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I, myself, Did have dreams of having sex with my mother.



Article of the Now


The PlayStation 4 is a video game console created by Sony, originally released in North America on November 15th, 2013.

In February 2016, Chris requested one such console for his 34th birthday. Needless to say, he did not receive it. However, it was later revealed that Chris had in fact acquired the game console, citing a true and loyal fan as the one who sent it - albeit further investigations point to the possibility that Chris purchased it for himself and made up a person for whatever reason.

Only time will tell if Chris truly received the console as a gift, or is simply trying to ruse us.

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This Day in Christory

cwcipedia sucks

Today in Christory, in 2009, Chris made the first CWC Blog entry.


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 18 August - Chris posts about Burger King's Whopperrito and says that it gave him diarrhea.
  • 15 August - Chris rants against Facebook and online socializing in a Facebook post.
  • 13 August - Chris posts a comment, in which he thinks of God as "Goddess Emanuelle."
  • 10 August - Chris shares a post criticising incest on Facebook - and defends it, stating he himself has dreamed of having sex with his mother.
  • 10 August - Chris buys female hormone vitamins, typically used for relieving menopause symptoms, from eBay.
  • 9 August - It's discovered that Barb is being sued by another bank and that Chris had to pay a hefty set of fines for failing to acquire licenses for his dogs.

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Hard times for the Chandlers: Barb is ordered to pay a $4,700 credit card bill

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