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Yawning Squirtle on the trip of his life.
*YawningSquirtleRedux is here, even if he's not editing. He eats spammers and shits banhammers, So don't do it.*
YawningSquirtleRedux irl

Shit about CWCki

Union Jack Britfag: Tito got no luck against this user, who is British.
Mumble Service Medal March Mumble Madness
This user nearly went mad in March 2010 to provide CWCki with accurate and complete transcriptions of the Mumble chats.
Flag of Europe Eurofag: This user is a Eurofag and insists on using unnecessary vowels.
This user is a member of PVCC. Praise Mary!
mIRC #sonichu Reg
This user is a regular on #sonichu
Squirtle Yawning Squirtle
This user is a bonafide Squirtle, and as such is very fond of hash and the motherfucking moon.
Hero Hero
This user is Heroic. He/She has defeated Chris-Chan. The way trolling was meant to be done.

Latest from the motherfucking moon

  • Working on summaries for Mumble chats
  • Making sure PVCC and CWCki have no secrets. Well, not too many.
  • Read my thoughts here.

What I'm doing here

Someone needs to keep an eye on Chris-chan, and the TRUE and HONEST Christorians are just the people to do that. Of course, I spend alot more time on here than most, but I'm still no closer to understanding the mad inner machinations of the manchild.

I try to keep people on the CWCki in touch with what is happening on PVCC, as information often appears there before it makes it here. I also spend alot of time doing useless things, like editing the grammatical errors and changing formats. I'm not a grammar Nazi however.

If there's an instance of translators needing help with Chris' spectacular Spanish skills, and you get stuck, talk page me, and I'll get right onto it for you.

What you can do to help

  • Vandalism? Bring it to my attention.
  • Got a question for me? Talk page it
  • Want to start editing CWCki but not sure where to start? Press that 'Random page' button, and dive right into the madness!
  • Think you might want to translate, but not sure if you can bring yourself to start? Take the plunge. Every single user who contributes translations is a hero. We need more of you. We love you all. Srs.
  • Think something really, really important is missing? Don't just sit around and wait for one of the regulars to write it, get stuck in.
  • If you're not sure what's going on, the LURK MOAR
  • If you're still unsure about what to do, talk page me, or one of the other regulars, and we'll help you get settled in and trolling in next to no time.

Shit about YawningSquirtleRedux

  • He plays the shit out of the bass
  • He plays the guitar
  • He plays the piano
  • He plays violin
  • He speaks several languages
  • He spends far too much time on CWCki
  • He enjoys nothing more than a good game of SimCopter. If you have any SC2k cities, please, send them to him
  • He also recommends Tasty Static, for those quiet moments when nothing is doing.
  • He is far too pedantic for his own good.