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Sonic Totem and More is a video Chris uploaded on 7 April 2017 at 4:16 pm. In a rare instance of self-awareness, Chris offers his Sonic Totem for sale. This is actually a surprisingly smart move for Chris, who stood to make a generous profit off an essentially worthless object, by listing it a ludicrous $1,500. Despite this, within four hours, at 8:09 pm, it was purchased.[1] On 21 April, the Totem buyer left positive feedback, concluding the sale and releasing the money to Chris after two weeks; on 22 April, the buyer posted pictures of the newly-received totem on 4chan's /v/ board.

Interestingly, Chris also vowed to re-establish his Captain's Log, promising to release weekly update videos, provided he made enough sales.

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Sonic Totem and More
Stardate 7 April 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business
Shirt Turquoise Shit
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When it was sold, the description was changed to:

The totem has been sold. Thank You! :D Now, there are plenty of UN Covers left, And my Stamp Album. So shop now for your chance to win!



[opens with stock special offer scene]

Hello, everybody! This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, with a very new, exclusive offer.

[Chris, while holding a few things including a shirt hanging off his arm, enters the frame, but throughout the video remains mostly off-screen with only his stomach visible]

Definitely for a limited time so you wanna rush to get- wanna rush to buy this before April 30th, this Sonic totem pole I made in art class so many years ago.

Well, I'll give you a full 360. [turns the totem around fully, showing the camera the bottom as well while humming and mumbling]

[Chris tips the totem, followed by lifting it out of frame to look into the top of it] My autograph is in here somewhere... [sets the totem back down] I'll put a current one on it later.

Anyway, so here's the bonus offer, so... that's not all! [points to and pokes the totem]

Because my special giveaway, if you buy this [hits the totem] of the set price of no lower... [tucks in shirt] because I'm not negotiating on prices on this [pokes totem] and the stamp album.

[brings Son-Chu figure into frame before putting it down] Yeah, you do this. I'll make a... fourth Son-Chu Figure... and I'll send him along with this guy. [motions towards the totem] an' of course you also get my Skylander figure and my Skylander card, both functional for Skylanders Imaginators.

Also, [holds up a black t-shirt with Chris's Skylander character on it] T-shirt! In large or extra large, I'll let you know.

Anyway, so you get all this. For the set price, and I'm not negotiating on the price because there's a lot of interest in this guy. [taps the totem on the head] Fifteen hundred dollars, one thousand five hundred. I'll put the listing for this thing [pokes totem and tucks his shirt in again] on eBay in the description down below. Thank you!

[screen cuts to "Advisory" frame, then to the Son-Chu figure standing on a table with the T-shirt behind it]


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