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The CWCville Shopping Center will rise again... a forewarning for the ages.

TRUE and HONEST Labels
Thorg Atheist
This user is a pizza-faced atheist and does not believe in God nor the Bear.
This user is the proud owner of a HEXBox. Chris does not approve.
Chris Acting Black White
This user is white and finds Chris's race relations embarrassing.
Homo Homo
This user is a homosexual and likes pickles. Magi-Chan is watching you masturbate.
Flag of Europe Eurofag: This user is a Eurofag and insists on using unnecessary vowels.
Liquid Liquid Chris
This user believes in the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler.
TVTropes Logo Troper
This user would edit the CWCki, but is too busy browsing TV Tropes.