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Order of Sonichu Order of the Sonichu
This user has performed extraordinary service for the glorious Motherland.
I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcribes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.

In real life, sort of, a professional game critic, or something like that.

I decided to completely re-edit Chris's game collection page one night. No, I don't know why I did it either. Also did a lot of editing on the big lists of his PSN purchases. Then I went and transcribed most of the Father Call and maybe half of the Kacey and Liquid Call. This was actually not the worst time I've ever had typing up an interview - that honor goes to transcribing 90 minutes of SCEA blarney-slinger Jack Tretton.

I find Chris interesting not so much because of what makes him unique, but because a lot of his qualities are not unusual at all. I spend a lot of time in the company of frustrated male nerds, as a for-instance, and they all have the same attitude when it comes to women. Chris is just a little bit more up-front about it.