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Operation Grammatification, an ongoing project and initial drive, is a new CWCki project designed to correct improper grammar and spelling on the CWCki and to adhere the wiki to standard wiki style.

30 November 2009
Artist Commune is founded

The new CWCki project, the Artist Commune, is now launched, to get original art to enrich the CWCki and improve article quality.

29 November 2009
Operation Mailbag

Operation Mailbag is live. CWCki users, have your questions answered by the big CWC himself on his Mailbag feature on CWCipedia. Please refer to the rules of engagement before submitting e-mails.

31 October 2009
Happy Halloween!

It's Halloween on CWCki and we changed the logo to celebrate. The first CWCki holiday logo was designed by PVCC user HugglesAndPuggles. Expect more to come on upcoming holidays.

25 June 2009
Half Birthday

CWCki turns six months (0.5 years) old today! Happy birthday!

05 June 2009
Categorizing videos

A discussion on revising video categorization is underway. All CWCkipedians are encouraged to participate and contribute their thoughts. Discussion ends 12 June 2009.


lol, April Fool's.

25 March 2009
Scrapbook of Fail

Some new, hi-res images of slide show pictures from the DVD have been uploaded.

24 March 2009
Scrapbook of Fail

All 518 images from the Scrapbook of Fail have been uploaded.

11 March 2009
The best damn icon ever

This page gets an icon.

10 March 2009
The Great Unsuckening

CWCki undergoes a makeover to make it look like a more respectable wiki.

27 January 2009
Editing In Progress

The CWCki undergoes heavy editing in order to take over from its predecessor