Oestrogel application and Vibrating Bra, How To

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Oestrogel application and Vibrating Bra, How To. is a video Chris uploaded to his YouTube channel on 6 December 2015. It is full of honest content.

Chris 'butters' his stomach in Oestrogel, a prescription medication generally meant to treat menopausal symptoms. He talks of the significant increase in his breasts, ludicrously claiming that he's a D cup, despite his mantits being no larger than they already were. He then demonstrates how he puts vibrators in his bra cups to supposedly enlarge his breasts. He refers readers to the YouTube channel "violet4151", a male-to-female transgender woman for more transitioning information.

Health Risks for Chris

Oestrogel contains 0.06% 17β estradiol, a female sex hormone, and is used in hormone replacement therapy by menopausal and post-menopausal women, such as Barb, whom he may have simply stolen it from. It has side effects, some of which can pose serious health risks for Chris. Doctors do not recommend that women who are overweight or obese use Oestrogel and side effects include fluid retention, weight changes, rise in blood pressure (disastrous for an obese person like Chris) and blood clots[1]. It is, unsurprisingly, not recommended at all for gender transitioning, irrespective of how it's applied. Transwomen generally take their estrogen in the form of pills or injections.


Go to Violet for Transgender transitioning tips and advice, better than I could ever provide.



Oestrogel application and Vibrating Bra, How To.
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I have found a significant increase to my bust size. Little bit better than D, I'm sure


[Chris is seated and wearing a bra.]

[high-pitched] Hello everybody! It’s me once again, and we’re gonna do a fan request tonight. [normal voice resumed] I’m gonna show off uh, among which among the trans, among the way I’m transitioning [sexy hair flip] and being a transgender person, transwoman. I’ll apply some Oestrogel. And uh, actually I would personally recommend for, you know, their transitioning tips and uh, experience from someone who’s more, who’s actually farther ahead than I am, I’m... yeah, and in my subscriptions, uh, it’s uh, her name is Violet. Her channel is violet4151, right here on YouTube. And she pretty much, just did it from start to finish, recorded everything, so I pretty much recommend going to her for other advice and input.

Well for now we’re gonna show you how to apply some Oestrogel. [Holds up grooved plastic strip to camera.] Uh, it goes, you rub it [rubs stomach] down here usually, all over, and it comes with tubes, it comes with a spatula, it’s got little grooves on, right dere. From one to the udder, that’s the amount of space you want to put, uh, for the...amount. [Unscrews cap and begins squeezing the medication on the strip.] So, yeah, I mark it with my, mark the inside end with my thumb and move from one end of the groove to the other. And of course, when the tube gets empty, then that’s, it can be-, get, it can be more difficult to get it out. But yeah, after you get down dere and you just [begins smearing the stuff on his belly] rub it on there like butter on bread! Up and down. And you do this once a night for up to 24 to 28 days out of the month, and then you take the three-to-seven-day break for the remaining days, up until when you start up th-, start up the, the routine again for the following month.

And uh, on the other, and then on the second thing that I have actually confirmed plausible, [reaches behind himself and brings out blue plastic things with wires attached] uh, the vibrating brassiere, or at least what I did, and I took a couple of remote-control vibrating eggs that uh, take two AA batteries at the very least, or triple-As, I guess they could be easily replace, replaceable inexpensively. I like to, I tend to keep my shirt on, so [begins to stuff them in his bra] I slip ‘em ‘bout, one right dere...oh, I mean, I wanna do it where the wire is, facing my back, so...one dere, one dere, and then I just turn them both on full blast. [activates eggs, which buzz] And I like to go, and I like get, let that going for about fifteen to thirty minutes a day. And I have found that after the uh, the first week of trying this, I have found a significant increase to my bust size. [sucks in gut and thrusts out bosom] Little bit better than D, I’m sure, but I haven’t used a measuring tape yet, but I have...yeah, I have seen the difference in my, in my shadow on the wall, and just looking down upon them. So anyway, you wanna do that fifteen to thirty minutes a day. [pulls eggs out from bra] And uh, even if it, and it may vary, or you might be at your maximum breast, brecks size, because genetics. Anyway, so even, even if it doesn’t work out, just, [cups breasts] it feels good, the vibrations there. [shows profile again]

Anyway, uh, so, once again, for other transwoman tips I definitely recommend going to Violet’s channel. I’ll put a little link on the, underneath this video, and uh, it’s also, she’s also on my subscription list as well, so that’s my recommendation. Mm, thank you very much and have a good day. [fumbles with how to turning off the camera for ten seconds.] Mm. [mumbles about the remote]

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