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This page is an archive of Bluespike's key posts on the online forum Kiwi Farms. Posts are sorted by date.

Julie Reveals Herself

22 April 2015[1]

In response to "You made an autistic man shove a clay figure up his ass what is wrong with you"

I know, I don't look at those times well. Making him shove a medallion up his ass was hilarious 7 years ago, but I don't find it funny anymore. I kind of apologize for making him do that.


3 May 2015[2]

In response to "what made you decide to troll chris"

I don't really know, I first heard of Chris during the ED Discovery. After that, I planned to prank call Chris for a while. When I finally tried, Chris thought I was a girl, even though I was ising my normal voice. Then I just made up the whole Julie thing as I went along

Phone Sex

26 May 2015[3]

In response to "How many hours did you listen to chris masturbating?"

It was hard, but it was around an hour per chat

Why did you have phone sex with Chris?

3 July 2015[4]

In response to "Why did you listen to Chris masturbate for hours? I mean, what was the point of that? Ew."

I didn't really mind back then because I didn't see it, if I did it today I might throw up


1 December 2015[5]

In response to "Max, what is your opinion on the airship that your trollsona in Asperchu has?"

I think it's halarious that I'm even in asperchu to begin with

Lady Managers Theory

11 January 2016[6]

This mysterious "Manager" might be Anna, for the longest time she has been using him as a Puppet and making a fool out of himself at her request, so making him throw a Slumber Party doesn't sound so Farfetched


8 April 2017[7]

In response to "@Bluespike was in therapy for years but he's finally stopped screaming about burning sonichu whenever he takes it in the pooper"

God I still have nightmares about that


10 April 2017[8]

In response to "So how many times have people said JULAAAAAAY to you at this point?"

We'll just say a lot

Retrospective on Chris's current condition

17 April 2017[9]

It's really weird seeing this, you have the classic Chris elements return including Autism, playing with toys, random access humor, and parent intervening, the only real difference is that Chris is in drag and he's wearing a green mop on his head, it kind of feels like a modern recreation of classic Chris; wait why am I talking about Chris like some philosophical masterpiece

Liquid Chris

29 August 2017[10]

In response to "If you could do it all again, would you?"

Probably not, if I would I'd try to do something more similar to Liquid Chris (not trying to ruin his life and just have fun with him)

Looking back on trolling Chris

13 May 2018[11][12][13]

In response to another user's comment:

@Bluespike Ver 2.1 how do you plead to these allegations of homosexuality in the 3rd degree
Guilty. There's been tons of things in my life I've regretted and hated doing later on, all of the stuff from 10 years ago was one of them. I've moved past everything that happened those many years ago and obviously I'm a different person now. It wasn't funny and was a very a-log thing to do. Nothing much else I can say. BTW documentary is very good so far, very well detailed and researched can't wait for the next part. At this point I'd say enough with the negativity and let's get back to the goofs, but this is Kiwifarms, so it's gonna be both.

Another user then commented:

I gotta ask, did you ever think Chris would just keep.. going like this? Did any of you think 10 years later he'd be this far gone? Back then he at least seemed somewhat salvageable.
I honestly had no idea I was just doing it for shits and giggles

Yet another user then commented:

it's not the reasoning that people do this that's changed, it's the definition of "shits and giggles"

People are giving Chris money unironically and when they pay for goods that he doesn't deliver they don't call him out

It's not chris that needs to be trolled now it's these people

Who would've thought we would reach the day where the "trolls" are just as bad if not worse than Chris himself

Reclaiming the throne

12 July 2018[14]

In response to "@Bluespike guess what Max? People like Axiom and garbage man have tried but you are finally no longer the worst troll in christory. Congrats bro."

May need to return to trolling to reclaim my throne