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This user is the proud owner of a HEXBox. Chris does not approve.
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Official Thoughts of Various Trolls about Vince Vaughn:

Alec: "He's a douchebag who always plays the same exact character in every film - a guy who hasn't slept in three nights and who is annoyed and cynical about everything. Still, I liked Old School.

For the record, I hate Will Farrell way worse."

Kacey: "vince vaughn. I liked him when he was in a lot of things. I don't really get to see a lot of movies/tv shows though."

Anna: "I have a suspicion that Vince Vaghn is another trolling name like Clyde Cash or Ivy or Kim so I'm going to abstain from answering"

Chris-Chan Did 9/11
Stardate March 30, 2011
Made By CompyRex
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