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Yes, it's a halloween pun. Yes, I realize what I'm implying by referring to myself as a ween, one that is worshipped no less (sorry i just made that link for a joke i wasn't serious in calling them a ween i think they were very effective please don't hurt my family). Not expecting recognition, so it kind of rules out the possibility of being a ween but then again it probably isn't helping my case that I'm trying to disprove accusations that were never brought against me. At least not at time of writing this. Like many of you, I came for CWC. Wow, that was a lot of links I put in.

CWCki shit of which I am proud:

>Not banned yet

>Added Chris's tweet apoligizing for being a cunt

>Started the Dimensional Merge page, albeit as a redirect, which got linked to in another page before becoming its own page