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This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.
Warrior Warrior
This user is Normal. He/She has contributed to trolling Chris in some way, shape, or form.
mIRC #sonichu Reg
This user is a regular on #sonichu
I'll Break You Dead Transcriber
This user transcribes videos, and has no doubt become insane from regular exposure to Chris's fail.
Squirtle Yawning Squirtle
This user is a bonafide Squirtle, and as such is very fond of hash and the motherfucking moon.
God God Complex
This user has a God Complex and believes that you should get on your knees now.
Skittles Chandler Skittles
This user thinks Skittles is the best Chandler cat! :3
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Shit I've done: