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Note: I'm working on an article along the lines of "Chris and politics," documenting Chris's political beliefs. This article really won't be about saying "Chris is x" but rather "Chris has these beliefs, they are..." and MAYBE "these beliefs are similar to x based on their platforms" though with Chris, he's all over the political spectrum and it should be noted that, as with many things with Chris, he has the mentality of a child. Personally I think that Chris has political beliefs in the same way a 7 year old does and I find it hard to believe that there's any substance in either case. But like I said, it might be handy to keep track. To set a good example, I'll be drafting this article but I need all the help I can get.

The subject of Chris's politics is an often debated subject. While some argue that Chris fits on the left-right spectrum, others argue that he's too mentally immature to hold substantive political beliefs. Nonetheless, Chris has expressed his political worldviews on several occasions.

A Public Announcement for Congress

One of the major expressions of Chris's political beliefs is A Public Announcement for Congress, a video where he delivers a speech outlining his presidential platform. His platform includes:

  • "soup hotels" for the homeless
  • 2.5% tax
  • sustained benefits for the elderly, with increase in medication
  • strict gun control - gun ownership limited to the police, gun confiscation or in the very least bullet confiscation
  • legalizing gay marriage
  • creation of a "Trollbusters" agency against trolling, with support from the FBI

This platform is stated rather generically, as he does not specify specific programs he would alter. For example, he does not specify if his 2.5% tax is for all tax brackets or certain ones.

Education Reforms

Chris really believe that the public education system should be improved in the interpersonal education sector. in Mailbag 29, he mention that not only prostitution should be legal but should be used as state-sponsored practical sex education. For the registering fee of ten (10) dollars, an unexperienced individual would have access to a seminar that includes a 30 minutes sex education crash course and an hour with a prostitute.

Chris also insist for "Dating Education", a series of courses given in High-School to help children learn the proper way to engage a romantic relationship. He hopes that the side effect of those courses will help decrease the count of homosexual couples.