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Welcome to the David Lynch movie of your nightmares.
WBCN, hitting the nail on the head.

Believe in the OCs and Deities! is a video uploaded by Chris to YouTube on 13 June 2019.


I Got A Fish
Stardate 27 April 2009
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CWC's "It's All Coming Back To Me"


[Chris is seated atop his bed, his back against the headboard.]

Hello everybody, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again.

And, right now, we have a bit of a situation. Turns out that we do have a good number

of believers in the OCs, CPUs, deities and...

Everyone, between our sister dimension of C-197 a-and their surrounding dimensions,

and right here in Dimension 1218, we could do a whole lot better in the believers. Even

Jesus Christ himself came to me earlier today, told me so. Asked me to relay the


Everybody, believe in the OCs, and everybody, the dimension merge is happening.

[Chris pauses, licks his lips and wipes his nose.]

And we could definitely make the dimension merge happen a whole lot faster and

over with, definitely for the better benefit of everybody, [screeching] EVERYBODY....

[He pauses to stare creepily at the camera for a second.]

In both our dimensions, in the combined dimensions.

So, simply put, have faith in all the OCs, in all the deities, especially those OCs that

you have created, and the OCs that you are plan- that you are a fan of - just every OC

that you genuinely love, support and kindness and everything. And, definitely not, and,

not necessarily those that are, well, [pause] just leave it at that. Anyway, faith in all the

OCs. Undiscriminately, just... do it, please.

Heh, j-just give 'em a thought, give your OCs a thought. Any of them. whether they be

branded, not branded, your creations, someone else's creations and so forth.

Sonichu, Rosechu, the CPUs, uh, anime characters.... [He clasps his hands as though

in prayer, and twiddles his thumbs.] Everybody. Alright? Ah, hell.

Meemo Bright. [He points to an amiibo at the edge of his headboard.] And Magi-chan, if you can see

him right now, he's clearly sitting right here.

[He points at the empty space beside him on the bed, glances over and gestures off

camera at the air.]

Anyway, we need to increase our believers in all the OCs between here and C-197, all

of our surrounding s- related dimensions and timelines. Jesus Christ himself and our

god Emmanuelle: they're OCs, too. Though they literally are those that have worked

here, like, you know, the real Lord Jesus Christ sacrified himself for real, here,

[screeching] he's an OC! I'm an OC. And think, between you and your self-

counterparts, yeah, every one of you is an OC as well, so, if anything, you believe in

everyone else, you believe in yourselves, as well. Alright?

So believe in all the OCs, okay? And believe in us, the CPUs, and all the other deities

all around and everywhere. Say a prayer. Have faith! [He clutches his medallion.]

Give us some heart sure with us, a heart warm, heartfelt sincere thought, kindness, so


And more importantly, don't hate, alright? We don't hate any more Hatorade,

especially the... frickin' Sarah boys and bad Internet trolls, but, listen, aside from that, I

made the big, major point: believe in the OCs! Believe in your OCs! Believe in yourself

as an OC! Believe in Jesus Christ, Emannuelle, who Emannuelle, by the way? God IS

a WOMAN! And I have personally met them face to face. And if you don't believe me

in that, I've literally touched Jesus's hands. I cry every time I- feel, that, psss, psss,

scar in his hands, the cross when he did that, but still....

But anyway, as a goddess myself, I am unable to worship Jesus or any of the other

deities, but, I have friends with Jesus and- all of the other deities, including the CPUs,

so the least I could do is support them. And be a friend. That's what I do to the best of

my abilities. Everywhere. My soul, brain, my body, literally, working, around the clock,


And I'm flying by the seat of my pants by each thing that comes in, so I can relay it out

to you via my Twitter, or whatever, and whatever media I just feel impulsively need to

do or whatever.

So... that's it. And I do believe in this world of 1218, we could do a whole lot better. Out

of the seven billion plus people in this world, this dimension, we could make more than

half of them, that's 3,5 billion people, believers. Make them all aware of the OCs, and

the fact that they are an OCs in themselves, and we all do exist and co-exist. And the

sooner we do this, the sooner we get and band together, and become a belief and

faith system, not a religion! Not a cult or anything like that. Certainly not a frickin'

delusion, imagination or whatever... adjective like that. This is all REAL. So you listen

to me good, and heed my words.

Any even if you, even if you pray to Jesus Christ, Buddha or any other of your known-

well-known deities of this world, they're going to tell you the same thing pretty much.

And right now, we need EVERYONE to believe in the OCs. Of and around C-197, that

includes Equestria. And us, the deities, as I am the CPU Blue Heart, of the

Commodore consoles and the Nations of Comma and CWCville. And I'm literally

half-Sonichu, so I can transform into my Sonichu form.

I know it seems hard to believe right now, but you're going to see soon enough. But in

the meantime, BELIEVE! Believe in all those OCs, and everything, and in the

Dimensional Merge! It's happening! We're approaching our endgame, and we are

destined and fated to win. So, follow my- motivational speech, please, and follow our

lead. We will complete this merge. We will all be existent and co-existent with each

other. And we will be able to hang out fully with our own creations!

I'm very serious about that. It's happening! It's happening! BELIEVE!

Thank you, have a good day!