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Vice France

Art Title Description Price Sold?
SchulzCollectionSimpleWisdom.jpg Simple Wisdom for All Ages in the Rainbow "Sonichu Prime, Rosey Rosechu Prime, and I share insights from developing with Experience and Spirituality with the Peanuts gang arranged from pink to white with Snoopy as Joe Cool nearby. This Insight Applies to EVERYONE Young, Teen, Adult and Old regardless." $175 Sold
SchulzCollectionChrisSchulz.jpg Christ Chan & Schulz "After inviting Charles Schulz himself to Cwcville, he drove on down from Minnesota to Virginia and stayed a while. I and Magi-Chan Sonichu Prime took him and Snoopy to the Flashzap Bar and Grill for (what else?) Root beer and lunch. We had a good conversation, and Snoopy enjoyed the dance floor before the Andrews Sisters played through the restaurant speakers." $175 Sold
SchulzCollectionKick.jpg Kick it to the Moon! "A regular Sonichu held the football and Charlie Brown Kicks it; Lucy (the Blockhead) complains by the Kite Eating Tree." $175 Sold
SchulzCollectionLiquid.jpg The Day Liquid Chris Sonichu Wished for Psychic Powers "On September 12, 2005, after Giovanni "promoted" Liquid Chris from spy to Field Agent on 08052005, and ordered Liquid to remain in Sonichu form while at the base and on more missions. His training regimen had started; he only could get so far as a pure rock type (followed by the self injection of Type-adding Dark and Electric), and he REALLY wanted to outwit the psychic squadron Sonichus and Rosechus. On 09122005, on a free run away from the base, Liquidchu found a Chaos (S-Chu) Crystal Ball and wished for Psychic Powers and Abilities "better able than Magi-Chan Sonichu Prime himself. " He got his wish, but it back-fired, as he flew upside-down and backwards for a moment, dropped the Chaos Crystal Ball (Wild Sonichu picked it up and gave it to Cwcville's psychic squadron), flew backwards back to base landing with a crash on his butt by the front door. Naitsirhc and Blake greeted him, Liquidchu entered the room while pompously talking, suddenly levitated, flipped upside down, and he was standing on the ceiling as he talked on with lack of visual observation of his surroundings (his eyes were closed). As he walked back to his room, a couple of Grunts and GiBi the Scientist (No relationship to self-counterpart YouTuber GiBi) we're walking by and one grunt called him Woodstock." $175 Sold
SchulzCollectionWarhol.jpg I'd Worhol It "Note: Sonichu and Rosechu shoes and socks are Heavy Duty and Fireproof, literally. Sometimes a regular Sonichu or Rosechu may lose or just go without their (natural) shoes and socks by choice. Zapp Shoes collected the shoes and socks and refurbished, restored, or modded them to be sold as Heavy Duty, Really long lasting shoes, boots, or socks. Collected cruelty free, and buying old shoes from others who collect them, Trainers of Sonichus/Rosechus who may wish to sell, or from independent Sonichus/Rosechus. They founded their first store/factory in Florida in 2005. Anyway, the various shoes and socks bring a recreation from a Peanuts special referencing Andy Worhol, with a male regular Rosechu nearby looking for a pair to replace a pair he recently has lost." $175 Sold