn´t know anything
<Stinlix>: Hmm...I might register there.

<Arcanine>: Megaman: your mic working yet?
<NidoKiev>: if Chris figured out Ivy is a troll and he stopped posting youtube videos then .. then 

<Megaman>: yesit is
<Megaman>: there's no proof
<Arcanine>: yeah, there isn't any proof
<Stinlix>: Can I ask what is PVCC btw?
<Arcanine>: le sigh
<Arcanine>: asdfjas;dfjlkasdfjkl
<Arcanine>: cogsdevoir: you're not even in mumble
<Arcanine>: goddamnit

<Growonion>: Mumble..
<cogsdevoir>: kind of busy right now
<Arcanine>: ok
<Growonion>: So how can you acsess this mumble? 
<Megaman_>: Goddamn my fucking computer
<Arcanine>: Growonion: you can't
<Growonion>: Aw.
<Hypnodoomer>: It's secret
*** Hypnodoomer is now known as Rebdoomer
<Growonion>: Awwww...
<Growonion>: Where did everyone go?
<Megaman_>: no idea
<Arcanine>: i'm here
<Arcanine>: anyhow
<Megaman_>: my connection seems stabler
<Megaman_>: yearh, I fixed my mic
<Psypuck>: miu miu
<Growonion>: What is the border of uber-nerdness?
<Megaman_>: How knows
<Growonion>: I mean... What is the point of no return?
<Megaman_>: its hard to say, because there's conidtionals
<Megaman_>: say
<Growonion>: Liking Pokemon is pretty tame... What about finding, buying and beating Might and 

Magic III-V?
<Megaman_>: "dressing up like a fictional character"
<Stinlix>: Cosplay is the point.
<Stinlix>: Megaman is right.
<Megaman_>: no
<Megaman_>: however, that would be acceptable if you were a super hot girl, a talleneted costume 

maker OR actualy looked like your character
<Megaman_>: all of those people can get away with it
<Stinlix>: Hmm.
<Growonion>: Chris never cosplayed.
<Megaman_>: WRONG
<NidoKiev>: wrong
<Growonion>: Really?
<NidoKiev>: dude
<NidoKiev>: Ash?
<Megaman_>: here comes the link
<Krabby_Guy>: he cosplayed as ash
<Stinlix>: Yes.
<Growonion>: OH! Yeah, I remember now!
<NidoKiev>: he even won a prize!
<ExeggutorofNothing>: "I won da *babbling noises* badge"
<Krabby_Guy>: if I was gonna go to some kinda comicon or something and I was gonna cosplay, I 

think I'd cosplay as CWC
<Arcanine>: cogsdevoir: don't allow any more users on pvcc, 'kay?
<cogsdevoir>: already done
<Stinlix>: Be sure to eat a bucket of lard to have the jiggle.
<Pollywrath>: And jizz on the medallion.
<ExeggutorofNothing>: Krabby_Guy, I bet you´d have to gain a couple billion pounds
<Growonion>: Arcanine, aw, why not>
<Arcanine>: cogsdevoir: thanks
*** Hypnodoomer is now known as Rebdoomer