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* In [[Sonichu 9|''Sonichu'' #9]], [[Punchy Sonichu]] purchases CWC Cola.
* In [[Sonichu 9|''Sonichu'' #9]], [[Punchy Sonichu]] purchases CWC Cola.
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<references />

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Chris and Ivy drinking CWC Orange after their sex. Little does Ivy know her drink is spiked.

CWC Cola (or CWC-Cola) is Chris's official soft drink brand. Currently holds a state enforced monopoly of the lucrative soft-drink market in CWCville. Some suggest that it contains a secret ingredient that Chris personally makes. It is the state-mandated beverage of CWCville, and is the only consumable beverage. Not even water can be consumed.


According to Jamsta Sonichu in Sonichu #9, the CWC Cola Company was founded in 1985 by Robert Franklin Chandler Jr, three years after he founded CWCville.

CWC Cola

The formula for CWC Cola is similar to the formula used in Pepsi-Cola.[1]

Variations and other products

  • CWC Orange
  • Diet CWCcola
  • CWC Lemonda
  • CWC Grape
  • Cherry Cola
    • Possibly not from the CWC-brand. Blake was born from Cherry Cola.

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