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Asian Asian
This user is an Asian and loves random-access humor and martial arts!!
Flag of Europe Eurofag: This user is a Eurofag and insists on using unnecessary vowels.
Art Palette CWCki Artfag
This user is an official CWCki Artfag who contributes to the Artist Commune project.
Observer Observer
This user is taking it Easy. They have followed Chris-Chan's movements, but hasn't contributed to the trolling efforts.
This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.

Proof that I am STRAIGHT


I am not a homo,as I am 100 percent straight

I am STRAIGHT as I jerk of to boyfriend-free girls and stare at female butts all the time. If you think I am a homo you are very WRONG as I am indeed very,very STRAIGHT.

If you dare to say otherwise you are ;

-a homo

-a retard

-a faggot

-very,very WRONG

Merttey25 saga

merttey25 launches a terrorist attack at 14 branchalant court. saga icon Link=Chris and sex

Best Characters

Krillin.jpg Piccolo.jpg

The Prince of all Cucks


This guy is a true CUCK