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Note: I'm not in CWCki too much these days, because Chris isn't releasing much new stuff. Expect things to get busier when he comes back. I'm still reading stuff, though, so if you need help, feel free to spam the talk page.
Wwwwolf si a pretty cool guy. Eh knows his shit and doesn't afraid of anything
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Hello, I'm wwwwolf. I'm just a random wikihead and a random snarky frequently-facepalm-pulling appreciator of the CWC YouTube tragicomedy. I mostly created the account here because wiki editing has become sort of a reflex for me. I probably do minor corrections here and ramble on and on and on about some things where Chris fails at. If you see me rambling endlessly, feel free to edit it down.

My role here: A random wiki guy. Messed with MediaWiki for years. Please contact me if this bizarre wiki platform confounds you - I'll try to help.

Current status (June 2010): As Chris's activity is kind of in the lull, I don't follow his antics that closely, and my editing here may be slow as well. I'm not dead yet, though.

Contact: Feel free to spam me on the talk page.

Other forums: I've visited his YouTube channel upon updates and rambled in comments. I'm not in IRC. (I'm from Finland. IRC is old hat. Everyone knows that you connect there to Waste Time.) I used to read /cwc/ frequently, but it's a habit that's gone, and I promised not to post there (not that I did much in the first place). I may read EDF if I get bored enough, but that doesn't happen, and I don't post there.