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Hey, My names Edward as you can probably guess. I'm a gamer mainly, but like any other nerds I also spend a lot of time on the internet. I have been following Chris and his various antics since the closing days of the Liquid saga and have been reading CWCki just as long.

If anyone needs to reach me, my Email is

Also on Youtube

and Asperpedia

To Do list


I love this song. MGS has an amazing soundtrack.

Captain's Log Stardate July 15th 2010

Am I the only one here who is getting sick of all this drama?

Captain's Log Stardate May 30th 2010

Finally! I can edit this page again. Alright, well i've stopped the Twitter bullshit now, and I hope that'll quell Cogs's rage for the time being. I'm gonna continue with my Asperpedia work and stuff on here. The templates seem to be being rehauled right now, so I may try helping out with that. If you redesign one Award template, you have to do them all. So I may do that. Oh, and I just got Twin Snakes a few days ago. It's fucking awesome! --Edward 17:13, 30 May 2010 (UTC)

Captain's Log Stardate April 14th 2010

Just done with rewriting my User Page. Look a bit more organized now. I will now have a To-Do list of things for the CWCki, which will definitely help. I put up all my contact info, and i'm sure that won't backfire on me at all. I also got Snake Eater up here, because Snake Eater rules, and these new Captain's Logs. This is something I do on Asperpedia, I have a few of those there. So I'll be ranting here whenever Chris pulls any crazy shit, and ramble like everyone else has started doing recently. Bandwagons. I enjoy jumping on them. For my Asperchu related Captain's Logs, go to my Asperpedia page. Link above. --Edward 23:54, 13 April 2010 (UTC)


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