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Template:Nowrap begin

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These usage notes will not be included in articles bearing this template.

This is a formatting template used to prevent word wraps (line breaks) in text and links with spaces. It is designed to handle the really tricky wrapping cases where you need full control, such as very complex long link lists.

The format for using this template is as follows:

{{nowrap begin}}

[[Sonichu]] and [[Rosechu]]{{•wrap}} 
[[Pickles]] and [[Homos]]{{•wrap}} 
[[Chris]] and [[Semen]]{{•wrap}} 
[[Bob]] and [[Burger King]]

{{nowrap end}}

- Displays:

Sonichu and Rosechu • Pickles and Homos • Chris and Semen • Bob and Burger King

The idea here is that nowrap begin keeps the text from wrapping whenever it reaches the end of the page. •wrap designates where the wrap may occur. In the above example, the text cannot wrap at a point that would break up "X and Y". "X and Y" must be kept together on the same line. Change the width of your browser window and you'll see what it does. The bullet in the template simply designates that a bullet appear where the wrap is permitted. Finally, nowrap end designates the end of the nowrap formatting, and normal text wrapping resumes.