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One day I had a very terrible day. Then I started reading about this "Chris-chan" then all of a sudden, my day brightened up. And that's why I'm here. While I'm not a full-blown troll, I do like to observe what dumb things Chris is up to.


  • Chris-chan game: As a practice at game design, I'll be making a game based off of Chris's inane ideas and probably troll him with it if I feel like it. It'll be somewhere around a mix of Persona, Metal Gear (though a little bit more like Assassin's Creed) and a hint of Yume Nikki. I'll have basic info ready once I come up with a better name for a deviantart account and a "studio" name. Anybody is free to ask details about this project, which I will temporary dub it as "A Fat Man's Creed".
  • Mumble transcripts. Currently they're incomplete so I might as well.

Mailbag contributions