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Our signatures is a video of Chris and Barb signing their names, in response to a fan who questioned whether Barb's signature was real after purchasing one of Cole's comics.[1] This is the first video in which Barb's room can be seen; Chris has clearly been taking very good care of Barb as she sleeps on a mattress on the floor surrounded by piles of boxes, papers and junk that could fall on her in the middle of the night. Also, the Yoshi plushie that Chris gave Bob for Christmas many years ago survived the fire as it can be seen on top of the fridge. It's also interesting to note that Chris calls Barb "mommy" and "dear" in the video, and Barb at moments looks like she is being held hostage.


Our signatures
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Stardate 28 March 2018
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style ReasonReason Reason
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt Gopnik OutfitGopnik Outfit Gopnik Outfit
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Somebody complained about my mother's signature not being legitimate compared to mine


My mom and I signing our names


Chris: Hello everyone, this is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again [jumpcut] and we're going upstairs for a moment. Hey mom?

Barb [offscreen]: Yeah?

Chris [slightly out of breath]: Uh, trouble you for a moment?

Barb [offscreen]: Be there in a moment.

Chris: Uh you'll be there in a...bit, I have the camera running right [voice crack] nOW. [blows air] We talked about the signature... [unintelligible noise]. So everybody right here, this is my mom, Barbara. And what we're doing today is... apparently there is a complaint from a customer, let me turn on the overhead light here if I can... ass-muster it. [stress sigh] Light light [click sound from light cord] was that the light- yeah, that's the light- light's not turning on that one or is it...? It's not turning on that one- heh... I'll turn myself around yeah here we go, better light situation, okay. There's my mom, Barbara Ann, and I'm giving her my [too close to the mic] Pen. My... Pen you see. And I want you s- and she's signing her name, and dating today's date. Ah shoot...what's today? I didn't check. [Stress sigh] Well just put down uh... wait a minute, I can check the ca- my mom has a calendar... uhm... shoot, Ye-I believe today's the...

Barb: 28th

Chris: Yeah, there you go. It's the 28th so go ahead and... Alright, so yeah, you just wrote that..and it's [unintelligible] 28th, 2018. Alright, and now I'll sign it. We're doing this today [too close to mic again] BECAuse, a cust- a... somebody complained about my mother's signature not being legitimate compared to mine. So, there's mother's signature, she just signed it. And here's... My signature.

Chris: So hopefully, this uh, settles that dispute-just gotta make sure I can see that fully...Ah, too much light behind me. The clipboard's transparent but you guys, y'all call(?) can see..there's mine, and my mother's...There's differences. So that's what our signature's look like respectively. M'kay? And uh, [baby-talk voice] mommy, yawanna say hewwo?

Barb: [looking like she's being held hostage]: ...Hello.

Chris: [still in that voice] See? There she is!... Okay. Alright, thank you, dear.

Barb [offscreen]: Okay.

Chris: Alright, so hopefully y'all will take that for a good lesson and uh... talk to y'all next time.

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