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So are you Chris being cryptic, MKR being a troll, or Jacob about to go full retard? Homsar (talk) 17:59, 9 August 2020 (UTC)

Probably an insider. Just didn't convey their info properly. -Larry the Larryhog (talk) 18:52, 9 August 2020 (UTC)

No. It's far more autistic. Nah mkr isn't a troll she's a drawfag. I've been lurking for a while. I was told by other's they'd clear up some inconsistencies after I found out they were lying to Marvin about helping Chris. Mkr was being used by some fail trolls who make YouTube video's. Smokey Chris TheSperge kappn kyu astro were gatekeeping the now destroyed footage Joseph Draft recorded for his documentary.

Smokey Chris is Steven Reynolds, TheSperge is Kevin T and brombeer on kiwi farm's, kappn is a female pegasister talia nakara is a fail troll first name Patrick, owls is an epic failure name Ryan Winger and ghostbird50 on kiwi farms, kyu astro all involved. Joseph Draft got involved with them. They tried to hold the footage hostage but slipped up by creating the arbitarch server based on existing art.

their current discord server linked here and the channel linked above

They were also involved in the cwcville rebellion another previous fail troll Op.

Sammi the Angel A-46 West to east Midlands @BiscuitBanna#6832 Colluded with Jacob sockness and daughters of inana. Admitted too having at least 1 kiwi farm's account. He might be the necro poster in mkrs thread since the Google hangouts link was only sent in dms.

Carrie Krueger used to be Drew Pickles

Hurtful Truth Level

i admire your dedication @Hurtful Truth Level , you seemed to be one of the only true "chaotic neutral" parties in the cwc sphere, that's why when it was revealed you decided to side with Wct i was dissapoint, as shown in an earlier entry here i came to the cwcki in good faith when things got a little too surreal and in return the cwcki labeled the group word spread and things got infinitely worse and dealing with failfags become more difficult since lolcalfs, kiwis and cwckifags were now biting at my ankles. i dont want gamer justice or any nonsense, tbh i'd like null to unban me and i'd go shitpost about something else, but it seems someone is whispering in nulls ear about me, saying i promote a false narrative peddled by ralph. anyway, take care Hurtful it was fun shitposting with you man, it'd be neat to see you at one of the splinters.