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Mumble Service Medal March Mumble Madness
This user nearly went mad in March 2010 to provide CWCki with accurate and complete transcriptions of the Mumble chats.

17 years old, Britfag, musician as a hobby, and coincidentally a real high-functioning autistic. Self-esteem soared after viewing every single video Chris had uploaded. A short while later, my interweb stumblings led me to here and /cwc/, at which point I thought "I must join this project". See? I do this because I care! #4 on my bucket list is to troll Chris at least once - I've yet to figure out how to pull this off. Help on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Mission List

Finished projects


Unfinished projects

• Cleanup Mumble conversations



• It'll be confirmed this year that Internet lumberjack Bob Chandler has passed away. Chris will mention his death at some point, before announcing a new Sonichu comic.
• Cwcville will expand to the size of New York, with multiple districts and mini-districts. Chris will go into massive detail over these districts.
• Chris will announce that he's leaving the Internet. 5 more times.
• Snorlax's health will deteriorate even further.


• Snorlax dies. Chris 'inherits' the family home.
• Chris goes broke paying for food, gas, electricity, etc. Decides to leave the house and move in with Cole.
• Cole gets sick of his fatass half-brother, leaves him on the streets.
• Chris gets stabbed by a schizophrenic. He dies.



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