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The Priority Listing is designed to aid CWCki editors in determining how best to focus their time and efforts in helping CWCki thrive. This is, of course, only a guideline of suggested activities. Editors are by all means encouraged to contribute in any TRUE and HONEST fashion.

Things that are top priority

  • Transcribe media in need of transcription.
  • Make sure video pages have video infoboxes.
  • Get new media as it comes in and upload it to CWCki.
  • Find needed citations.
  • Incorporate new media into existing pages.

Things that always need to be done

  • Work on completing Template:Christory entries with historical occurences that happened on that day.
  • Format IRC chats into a cleaner format.
  • Likewise, incorporate new information Chris reveals into existing article.
  • Make Requested Templates.
  • Contribute to Operation Categorization/make sure everything is categorized.
  • Archive the following:
  • Add related pages sections to articles that can use them. This stimulates our visitors into further browsing.
  • Keep images under 150 kb.
  • Fix broken links.
  • Fix spelling and grammar mistakes.
  • Add to these articles.

Things that are nice to do but not urgent

  • Make sure that every article has the article-name repeated in bold text, and then clarified, in the article's first sentence.
  • Make some of the requested pages.
  • Archive all e-mail contacts.
  • Complete incomplete articles.
  • Make these pages.
  • Get images for articles that could use images (such is through the Artist Commune).
  • Create templates to make stuff look cool.