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Quote of the Now

On the other topic, changing the gender on my alter (Chris Chan) Sonichu Form HAS a good reason: the REAL Me is of Female Soul and Identity; my self-character MATCHES AND HAS TO MATCH, and like those removable clip-on wings, the transformation changes along as well.

There is NO Reason or Justification WHATSOEVER in Sonic the Hedgehog's Arm Colour!


—Chris explaining why Chris-Chan Sonichu's gender change makes more sense than the blue arms.

Article of the Now

Bluearmsis zpsac2c59f2.jpg

26 December 2014 -a date which will live in infamy- was probably the busiest day in Chris's life since he graduated, and is essentially 28 October 2011 all over again. Once again, Chris is in trouble with the law, and once again, it involves assaulting staff at a store. This time, though, it doesn't look like he'll get off the hook so easily.

After spending three days in Albemarle Regional Jail, Chris was released on bail, to await his hearing on 5 February 2015.

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This Day in Christory

"It's okay, if you like someone making the music in the background. It took away pops from the rappin of the two cooks. And adding seafood like in the song to the cake... are you kidding? They should have done it without the noise; it's in da rules. A petite comical moment comes around with an empty plate for no sample and turning off the TV after "thinking about it". I give it 4/5 Stars for moderate effort."

Today in Christory, in 2007, Chris reminded voters that it was the last day to vote for the "Chop Chop Master Onion's Rap Showdown" contest, and offered several extremely biased blog posts.


Today was also the day, in 2009, that Liquid Chris released "Christian Weston Chandler (Ricardo) Hablar con el Impostor, And MANY OTHER NOTIFICATIONS!"


Did You Know...

Da Update

  • 23 July - Chris's case was continued yet another time to 15 October 2015.
  • 23 July - Chris's fifth court date takes place.
  • 23 July - Chris dyes his hair blue and claims it's not related to Sonic or Sega on a Facebook post.
  • 18 July - Chris lists ten new Sonichu Amiibo and ten Sonichu medallions for sale on eBay.
  • 16 July - Chris reacts to the release of the new Sonic Boom season with "Three Words: Shit. Damn. Fuck. And then: "Somebody Shoot Me."
  • 12 July - Chris mourns the loss of Nintendo president Satoru Iwata.
  • 12 July - Chris's Facebook is put back up, but the pictures of his Hitler medallions are taken down with it. Which is rather odd, given that it's meant to mock him.
  • 11 July - Chris's Facebook is taken down again.
  • 9 July - A ween requests Chris to make a medallion depicting Adolf Hitler. In response, he makes a medallion of Hitler being farted on.

PSN Tracker

PSN Activity tracker
Chris was last spotted playing Disney Infinity for the PS3.
Chris has spent over $8581.62 of YOUR money!

Chris's PSN is Sonichu. You can see his profile here.

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Picture of the Now


A new Hitler medallion Chris has sold on Ebay, as he explains on Facebook.

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