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Sonic Totem and More

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Sonic Totem and More is a video Chris uploaded on 7 April 2017 at 4:16 pm.

In a rare instance of self-awareness, Chris offers his Sonic Totem for sale. This is actually a surprisingly smart move for Chris, who stood to make a generous profit off an essentially worthless object--by listing it a ludicrous $1,500.

And yet, within four hours, at 8:09 pm, it was purchased.[1]

Interestingly, Chris also vowed to re-establish his Captain's Log, promising to release weekly update videos--provided he makes enough sales. Whether or not Chris will follow through with this is uncertain.

Chris has also disabled both likes and comments on this video.

As of April 17th 2017 the totem has yet to be mailed and the buyer has been refunded his $1,500.


Sonic Totem and More
Stardate 7 April 2017
Subject Matter MarketingMarketing Marketing
Performance Style CrazyCrazy Crazy
Saga BusinessChovynz-Money-Bag-Icon.png Business
Shirt Turquoise Shit
Son-Chu Review
By the book, Buy the book plus update



When it was sold, the description was changed to:

The totem has been sold. Thank You! :D Now, there are plenty of UN Covers left, And my Stamp Album. So shop now for your chance to win!



(Opens with stock special offer scene)

Hello, everybody! This is Christine Chandler coming to you live from home once again, with a very new, exclusive offer.

Definitely for a limited time so you wanna rush to get-wanna rush to buy this before April 30th, this Sonic totem pole I made in art class so many years ago.

Well, I'll give you a full 360 (Chris turns the totem around fully, showing the camera the bottom as well while humming and mumbling)

(Chris lifts the totem out of frame and looks into the top of it) My autograph is in here somewhere... (sets the totem back down) I'll put a current one on it later.

(Chris is mostly off-screen, holding a few things including a shirt hanging off his arm, his stomach poking out from under his shirt) Anyway, so here's the bonus offer; so... that's not all! (points to and pokes the totem)

Because my special giveaway, if you buy this (hits the totem) of the set price of no lower because i'm not negotiating on prices on this (pokes totem) and the stamp album <short pause> ...yeah you do this i'll make a 4th Son-Chu Figure and I'll send him along with this guy. (motions towards the totem) an of course you also get my Skylander figure and my Skylander card, both functional for Skylanders Imaginators.

Also, (holds up a black t-shirt with Chris's Skylander character) <voice cracks> t-shirt! In large or extra large, I'll let you know.

Anyway, so you get all this for the set price and i'm not negotiating on the price because there's a lot of interest in this guy. (Taps the totem on the head) Fifteen hundred dollars, one thousand five hundred.

I'll put the listing for this thing (pokes totem) on eBay in the description down below. Thank you!


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