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| shirt          = {{TurquoiseTankTop|text}}
| shirt          = {{TurquoiseTankTop|text}}
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| previous      = [[Don't harass other people about me]]
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| next          = [[Jessica Quinn#First breakup|Reaction to Quinn threatening a break-up]]

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I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us is a video Chris uploaded to YouTube on 8 September, 2017. In it, he announces his new relationship with Jessica Quinn and his true love for her. Unfortunately he has not learned from his past of revealing his sweethearts on the internet.


I am with Sweetheart; Please Respect Us
Stardate 8 September 2017
Subject Matter GalpalsGalpals Gal Pals
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga TomgirlTomgirl Tomgirl QuinnQuinn Quinn
Shirt Turquoise Tank TopTurquoise Tank Top Turquoise Tank Top
Don't harass other people about me
Reaction to Quinn threatening a break-up


via YouTube Capture.


[dog barking in background] It finally happened. I'm- Christine Weston Chandler, and I, am in a true, loving relationship with my sweetheart. Little miss Jessie, my little miss Jessie, and I'm her little miss Christine. It's real true, real good. She and I have been talking to each other for more than a couple years. And she has been a witness to- the- vast majority of the posts and everything else going on the internet, she is made aware of ya'll trolls and bullies. And it- her- has taken me on as- choosing me as her sweetheart. Still a work in progress, this relationship. She's... well, I'm her champion. I'm gonna defend her from ya'll trolls and bullies. I'm not alone in this, I have friends, I have family, I have true love in my heart. It's unreal to me. I'm getting used to it. But us- but I stand straight to arms. I'm not gonna let anybody harass or bother my sweetheart. If ya'll have any questions about our relationship, you direct them to me. And upon there being a need of which she and I mutually agree whether or not to share or leave offline, period. Our relationship will mainly be offline. Because we are true people, we are big hearts for each other. And we really love each other very much, both she and I. Jessica, I love you. With all my heart. And I am yours. Forever and always as long as you'll have me. I'll do my best for you, if not better. [coughs and hacks] Excuse me. Anyway, don't ask her any personal questions. If anybody intrudes, I'll defend her. I got friends and family who would defend her. So everybody please respect her as you would respect me very much. Thank you. Have a good, safe day.

Don't harass other people about me Chris's videos Reaction to Quinn threatening a break-up