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Conspiracy Theories

[I got inspired by MoarLurk's additions to the Reality article to expand upon the conspiracy theory element.]

It is my belief that those who believe in conspiracy theories do so because of a few factors, but the number one overriding factor behind conspiracy theories is a massive ego. Chris has shown again and again that he thinks extremely highly of himself, despite all evidence to the contrary, and so it's not entirely surprising that he believes in a number of conspiracy theories.

Conspiracy theory believers believe what they believe because, in their minds, they are capable of far greater achievements and position than their current lot. In the case of Chris, Chris believes he should be in office as the mayor of a medium sized town, is entitled to (and is capable of handling) neigh unlimited power, has the wisdom and foresight to implement vast, sweeping reforms to the society within said town, should have at least one girlfriend at all times and that these things should simply be granted to him because of who he is.

But Chris is none of those things. At twenty-eight years of age he isn't even the man of his own home, has little or no real power of any kind outside his own room, his reforms are dictatorial, crude, childish and extremely self-centered (Chris hates gays, so gays are bannedraped and reprogrammed, irrespective of what they would like), he can't and will never find a real, actual girlfriend and ironically it is because of who he is that these things are denied to him... not that he'd even have any truck with that notion at all. The mental block would be in full effect and Chris would become a wall.

So how does Chris justify this vast gulf between his dreams and his reality? The same way all conspiracy theorists do, not that their knowledge-of-self does not reflect reality, but that in order for them not to succeed there must, MUST, have been a vast, sometimes global, conspiracy to keep them from attaining their true potential. This typically takes the form of either a large and/or powerful and/or secretive organisation such as the CIA, the Masonic Order, Islam, the Pope, alien visitors, Israel (and/or "The Jews"), Russian spies, etc.

The reality, of course, is far from realistic. Dana Scully from the X-Files once famously remarked that there was no way the United States government could ever keep something like the existence of aliens under wraps (a'la Roswell) because it couldn't even keep a budget surplus every year, or keep the media from finding out that Clinton had an affair. The idea that the US government could, say, convincingly fake the moon landings and keep it under wraps for half a century is ludicrous. How many hundreds (or thousands) of people would have to know about this? How many people would have had to keep a secret for their entire lives? And nobody talked? Seriously. Plus, the then-USSR would have done everything they could to disprove the US's claims and not a single scrap of credible evidence has been uncovered? Right.

Yet, this conspiracy exists... and so do Chris's conspiracies. Because of the believers colossal egos, they cannot or will not accept that their ambitions and their reality do not match up due to internal factors, and must seek external factors to pin the blame on. As detailed in the video that Chris made about the school, the likelihood that Chris would have been singled out of all the autistic children in that area, plus the substantial cost of "keeping him down" being put on an already dramatically underfunded institution, plus the effort involved in keeping it secret... there is just no way that there is any grounds to his claim at all. Chris, at least subconsciously, probably realizes this; but his titanic ego simply asserts that while it's unlikely, the difference between his current position and potential position is even more unlikely, so it simply *must* be true.

The TL;DR for all of this is that Chris's ego is so massive that he cannot accept that his current situation is all his own doing and for his worldview to make sense he must pin the blame on others, even when there's no logical reason to do.

The Sonichu Article

I posted this on TV Tropes, regarding the removal of the Sonichu article. Since I admitted to vandalizing the Hitler page by removing anything negative out of it (excessive negativity was the reason for Sonichu's removal), I expect they'll just delete it. I figured it should be kept here so I have a copy. Plus, I honestly think it makes a good point in a kinda retarded way.

Okay, I'm the one that vandalized the page. Very long time lurker, first time poster. You asked me to come out so I did.

Essentially I noticed the Sonichu page got burned to the ground. I wanted to make a point. Hitler is detestable, he is universally So Bad Its Horrible. Christian Weston Chandler is not as bad as Hitler, but the difference lies only in opportunity. Much like Hitler, Chris wants ultimate power and for anything that discomforts him to be exterminated. Fortunately for humanity, Chris is powerless and extremely lazy. But I digress.

Ctrl Alt Del got a 'Keep it about the comic, leave Buckley out of it' disclaimer. The page about Hitler was, looking at it objectively, basically nothing but hate. Almost every second trope had the word 'Evil' in it. No disagreement here. But, as this very page points out, for all Hitler's horror, he was still human. Does the fact he killed millions make him an Acceptable Target? Charles Manson didn't kill anyone, technically, himself... But he's practically the emodiment of Complete Monster. Last week Chris tried to murder someone with his car for banning him from a game store, due to a massive laundry list of inappropriate behaviour. This makes the second time that Chris has attempted to murder someone with his car; the first was a cop who asked him to leave the mall for being creepy stalker.

I know this is not the place to talk about this, but the Sonichu article was burned to the ground without any warning so I didn't know where else to post it (being a lurker only). All I'm trying to say is... Be very careful about drawing a line in the sand in regard to Acceptable Targets. I do agree that TV Tropes should be about tropes and less about real people, but Chris and only Chris chose to so completely entangle his life with his 'art' that discussion of one can really not take place without the other. I know some Tropers claim to hate bullying in all it's forms, but the reality is that if TV Tropes wants to have a page about Hitler, describing him as he was and all the associate tropes regarding him, if My Immortal is allowed to stay despite the huge outpouring of hate it recieves, then the Sonich. Article must at least get a Ctrl Alt Del style 'keep IRL out of this' disclaimer. Otherwise, TV Tropes is doing itself a disservice.

I hope that this far more rational approach allows you Tropers a little bit of insight into why I did what I did. Honestly, I expect to get banned again and this post deleted... But, you know, that's the thing. There is a legitimate point here. Either TV Tropes says 'no' to hate, no matter who it is, no matter how richly they may deserve it, or... TV Tropes simply calls it as they see it, no more, no less. Gas millions, get a hate page. WANT to gas all homosexuals, get a hate page.

Seems fair to me.