Don't harass other people about me

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Don't harass other people about me is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 7 September, 2017. In it, Chris is discussing the weens interactions with "friends" on the internet.


Don't harass other people about me
Stardate 7 September 2017
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason, CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl, DoopieDoopie Doopie
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CLog 09042017 - Mister C
I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us


Hello everybody on the internet. Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again. I want you all to listen up for a moment. I want you all to listen up. Especially the internet trolls and cyberbullies who pester everybody I talk to.

You should not be doing that because I know what y'all are inquiring of them. You're asking them about me! And guess what? They're not gonna have any information about me, whatsoever, 'cause... depending on how much communication we have, you can consider that the communication with most... not this much, so they don't know so much about me. And I wouldn't know much about them.

Like take for example. Yes... DoopieDoOver. Uh, we hadn't talked much, least we talked a little bit. I shared my feedback, I shared my positive input, you know. 'Cause, you kno-, 'cause she's a good person. But anyway, she did not know anything about me, so nobody had to pester her! And like, I didn't know much about her except for what she shared on the videos on YouTube.

So anyway, point of the matter is: Don't harass or mass communicate with anybody on the internet that I talk with... period. If you want to bother somebody, go bother somebody that you're already talking with. Okay? Okay?

And also, definitely only two accounts on Twitter with my name on 'em. You know what they are. There are no others.

[Chris pauses as one of his cats meows three times]

Anyway... lost my train of thought. But anyway, I feel very strongly about that. Stop harassing my friends, and people I like, and people I'm talking with! They don't have much information about me, I don't have much information about 'them'. Assume that!

You... yeah, just like Chloe didn't have much information about Rachel Amber when Victoria was like “Oh! Rachel put the photo on the inter-, on her Facebook of you two at the... at the band last night! Guess what? That makes y'all B.F.F.s forever!”

No, no, no! Okay? Stop harassing people! Because, not only do I like them, but I care about some to all of them. Okay? Cut it out!

[Chris' cat meows twice]

That's all I have to say for now. Thank you.

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