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Announcement_07202016 is a video uploaded by Chris on 20 July 2016. He first advertises his paid video requests service again, but this video is dedicated to some FAQs about this service, but leaves most details to the people who text message him. He also mentions that he will not accept phone calls, only SMS messages. He reinterates that payment must be due upfront, and to be sent through his PayPal account.

Announcement 07202016
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Stardate 20 July 2016
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Saga BusinessBusiness Business
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Josh Lover of men
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Text Video Requests to me at (434)-760-0848; $50, and Payment Required Upfront, please.

Donations still requested.


[ShareFactory intro plays until 0:13]

A'right everybody, Christine Chandler coming live once again in another video. Firstly, after our-- the last one which was a paid request. I just feel like I would like to remind everybody in this separate video... about yes I take requests... and uh... In order to get these requests best sent to me, and I know about them is to send them to me via text message... at the phone number in the description, just like I said in the... other previous video, I'll... copy and paste the... majority of the details, and donations are still greatly appreciated as well, but we can do that, and that's all aside, but... all terms con-- all things reasonable, and conditional...

Um anyways, so to answer a couple of FAQs, at least off the top of my head... um, 15 minutes(?) will get you... about... 5 minutes... up to 5 minutes... of... whatever you like... but f'it's a... short one-liner... it might be less than... 30 seconds... I might uh... go ea-- I might go easy for-- [Chris' voice is cut off, but the music still plays] --that. Lower rate. But... e'yeah, up to 5 minutes... and that inc-- and that includes... full-on birthday greetings and... noteful dedications.

And uh... Other details we can... we can talk about over the text messaging. I do not. Take. Phone calls, so, calling the phone number... 'cause your number's not known to me at all it'll go to voicemail directly so you don't-- so I suggest not doing that. Text message, only. And uh, just as before, all payments... is to be sent to me via PayPal. And I'll expect payment upfront, and before any recording has been made. And... Joshua in the last video, paid for that video. And then I recorded it. So there you go. Okay? Thank you and have a good day.

[ShareFactory outro plays]