Heather Iglesias

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CWCville, where the nannies cower in fear of accidentally showing their sexuality.

Heather Iglesias is the nanny of Sonichu and Rosechu's secret would-be latchkey kids. While the busy parents are away appearing in bullshit comic adventures, Heather makes sure the young Sonee and Rosey are exposed to at least a modicum of responsibility and emotional health. Heather gets paid from the monthly checks the Sonichu family receives.[1]

Heather is a Hispanic lesbian. Despite her racial and sexual handicaps, she keeps the little abominations "safe" and "under her watchful eye."[2] As per Sonichu's irrational prejudice, she is asked to keep her lifestyle hidden from the children, as if we ever needed to be made aware.

In all likelihood, Chris just decided to announce that she's a lesbian so that he would seem less mindbogglingly intolerant. As he's mentioned before, like many homophobes, Chris will praise girl on girl in one breath and condemn homosexuality in another. So it's really not much pressure for him to create a character that "proves" he doesn't hate homosexuals while at the same time not having to imagine two dudes licking each other's balls.

She has never appeared in the comic, and it's not clear what has happened to her now that Chris has poisoned the water supply to get rid of all the homos.

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