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New user, aspiring Christorian, long-time pizza connoisseur, and enthusiasm enthusiast. I'm getting used to wiki syntax once again, I only remember some basics. Please correct any errors that I make in formatting.

--Invinoveritas942 (talk) 02:27, 5 September 2015 (UTC)

BlueSpike BlueSpike
This user is a BlueSpike fan, and takes delight in Christian's pain.
Liquid Liquid Chris
This user believes in the TRUE and HONEST Christian Weston Chandler.
This user is STRAIGHT. and likes dykes & china. Unlike Chris, they don't mind da homos.
Sigmund Freud Armchair Psychologist
This user analyzes Chris's psyche WAAAY too much and should just accept that Chris is nothing more than a retard.
Chris Acting Black White
This user is white and finds Chris's race relations embarrassing.
American Flag Americunt: This user is an Americunt and refuses to use unnecessary vowels. Uncle Sam would be proud!
Thorg Atheist
This user is a pizza-faced atheist and does not believe in God nor the Bear.
Clyde Clyde Cash
This user supports Clyde Cash, who is a true Patriot.
This user is a JERK and takes away all the girls.
TVTropes Logo Troper
This user would edit the CWCki, but is too busy browsing TV Tropes.