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The CWCki article naming policy in short: Video articles should nearly always use the video title Chris gave it as the article title, and don't create new articles about every minor thing. In more detail:

When to create a new article

  • When the subject of the article doesn't fit within our extensive Chris and... collection
  • When it relates to a new video
  • Our editors are usually quick to create articles in response to new videos, so check Special:RecentChanges to see if one already exists.
  • When the article subject is significant and noteworthy enough to get its own article.
  • New trolls Chris mentions should have a good deal of information about them to include in the article before it is created.
  • Same goes for new sweethearts/gal pals.
  • New sections on existing articles such as Trolls and Gal pals are more suitable for writing about new people Chris has encountered while information about them is still scarce.

Video articles

An example of how to name an article. If the video is named 100_2357.MOV, that should be the title of the article.

The long-standing convention is to make the article title for a video the same as Chris named it on YouTube. So if the video is named 100_2357.MOV, that should be the article title. There are occasions where this policy does not apply:

  • When Chris uploads two videos of the same or very similar name which are unrelated - it is usually wise to choose a different article title.
  • When Chris gives a video a very long name - see Cleveland Show Voice Rant for an example.
  • When Chris uploads several related videos within a short space of time - usually on the same day:


Redirects are useful in helping readers find articles. They, along with the CWCki search feature, are part of the reason why most video articles don't warrant a special name. If people are really stuck in trying to find a video - there's always the List of videos article.

  • When grouping videos together in to a single article, it's normally a good idea to create redirects for each video's title to point to the main article.
  • It's largely unnecessary to create multiple redirects for alternative captializations - as the search feature now helps readers find the article if they search using incorrect capitalization.