Update 1/17/2016

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Update 1/17/2016 is a video uploaded on the 17th of January, 2016. Here, Chris passive-aggressively expresses his rage and envy about Francine Ouzuo having a lesbian slumber party exactly like his, and the fact that apparently, everyone is choosing Francine's over his.

At this point, Chris has taken to panhandling for his primary source of income. In addition, it seems that Chris now has a new troll on his hands in Ouzuo, as this is the third video (and second in consecution) where Chris has voiced grievances with this person despite no such person evidently existing.

As with the prior videos, Chris seems to be in two minds about the legitimacy of Ouzuo's trans status; in this video Chris refers to them as "Jeff" but also as "she".

Chris appears to have filmed this video hastily during the midst of an Amiibo creation-fest, as several Mii Fighters without their bases are lying on the desk, and a half-finished Autism Amiibo is also present.

It seems that Chris has revived the famous Captain's Log series under the more mundane title, "Update". This style of naming videos is very similar to how Chris led into his Sagas, eventually having the titles devolve into mindless raving and ranting.


Update 1/17/2016
Direct link Youtube, archive
Stardate 17 January 2016
Subject Matter TrollsTrolls Trolls, HandoutsHandouts Handouts
Performance Style TragedyTragedy Tragedy
Saga BusinessBusiness Business, Lady ManagersLady Managers Lady Managers
Shirt The Blue ClopperThe Blue Clopper The Blue Clopper
Update 01/12/2016
Update, 1/22/2016, and new items for Cwcville Shopping.
More orders would be appreciated as well as donations


Hello, and good day once again my fellow people! I am here at my desk and I am... working on the figures. Still catching up I am getting so much closer, I'm just about done with catching up with the orders. But... still could use some more money coming in so... more orders would be appreciated as well as donations. But anyway... it's all going well and good.

And uh, also... yes... I'm retracting my previous engagement in the video and uhh... [tone becoming extremely sarcastic] I hereby announce that you should totally go to Jeff's party. It will be so off... the hook. I mean... it's totally not a bullshit imitation of my party. Bullshit imitation. Like mine would be so much better, or like his would be much better than mine. No difference. Oh yeah, and Jeff is totally a super nice gal and all... Not a total asshole. So contact Mistress Jeff... if you want more details on going to her party. Yeah... Totally off the haps, off the ropes and everything.

[abruptly ceases sarcastic tone] That's about it for right now, thank you everybody. Have a good, safe day. If you get some snow outside, well, make sure you're parked with the windshield facing the sun in the early morning. In other words, facing the east. So you'll have a more melted windshield quickly. Thank you.

[Five seconds of silence as Chris fiddles with his remote to stop the recording]

Update 01/12/2016 Chris's videos Update, 1/22/2016, and new items for Cwcville Shopping.