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I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcribes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.

...Most Disturbing Thing I've Seen/Heard About Chris To Date...
While most of this stuff is creepy to me...the hair thing takes the cake for me. I don't know why considering there's a ton of other crap he's done that's probably creepier (like stalking people, drinking his 'navy', his theories on life, his sexual videos...etc.) If you don't know what I'm talking about...this can be found in the Hair discussion section...

Sonichugirls didn't ask Chris for the hair, he offered it himself, without any prompting, in this email:

"Hey, Cassie. I know you've read my dishy input in the Sonichu Girls Forum.  :) Listen, I've just had my hair cut by my mother (she usually cuts my hair); longest length she had to cut since my early childhood. She put the cut locks of my hair into a bowl that I held in my hands. After finishing, I've put the cut locks into a zip-lock bag, because I have thought of giving a little something back to my loyal Sonichu & Rosechu fans (at least the female half). I am thinking of dividing the locks into 200 sets, taping them onto individual self-created "CWC Certificate" Cards and entrusting them to you to distribute to 199 other female fans on the Sonichu Girls Forum. I know I don't have to do this, but I take enjoyment in being generous and knowing I've put smiles on a grand number of faces. Please reply and let me know if you are willing to take the responsibility of sharing pieces of me. Your full name and address will be required for me to send the locks to you. Also, after receiving the locks, you may share my home address ONLY with the other ladies on the Sonichu Girls Forum.  :)"

WHO does this??? (obviously Chris) But WHO DOES THIS?! To me, it's beyond creepy. You don't send locks of your hair to people (200? Really Chris? You thought 200 girls would not only like your comic, but they'd want your hair too?!), it's just not sane. I just...don't know what more I can's fucking creepy as hell and that's that.