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Barbara's Blankets is a YouTube video uploaded on 23 August 2018, and the second video in a row showing Barb begging the viewers. Here, she begs the viewers to buy more of her blankets at $100 each (shipping and all), while wearing a nightgown and a pearl necklace. To sweeten the deal, she offered an autographed Snorlax plushie.


Barbara’s Blankets
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 23 August 2018
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Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business Financhu CrisisFinanchu Crisis Financhu Crisis
Barbara Chandler will be making out autographed photos and posters.
Mother needs a car payment



[Barb is sitting on Chris's bed, which has a My Little Pony pillowcase, a hanging Sonichu medallion, and a DuckTales bedsheet.]
Chris: [sassily] Go!
Barb: My name is Barbara Chandler. Here today, we have four...[camera pans to show the sheets]...blankets, or, one is a bedspread. Anyway, we would like for you to, contact us through eBay, and...make...a purchase of one of these blankets.
Chris: Or all four of them.
Barb: Or a-all of them if you'd like, um...we need the, we need the help, uh, to, fund our, uh, groceries, uh, for the rest of the month, and your help would be in purchasing one of these, the bedspread or the blankets. Thank you for...considering us. We appreciate it. You have a good day.
Chris: This plush Snorlax also available on a separate listing. Each blanket will be $100 a piece, plus shipping. It'll be shipped out the-in a-a few days after purchase.
Barb: Thank you very much.

Barbara Chandler will be making out autographed photos and posters. Chris's videos Mother needs a car payment